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Originally named after a European legend (where they crawl into people's ears - yikes), earwigs are generally harmless to humans, despite their intimidating pinchers. They're also pretty prolific - with over 2,000 species worldwide and a presence on every continent except Antarctica. Although earwigs are harmless to you, they can be a threat to your houseplants and garden.

Plant and crop damage is usually the biggest problem caused by earwigs, although we certainly don't enjoy seeing them crawl around our homes. Some Earwig species can release a horrible-smelling (although non-toxic) liquid if disturbed, which is definitely not something you want in your house. Whether you have houseplants or peace of mind to protect, we've got some options for getting earwigs out of your space - just contact us to get a free estimate from our Greenix service pros.
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How To Identify Earwigs

The most noticeable feature of Earwigs are the pinchers that come out of the back of their abdomen. They do also have small wings, but are not typically seen flying. Earwigs are usually brownish, although they can be more of a light brown, reddish brown, or black. Most Earwigs will be between a quarter of an inch to an inch in length. As insects, they have six legs and a pair of antennae. Generally nocturnal, earwigs will usually be hiding in crevices during the day.

Earwigs feast on plants and other insects, so may be seen around piles of leaves or wood, etc. outdoors. In a home, they may be in any areas that have debris like dirt or leaves, and/or in moist areas. Although they won't open your front door and walk in, earwigs can be pretty good at sneaking in through small holes around the exterior or foundation of your home, and will likely head for moist areas and potential food sources once they're in your house.
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Earwig Control With Greenix Pest Control

Seeing earwigs around your home and aren't sure what to do next? You might be tempted to try some DIY bug solutions, but the best option for safe pest control is to call in professional pest control help. Some DIY solutions can be costly, and may even be dangerous for you or any pets you have in your home. Plus, calling in the pros means you can kick back and relax while your pests are being removed!

If it's time to get your earwig infestation under control, reach out and get a free estimate from our service pros today! We'll come in and inspect your home/yard for earwigs, talk you through a solution for solving your pest problems, and do quarterly maintenance to keep your home pest-free.


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