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Bugs 101: 5 Quirks of Some Common Types of Pests

These Facts Might Bug You Out

While bugs can sometimes seem scary or alien to us humans, just like us, they all have some weird quirks that make them unique. Learning more about the things that make bugs so fascinating can help to ease fears and give you a newfound perspective on these "creepy crawlers."

1. Millipedes Make Way For Evolution

According to the experts at PestWorld, fossils have led people to believe that millipedes are the first animal that evolved to breathe air! Evolution would suggest that they started out as creatures of the water and are the first to make their way to land, paving the way for other species to follow.

2. Some Bugs Use Trophallaxis For Communication.

Trophallaxis is the sharing of food from mouth-to-mouth, common among ants, bees, and termites. For ants, this can be a way to share information and communicate with other members of the colony and determine whether another ant is part of the colony or is an outsider!

3. House Flies Use Their Feet To Find Sugar

The Smithsonian Institution shares that their feet are up to 10 million times more sensitive than a human tongue, which is probably why they are able to find even the smallest amount of food on your counters.

4. Termites Listen To Music, Too

Well, sort of. Experts at Facts.net share that rock music can actually prompt termites to chew through wood faster because of the vibrations from the music. If you have termites, maybe avoid listening to rock and call Greenix right away!

5. Cockroaches Can Live Without Their Heads

One common story that we hear spread around is that cockroaches can live through almost anything, and that's pretty close to true. Because they breathe through pores all over their body, cockroaches are able to survive for up to a few weeks without their heads! Their persistence is the reason why exterminators recommend contacting professionals to take care of your cockroach control needs.

The Greenix Difference

While we know that some common insects can pose threats to your home, we also don't want you to be afraid of them. At Greenix, we simply want you to be aware of your environment and the importance of routine pest control. If you suffer from common pest infestations, contact the experts at your local Greenix to take your home back with ease!

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