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At the very least, spiders are interesting to look at, but that doesn’t mean we want to live with them! We are bound to find spiders in eaves, deck railings, garages, basements, bathrooms, and anywhere else in our homes. Luckily, Greenix Pest Control can effectively remove spiders from your property, so you don’t ever have to lie awake at night thinking about the creepy crawlers inside your home.

Our pest control team has extensive experience removing all types of spiders, including brown recluse spiders, wolf spiders, hobo spiders, cellar spiders, jumping spiders, and black widows. When you call on us, we guarantee service within 48 hours. Upon arrival, we perform a free 20 point inspection and implement our proven process to build multiple layers of protection around your home.

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What Attracts Spiders to a Home?

One of the most common household pests, spiders can easily find their way into your home. Through a window or door left open, a crack or crevice, the space between a door and the floor, or a hole in a screen, spiders come into your home for a number of reasons.

The top things that attract spiders to a home are:

  • Shelter: When the weather outside is too warm, cool, or wet, spiders seek shelter within a home. They tend to settle in dark and secluded areas inside.
  • Food: Spiders rely mainly on other pests, such as insects, for sustenance. If a home has plenty of pests, spiders will find their way in.
  • Mates: Spiders often enter homes in search of a mate.
  • Easy access: Spiders will come into any home with easy access. If you have holes, unsealed cracks and crevices, or any other easy entry points, spiders will find their way inside.

No matter attracts spiders to your home, our spider control team is fully trained and equipped to handle the problem. Once we rid your home of spiders, we continue treating your property to prevent them from coming back.

Can I Prevent Spiders from Staying in My House?

Finding spiders in your home is never pleasant. Luckily, there is something you can do to cut down on the number of spiders you see. To prevent them from reproducing, finding a mate, catching prey, and living in your house, you can remove any webs that spiders are weaving in your home. Knock webs down and sweep them up with a broom, vacuum them, or use a fly swatter to remove them.

Unfortunately, while removing spider webs can significantly reduce the number of spiders you see in your home, no amount of sweeping is going to completely get rid of them. To effectively remove spiders, you need professional pest control service.

Schedule spider control by calling (888) 800-7181. You can also message us online to learn more about our proven pest management approach.

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The Greenix Approach to Spider Control

Unlike most other companies, Greenix Pest Control effectively eliminates spiders. To eradicate spiders, we implement our tried-and-true five step process. We sweep eaves, cracks, crevices, porches, inside garages, and anywhere else we can find spider webs in or around the home. Our eco-friendly products kill all egg sacs and lurking spiders and form a natural barrier around the home that prevents spiders from returning. The combination of our thorough 20 point inspection, eave sweeping, and Sustainableproducts ensures the best possible results. We take care of your home so it doesn’t become a spiderverse.

Schedule spider control by calling (888) 800-7181. You can also message us online to learn more about our proven pest management approach.