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Checking Your Pets For Fleas

When the weather gets warm, your pets start itching to go outside more. However, they could be itching for another reason. Fleas are a common nuisance across the animal kingdom, including your pets. The experts at Greenix Pest Control have tips to help you check your pets for fleas so you can quickly identify when you may have a problem on your hands.

How to Check My Pets For Fleas

When you see your furry friend frequently itching their fur, that could be a sign they might have fleas. It's best for you to check your pets for fleas whenever you see them experiencing signs of irritation.

For the two most common household pets, dogs and cats, the process for checking for fleas is pretty similar, but can differ based on fur length.

Checking Short-Haired Dogs and Cats for Fleas

On short-haired pets, check throughout the body for any small red spots. You'll more likely find them without having to stroke back fur but stroke if you're uncertain.

It's best to start with leg pits and near the tail. These areas are where fleas most commonly attack though they can be found anywhere on the body.

Checking Long-Haired Dogs and Cats for Fleas

To check for fleas on long-haired pets, comb back the fur at the spots of irritation to check for any small red spots.

At spots of irritation, if you stroke your pet's fur with a white towel, you could find what's known as "flea dirt." Flea dirt is a mixture of blood and flea droppings.

Why Should I Check My Pets For Fleas?

Fleas can put your furry companions at risk for a variety of reasons. One such reason is that fleas carry a large variety of diseases in a small package.

Some health risks that are commonly triggered by fleas include:

  • Cat scratch disease
  • Flea-borne typhus
  • Allergic reactions
  • Blood loss

To prevent your pets from being exposed to such health risks, regularly check your pets at the first sign of irritation.

Preventing Fleas From Your Home With Pets

At the sign of a potential flea infestation, keep a clean space throughout your home. Vacuuming the house and sweeping the floors are great ways to reduce a flea outbreak.

Be aware of any other pests that could come into your home. Fleas can lead the way for other pests to invade your home.

Get Rid of Fleas From Your Home Today

Help keep your pets safe by checking them for fleas. Preventing fleas from coming into your home can avoid a lot of itching and scratching for your pets and even yourself.
If a pet does bring fleas into the house, don't stall to get professional help. Greenix Pest Control is here to help. We provide your home with year-round protection from fleas and other pests. To get rid of fleas from your home, schedule your service with Greenix today!

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