How to Locate & Get Rid of Hornets Nests

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What Does a Hornet Nest Look Like?

A hornet’s nest is brown in color and is made from a paper-like material. The hornets stack layer upon layer and can become as big as a basketball. They will have at least one hole in the bottom of them. To identify beehives and make sure it isn’t one of those that you are dealing with, read our article Beehive Removal 101

Common Places to Find Hornets Nests

  • Garages: depending on how frequently you leave your garage open and the duration of time in which you do you may find a nest inside your garage. It is also important to check around the house near the garage doors.
  • Rodent burrows: Hornets are well known for invading burrows and building their nests in the ground.
  • The attic: This is difficult to frequently check due to the location but if you spot a hornet this is an important location to check.
  • Inside your exterior walls: This is one of the most common locations you will find hornets’ nest. They simply find a single crack or hole around the outside of your home and the hornets will invade that hole and build their nest inside the wall.
  • Window sills and trees

Locating a Hornets Nest

The most efficient way to locate the nest is to follow the flight pattern of the hornets in which you have spotted they will lead you to their nest. If you aren’t quite sure if the location they led you to is the actual nest you could always set a “trap” by using fruit or a piece of raw meat near the suspected nest location, these will attract the Hornets if you have found the right location.

How to Get Rid of Hornets

Method #1: Vacuum

When you see a single hornet inside your home your instincts may tell you to get a fly swatter to kill it, although this is effective there is a better way. Get your vacuum, take out the hose attach the extenders and suck the hornet up into your vacuum cleaner. This is a better option because if you squash a hornet a chemical is released that signals other hornets so your problem will only grow.

Method #2: Spray the Nest

Once you locate the nest purchase an insecticide that you can spray the nest. It is best to spray the nest at dawn or dusk, the number of hornets inside the nest is higher at these times of the day. Soak the nest with the insecticide.

Let it sit for a few days before removing it. When it is time to remove it first make sure you wear protection so that if there are any angry hornets left, you will be able to avoid getting stung. Once protected get a large garbage bag to put the nest in. You will also need a long stick or another long object to detach the nest from its attached locations. Scrape the nest off the house, wall or tree directly into the bag instantly pour insecticide into the bag and immediately tie it off. Dispose of the bag or you could even burn it as an extra precaution.

If you are unsuccessful or do not feel that you can safely dispose of the nest, call Greenix Pest Control at (888) 800-7181!

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