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From scenic walks along the Lake Michigan bay to touring one of its many iconic breweries, Milwaukee is a one-of-a-kind gem perfect for young adults and families alike. With its midwestern climate and proximity to the largest freshwater lake in the United States, it’s no surprise that pests love to brew up trouble in the Cream City. If creepy crawlies have stopped you from trekking into your basement or wasps have effectively locked you out of the shed that holds your prized Harley Davidson motorcycle, give the pest control experts at Greenix Pest Control a call.

Pest Control Solutions for Milwaukee Homes

When you’re getting ready to celebrate another Opening Day for the Milwaukee Brewers, the last thing you want is an unannounced visit from the world’s worst BBQ crashers: ants and wasps. Whether you’re looking for preventative pest control services or discovered an outbreak of tiny monsters already forming on your property, Greenix guarantees that you’ll meet with a service pro within 48 hours of your first call.

We are proud to service the greater Milwaukee area, including communities such as:

  • Historic Third Ward
  • Bay View
  • Saveland Park
  • Riverwest
  • Alverno
  • Schiltz Park
  • North Division
  • Walker’s Point
  • McGovern Park

Pests Greenix Treats in Milwaukee

If you’ve been looking for four season protection against pests in your Milwaukee home, you can trust the experts at Greenix Pest Control to get you the freedom you deserve from the rule of those creepy crawlies. Our certified pros will walk you through our tried-and-true five-step process, where we develop a unique pest control plan that handles home invader control including:

Milwaukee Mice Control

In a city known for its signature cheese curds, it’s no surprise that mice and other rodents love to find their way into Milwaukee homes searching for food. If you discover these furry menaces in your home (after shouting the customary “EEEK” once or twice), give the Greenix team a call for Milwaukee mice control. We’ll have a service pro at your door within 48 hours ready to begin treatments to eliminate your rodent infestation.

Cockroach Control in Milwaukee

If you’ve ever reached into the pantry for your favorite snack and felt the disgusting tingle of a cockroach scuttling across your hand, we don’t blame you for having thoughts about burning the whole house down. However, Greenix is here to offer you an easier (and much safer) solution. Our Milwaukee cockroach control is a safe and effective way to send those six-legged freaks out the door.

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Say goodbye to the days of pests running your life. With thorough inspections and custom service plans from Greenix Pest Control, you’ll feel safe in your home once again. Our only goal is to take care of all your pest problems so you can focus on what matters most: enjoying time spent with your family and friends in your home. Give us a call or get pricing online today!


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