Clover Mites are not Mighty

Clover Mites

a clover mite

Clover Mites

More of a nuisance than a threat, clover mites are tiny, eight-legged, annoying invaders. Most of the time, they seek shelter indoors following heavy rain, heat waves, or a change in the season. Otherwise, they tend to stick to the outdoors, where they feed on a range of plants, including lawn grasses, flowers, and clover.

Fortunately, these mites won't cause any structural damage to your home, nor will they bite you. However, they will leave a stain on surfaces when crushed, which is easy to do given their small size and soft bodies. Furthermore, while they won't cause any great harm to what they eat, they will leave behind a silvery color on the grass.

If you've got troves of clover mites finding their way indoors, contact Greenix Pest Control today to schedule your free pest inspection!

a clover mite

How to Identify Clover Mites

These little pests are oval-shaped arachnids, which means they have eight legs. Adult clover mites will be a reddish-brown color, but young mites and the eggs are bright red. This pigmentation is what stains when they're squashed, not blood. To the human eye, they look like little more than a tiny red speck that moves, and even the adults are no larger than a pinhead.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prevent bringing clover mites into my home?

Keeping these little pests out is the best way to avoid them altogether. Your first step should be to examine your home for any places that may allow for insects to sneak indoors, then seal the ones you find. This isn't just good for keeping out clover mites, but plenty of other potential pests, too.

What attracts clover mites?
Clover mites are drawn to lush vegetation, so maintaining a plant-free zone in an 18- to 24-inch band around your home can prevent them from coming indoors. You can also spray with a miticide, but this should be done with care, as these can be irritants to you and your family.
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Clover Mite Control With Greenix Pest Control

While clover mites only have a lifespan of about two weeks and could be a temporary issue indoors, nobody wants gross bugs of any kind to make themselves at home in your place. Plus, the stains these mites can leave look especially unpleasant on light colored curtains and furniture.

With how rapidly clover mites reproduce, a seemingly small invasion into your home can rapidly get out of control. Contact your local Greenix team today to schedule a free inspection, and explore our five-step process to learn how we'll handle your clover mite concerns!


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