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What To Do in Toledo, OH? Visit The Toledo Zoo!

The Glass City, nicknamed for its history in the glass industry, is known for its incredible art history and the museums that decorate it, but one often-forgotten gem is the Toledo Zoo! Because of its proximity to the Great Lakes, Toledo is not only a popular spot to live but to visit. When you think you've exhausted all of the fun options the city has to offer, remember that the Toledo Zoo is waiting for you.

What's so special about The Toledo Zoo?

Many people think, "If you've seen one zoo, you've seen them all!"

That couldn't be further from the truth. The Toledo Zoo, standing since its founding in 1900, is a breathtaking display of over 10,000 individual animals! Over 720 species of animals are represented, and the zoo is actively participating in more than 80 species survival programs.

The Toledo Zoo itself is so huge, that most people recommend breaking the visit up over two days to take in all of the exhibits that it hosts.

What kind of exhibits can you expect to see?

With so many different animals present in the zoo, the exhibits seem endless! Here are just some areas of the zoo you can check out when you visit:

  • Amphibians: The ProMedica Museum and Reptile House keep these cold-blooded creatures protected against the elements. Check out various species and be prepared to see colors like you've never seen before on some of these extraordinary exhibits.
  • Reptiles: The Toledo Zoo boasts one of the country's largest reptile collections. Take a peek at some of the most incredible specimens in the Gal├ípagos Gardens and Reptile House.
  • Mammals: The zoo's mammals represent over six continents, all with the aim of inspiring guests to learn more about the animals that need our help across the globe. The Toledo Zoo is literally home to tigers and lions and bears! Oh my!
  • Birds: Asian and Australian/Oceania birds make up the majority of the bird exhibits at the zoo. Working with zoos across the country, The Toledo Zoo helps to manage breeding programs that keep these birds on the map, preserving some of the most beautiful and integral species.

Sea Life: There's nothing quite like the blend of sea life that The Toledo Zoo has on display. From lakes to streams to the depths of the ocean, there's no shortage of awe-inspiring creatures in the aquatic exhibits.

Want to support Toledo Zoo efforts?

Anyone in the Toledo, OH area and beyond is welcome to support the efforts of the Toledo Zoo. Locals are encouraged to sign up and volunteer, and the zoo partners with businesses through sponsorships to get more involved with the community. If The Toledo Zoo has impacted you, but you don't have the time to spare volunteering, you can simply make a donation and become a Zoo Pal!

Visit The Toledo Zoo in Toledo, OH

On your next stop in town, give the zoo a go! With enough fun and excitement to last for days, you're sure to have a great time and learn plenty about the incredible creatures that roam our planet.

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