Ant Control in Pittsburgh

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Thanks to their immensely small size, ants can seemingly find their way into your home almost anywhere. You may not know about that tiny crack in your foundation or that seemingly inconsequential gap in your siding, but to a colony of ants, this gap is a passage to a plentiful source of food. Ant invasions are also difficult because they are often hard to spot before they become an active and serious problem. Ants are so small that they easily blend in to flooring, walls, and just about everything else. Whether ants have already invaded and you’re facing an active problem, or you simply want to keep these tiny but numerous crawlers at bay, Greenix Pest Control in Pittsburgh can help.

For years, Greenix Pest Control has offered superior solutions to all of your pest-related needs. We have studied our craft for years and received many hours of training and education in order to best understand how to treat your property safely and effectively. We only use carefully tested products that have shown themselves to be effective, thorough, and eco-friendly. We truly care about the world around us, but we also recognize that your comfort can’t be compromised. That’s why our technicians offer fast response, reliable service, and a range of options to address everything from the urgent issues to long-term remediation and prevention. When it comes to ant control in Pittsburgh, we can comfortably say nobody is more thorough or more committed to our focus on our customers than our team here at Greenix.

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We Control All Types of Ant Problems

Ants are rather remarkable creatures. While you may not see too much of a difference between them beyond maybe size and physical color, the truth is there are hundreds of different species of ants found in the United States alone. Each species has unique characteristics from physical appearance to behavior, and that means every ant problem needs to be approached like the unique issue that it is. Greenix Pest Control is trained to handle all types of ant problems, we treat each one as the unique challenge that it is.

We can deal with all types of ants common to the Pittsburgh area, including:

  • Pavement ants: Getting their name from their affinity for living in the cracks found in sidewalks and road pavement, very little is known about colony biology of this type of ant.
  • Carpenter ants: These types of ants are found almost everywhere in the United States, and are the most devastating type of pest problem the average home could face other than termites.
  • Odorous house ants: These ants get their name from the distinct, foul odor they emit when crushed. We don’t advise squishing several of them indoors.

How to Keep the Ants Away

While Greenix Pest Control in Pittsburgh can take care of the hard work of eliminating your ant invaders from your home, the hard part is keeping them away for good. While we offer long-term treatment plans and options that can help you form a barrier that keeps ants out, one of the best things you can do is eliminate food and other enticing odors that attract ants in the first place. Sticky stains, rotting food, or even food left out in the open can attract ants to make their way inside, and the problem will return before you know it. Simply keeping busy, odor-heavy areas like kitchens and bathrooms clean, emptying full trash cans, and keeping trash and waste away the base of your home will go a long way toward preventing ants from being a pesky and reoccurring problem.

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