Silverfish in your basement again?


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What Are Silverfish?

A tiny flash of silver catches the corner of your eye as it streaks past you on the countertop or climbs up the wall. What you find is a slender, little bug with two long, twitching antennae on its head. That's a silverfish. Silverfish are found all over the world, and you'll usually encounter them in your home's attic, basement, bathroom, kitchen, or even in your bedroom or closet.

While not necessarily harmful, these pests can be a nuisance to your home and also damage your belongings. They'll chew your wallpaper, tapestries, books, and clothing, as these tiny pests eat starch. They are among the most primitive of insects, but fortunately, these little pests don't transmit disease. However, their droppings can leave stains, and the chew damage they cause can be frustrating.

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How to Identify Silverfish

Silverfish are pretty simple in their appearance. They're small, only about three quarters of an inch long at most. They're thin, flat, and don't have any wings. At one end are two long antennae, meanwhile at the other end are three tail bristles. They are gray or silver in color and have six legs. Even though those legs are small, silverfish move fast, and the way their tail follows behind them as they move gives a fish-like appearance.

Silverfish are a nocturnal pest that love to hide away in the dark, tiny cracks or crevices of your home. They'll make their home in any room they can, whether that's the bathroom, kitchen, attic, bedroom, laundry room, or elsewhere. As long as it's warm, a silverfish is comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prevent bringing silverfish into my home?

When you take proactive measures to prevent pests from entering your home, silverfish are far less likely to find their way indoors. Keep your food in sealed containers, and dust, sweep, and vacuum regularly. Use caulking to seal any visible cracks so they don't have a place to enter in the first place, and keep your home clean so they won't have such an easy time finding places to hide.

What if me and my family have silverfish indoors?
If Silverfish are already indoors, they can be difficult to find and eradicate. They have a talent for finding all the places you can't see or reach, but the Greenix Pest Control team has a skilled eye for snuffing them out. If you're frequently finding silverfish in your home and are noticing tiny droppings or signs of chewing damage to your linens,locate your nearest Greenix Pest Control team and give us a call today.
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Silverfish Control With Greenix Pest Control

Silverfish are an annoying nuisance to have around, and when Greenix Pest Control is just a phone call away, there's no reason to tolerate them in your home. Our knowledgeable team will get them cleared out of your home quickly with effective treatments, even those that have made their homes in the places you can't see. Find your local Greenix Pest Control team and give them a call to schedule your service today.

You can blame the dog for giving a silverfish a ride, but it's also very likely to be brought in when you bring home infested products by mistake. Items that have a high sugar or starch content, such as dry food products, paper products, and clothing, could possibly have a silverfish in them, so be sure to check thoroughly if you're unpacking items from storage or adding thrifted clothes to your closet.


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