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Ant Control in Cincinnati

There’s nothing more unsettling than walking into your kitchen for a tasty midnight snack only to discover a swarm of ants already beat you there! As the weather warms up, ants make their way inside in search of food and water. These six-legged soldiers can quickly invade a home and can be difficult to run off once they’ve infiltrated your house. From Pharaoh ants to odorous house ants, you can count on Greenix Pest Control to help. Our khaki-clad pest control experts armed with sustainable pest control treatments will have those ants sounding retreat.

What attracts ants?

Ant colonies are usually built below ground and ants typically only emerge in search of food and water. Unlike many other pests, ants aren’t interested in setting up shop in your home. They’ll simply raid your kitchen like a college student who returned home for the weekend before hitting the road with their new goodies. When they raid your kitchen, ants are on the hunt for foods like candy, fruit, peanut butter, meat, and dog food.  It’s more likely that you’ll find ants in your kitchen if you don’t promptly wipe up spills and crumbs. It’s also common to find ants in your bathroom since there’s an ample supply of water available to take back to the colony.    

Can ants cause property damage?

Most people are already aware of the significant damage that termites can cause in Cincinnati homes, but they aren’t aware that ants can cause issues as well. Like termites, carpenter ants are known to destroy wood structures. Unlike termites, however, carpenter ants do not actually eat the wood they destroy. Instead, they construct tunnels in wood that they use to establish a location for their nests. By tunneling through wooden beams, they can seriously compromise the overall structure of a home.

Ant Prevention Tips

For the most part, ants don’t pose a significant health risk to your family, but no one wants to find ants in their Cincinnati home. If you want to keep ants from getting into your home in the first place, here are a few precautions you can take: 
  • Keeping your home clean will prevent ants from gaining easy access to food in your home. Be sure to wipe up spills or crumbs as soon as you notice them, promptly wash your dirty dishes, regularly wipe down your counters, and routinely vacuum and sweep.  
  • Leaving food out in the open will invite ants and other, nastier pests. Any leftovers should be sealed in an airtight container. Dog and cat food should also be stored in a sealed container.
  • Walk the perimeter of your home and seal any cracks, crevices, or gaps using caulk. These openings and gaps are a perfect point of entry for ants. 
  • Take your trash out regularly. The smell is a powerful attractant for ants. 

Schedule an Ant Control Service in Cincinnati with Greenix

Don’t let ants crash your summer festivities. Call the ant control specialist at Greenix and get back to enjoying outdoor cookouts without uninvited guests. We’ll help you identify which ant is terrorizing you, treat the interior and exterior of your home, and develop a treatment plan to keep them from storming your home again. Get pricing for Cincinnati ant control today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need service professionals for my ant infestation?

Surprisingly, ants have the ability to contaminate your food and make you sick. In addition, ants will return to the same place if it’s been established as a food source for the colony. If you have repeat customers in your kitchen that you didn’t ask for, give the certified Greenix technicians in Cincinnati a call today!

How will my home be treated for ants?

When you have ants in your house, it’s important to have a plan of action to send them running back to the colony. Greenix utilizes a five-step process that includes a deep cleaning and treatment application in and around your home to control ant populations in your home.


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  1. Eave Sweep and Dust
  2. Crack and Crevice Treatment
  3. Exterior Perimeter Spray
  4. Granular Pest Barrier
  5. Home Interior Protection

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