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Pests in Pop Culture: Iconic Movie and TV Show Moments Involving Creepy Crawlies

The Big Screen And The World Of Pests

Some people get starstruck by celebrities and pop culture, but here at Greenix, we get starstruck by pests! People may not watch a film and pick up on the pests and roles they play in movies, but we sure do. Some of the most iconic films in history feature common household pests, which has likely contributed to the fears that people have. We are here to share some of our favorite pest moments in films and TV shows while also highlighting why you need to keep up with routine pest control!

1. Nimble Nightmares: Horror Classics

When we think of iconic insect or bug scenes, we almost immediately think of horror films. Something about featuring a creepy crawler is enough to send chills down your spine. In "Arachnophobia," we watch the story of spiders taking over a town unfold. "The Fly" and "The Birds" also feature a couple of common pests that are reflected in such a way that you may never see them as harmless again! Over the years, one thing remains: insects are used as a scare tactic in films. Don't let yourself be afraid of what's lurking in the dark. Contact Greenix Pest Control for scary-good solutions to your pest problems!

2. Animated Antics: The Pests We Remember Affectionately

Popular culture doesn't just utilize bugs to strike fear into the minds of viewers; some pests are used in animation, creating a soft spot in our hearts. Remember Disney-Pixar's "A Bug's Life" or Dreamworks' "Antz," where ants take the lead and demonstrate teamwork and their sense of adventure? It almost makes you a little more tolerant of ants that roam in and out of your kitchen all day long. Almost. In reality, ants are truly fascinating creatures, but they don't belong in anyone's home. To rid your home of ants, get in touch with the experts at Greenix, where we send the ants marching one by one.

3. Comedic Crawlers: Humorous Pest Encounters

Sometimes, pests are actually the ones that provide comedic relief in pop culture. The iconic "Men in Black" features bug-like, alien creatures who are sort of gross, but mostly endearing due to their hilarious noises and interventions. Additionally, in the movie "Ratatouille," we are able to laugh about the idea of a rat with an extraordinary culinary ability. Regardless of the way that we typically view bugs and rodents, popular culture distorts the common perception and creates lovable characters with a sense of humor.

4. Insect Invasion: Pests In Fiction And Fantasy

Beyond horror, comedy, and animations, pests transcend. Science fiction and fantasy films and shows use bugs as inspiration for alien/other-worldly characters. In the film "Them!" giant ants emerge deep from within the earth after nuclear testing causes them to mutate, and the movie "Alien" uses bug-like features to create an alien that feels almost familiar, giving it a realistic feel. Whether they are used as lovable and joyful characters or as monsters, pests should only be allowed in your home if they are on the screen. Don't let pop-culture become your reality! Call Greenix for professional pest control services today to keep your home feeling happy and safe!

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