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What Type of Pest Is Bothering You?


American Cockroach

Keep the cardboard, ditch the roaches. Cockroaches are small, brown insects that are known for infesting homes, kitchens, and hotels, though many types of cockroaches live exclusively in nature. They are attracted to food sources which is why they end up in your food-service establishments.

Black Ant

One by one, they'll drive you up the wall. While tiny in size, ants can cause a major problem when they break into your home in search of food and swarm your pantry, under your kitchen appliances, or behind window frames.

Black Widow

The literal stuff of nightmares. These eight-legged creepy crawlers like to stow away in dark, quiet places, away from humans and animals.

Boxelder Bug

Boxelder bugs, also known as true bugs, are found all over North America and are frequently found on boxelder trees, maple trees, and ash trees. Don't let boxelder bugs invade your home.


Too many legs for one house. Though their name means "one hundred legs," centipedes can have anywhere from 10 to 300 legs.


Cancel your cricket subscription. If you have a lot of them hopping around your home, you might be feeling pretty grossed out.


Got Earwigs? We've got you covered. Whether you have houseplants or peace of mind to protect, we've got some options for getting earwigs out of your space.

Field Mouse

Small in size but big into troublemaking, mice can cause great damage to your home and risk your health when they move in.

German Roach

Keep the cardboard, ditch the roaches. German Roaches are some of the most persistent and tough to exterminate roaches we see.

Hobo Spider

Known for "hitching a ride" on humans, these little dudes are extremely protective of their eggs and will bite if they perceive a threat. Stay clear friends...we've got this.

House Fly

Known as "Bacteria bandits" these guys are as pesky as it gets. Famous for interrupting your peaceful dinner party or your favorite binge worthy program with their constant buzzing. The common housefly has over 15,000 species in North America.


They're those blood sucking bugs that are totally determined to ruin your day at the lake, family picnic, or even your evening on the porch.


Garden lovers beware. These creepy crawlies can cause damage in gardens and greenhouses as they target emergent seedlings.


Most common species include the blind more rat, naked mole rat and damarland mole rat. These burrowing, yard ruining, trouble causing, little guys can decimate a beautiful yard in no time.

Mud Wasp

Mud Daubers are sometimes beneficial to their surroundings as they are known for reducing some invasive insects. Unfortunately, they also like causing problems with humans. This is where Greenix comes in. Stay back friends...We got this.

Oriental Cockroach

Tough as nails... These guys are famous for winning "hide and seek" contests worldwide. Typically prefer dark, damp and covered areas where they breed like crazy. If you see an Oriental Cockroach, you likely have hundreds if not thousands in or around your home.

Pill Bug

They creep, they crawl, and they roll up into little balls. The pill bug does not cause any damage to homes or their outdoor surroundings and are harmless to humans. Other than an occasional nuisance, these little guys are worth exploring. Perfect for a family bug review with your trusty magnifying glass.


Compared to mice, rats are sizably bigger and easily distinguishable by their long, hairless tails.

Recluse Spider

Stay clear friends... This one bites. These dangerous dudes sometimes inflict a bite that requires medical attention. Varying in color from nearly white to dark brown, these guys can also be known as fiddlebacks, brown fiddler and violin spiders because of their markings. Recommendations- get a big stick and your cell phone ready. Let the pros handle this one.

Red Ant

You don't want these ants in your pants. With a dark reddish-brown color, these ants have the ability to inflict painful bites and stings.


A tiny flash of silver catches the corner of your eye as it streaks past you on the countertop or climbs up the wall. Silverfish in your basement again?

Stink Bug

They're actually stinky. They are a large insect known for their characteristic "shield" shape, and for their foul odor, which they emit as a defense mechanism when startled or threatened.


Finding termites in your home can spike your heart rate just about as high as the bills you'll be facing when you have to clean up their mess.


Biting bugs be gone. They're the small, impossible-to-squish bugs that can burrow into your skin and be incredibly hard to remove.


Ruining BBQs since the dawn of time. Wasps nasty stingers and freaky wings can send anyone running when they decide to crash your picnic or outdoor barbeque.

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