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Few pests have been able to match the true devastation that ticks have unleashed upon both humans and animals alike. Whereas other pests can cause annoying and painful bites, unceasing itching, and even damage to your home, ticks have notoriously carried some of the worst diseases and plagues we have ever had to deal with. Even today, ticks around the country and around the world continue to spread many of these diseases to unknowing or unsuspecting victims who simply decide to go for a walk through some tall grass or past an overgrown shrub. If you want to keep these pests away from your property and keep your loved ones safe, Greenix Pest Control in Pittsburgh is the name to call.

For years, Greenix Pest Control has offered premium Pittsburgh tick control solutions that are customized to your property and to meet your exact needs. We know not everyone has the same type of tick issues—different properties can have problems with different species, different infestation sizes, and different factors that can increase or decrease the risk. Whatever you’re dealing with, you can be confident we know how to safely and completely take care of the issue. Not only do we know how to properly eliminate ticks, both indoors and out, but we can customize a treatment and ongoing prevention plan that keeps ticks away. Every member of our team uses quality products for eco-friendly solutions, and each offers a quality of service that we’re proud to provide.

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Do I Have a Tick Problem?

Ticks are actually extremely common. In fact, virtually anywhere you find long grass, weeds, overgrown shrubs, and even ground-based bushes, you’ll probably find ticks. They’re in virtually every state across the country and come in a wide variety of different species. However, all ticks share a few common traits: they all feed on blood, they all bury virtually their entire head into the skin of their host when they bite, and virtually all of them can carry some particularly nasty diseases. Ticks are responsible for everything from Lyme disease to rocky mountain spotted fever to tularemia and more.

Greenix Pest Control offers solutions for all of the following types of ticks:

  • American dog ticks
  • Blacklegged ticks
  • Lone star ticks
  • Groundhog ticks

While ticks can and do bite humans, they are a huge threat to our furry friends. Dogs and cats tend to live their lives lower to the ground, and their fur provides an excellent source of cover for ticks to utilize while they feed on their host’s blood. Removing ticks isn’t always easy, either—pulling on the tick can cause the head to become dislodged while still under the skin, where it becomes a nasty infection. If you find any ticks burrowed into your dog or cat, we recommend removing them with a tick removal tool or fine-point tweezers, and by pulling straight tup to prevent the tick from becoming lodged in the skin.

Keeping Ticks Away from Your Home

How can you keep ticks away from your home, and thus prevent them from finding their way inside? The easiest thing you can do is simply keep your property neatly groomed and tidy. Ticks love to use overgrown or brushy areas as shelter from sunlight and potential predators, so eliminating these areas will keep tick populations from growing or running rampant. Ticks also love wood piles, so if you have a stack of firewood or wood you use for a smoker or woodfired grill, we recommend always handling it with protective gloves on. Likewise, we also recommend moving it away from the foundation of your home so ticks can’t use the wood pile as a convenient way of sneaking into your home.

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