Wasp Removal in Pittsburgh

Greenix Pest Control Is Here to Keep You Safe

No one wants to get stung, and for some people, the very possibility is life-threatening. At Greenix Pest Control, safety and comfort are our top priorities, which is why we offer comprehensive Pittsburgh wasp removal services to protect you, your family, and your pets. Over the past ten years, our highly trained pest control technicians have taken care of a range of wasp infestations, so we know how to troubleshoot your problem quickly and present comprehensive solutions. Our methods are designed to safely remove wasps from your property without putting your household in harm’s way, which is why we specialize in non-toxic methods. Plus, with free quotes, there’s no reason not to find out what our Pittsburgh wasp control team can do for you.

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How to Keep Wasps Away from Your Pittsburgh Home

Once wasps invade your property, it can be difficult to get rid of them. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to reduce the chance of a wasp infestation occurring in the first place. Just make sure to watch out for the appearance of these stinging insects, and never hesitate to call us to learn more about professional wasp control and treatment in Pittsburgh.

To prevent wasps from invading your property, you should:

  • Always Close Trash Cans: Exposed waste is a huge draw for wasps and other pests. For this reason, it is essential to make sure your garbage cans are properly closed and sealed when you take them outside for the day.
  • Patch Up Cracks & Holes: Wasps can enter your home through the tiniest of openings. To prevent these pests from getting inside, seal cracks and holes in your siding, and patch up any tears in your power lines.
  • Keep Food Away from the Exterior of Your Home: If you have any bird feeders, fruit trees and bushes, or nectar-rich flowers, it’s always a good idea to place them as far as possible from your home. This can be difficult depending on the location of your garden, but positioning these wasp-attractors away from your deck, patio, or porch can make a huge difference in terms of insect presence. You should also thoroughly clean up after any outdoor barbecues or other food-related events.
  • Get Rid of Old Nests: One of the biggest draws for passing wasps? The pheromones from old wasps’ nests. Even if that wasp nest on your property isn’t currently active, it is a good idea to call a professional and have it removed, as a new colony and queen can easily take up residence in an old wasp haven.
  • Don’t Forget Routine Inspections: Periodic pest control maintenance and inspections is the best way to ensure wasps and other pests never invade your property.

When Do I Need Wasp Removal in Pittsburgh?

Because wasps are highly territorial insects, they will naturally attack as soon as they feel threatened. For this reason, it is essential that you hire a professional if you are experiencing a wasp infestation on your property. Keep in mind that as many as 25 to 100 wasps can inhabit a single nest, so even if you see a few, more probably aren’t far behind. Moreover, wasps are unlike bees in that they can sting multiple times during an attack, so without a safe, reliable approach to removal, you could be putting your family in a very dangerous situation.

Fortunately, Greenix Pest Control offers wasp removal in Pittsburgh backed by years of experience. When you contact us to see if you have a wasp problem, we will begin by conducting a free, 20-point inspection of your property. If we do find that you are dealing with an infestation, we will get to work right away—you have our 48-hour service guarantee that we will get the job done ASAP. We will also service your home again if you see any wasps return between scheduled appointments. And with our signature Four Seasons Protection, our pest control experts have what it takes to keep wasps away from your property year-round.

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