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Summer Pest Control Dos and Don’ts

As temperatures rise in the summer, many pests become more active and can pose a threat to your home and property. In this blog post, we will provide you with summer pest control tips on how to prevent pests from invading your space during the summer months. A little preparation can go a long way in avoiding general pest problems — by following these dos and avoiding the don'ts, you can enjoy a pest-free summer season thanks to the service pros at Greenix Pest Control.

Summer Pest Control Dos

By being proactive instead of reactive, you can prevent issues before they arise and keep your home pest free this summer and beyond.

Seal Entry Points

Your home is a cool, shaded environment that offers protection and comfort for all kinds of critters. When the summer sun starts heating everything up, those pests are going to be looking for a place to hide and cool down. To ensure that they stay outside and not in your home, follow these tips:

  • Inspect your home for any cracks or gaps in windows, doors, or foundation, and seal them to prevent pests from entering.
  • Install door sweeps and repair damaged screens.
  • Use weatherstripping around windows and doors to create a barrier against pests.

Trim Vegetation and Remove Debris

Summer pests tend to make homes in the bushes and trees on your property, which means they can use them to find ways into your home. Whether that means using the bushes as ladders onto your windows or the trees to jump down from above, it is important to be aware of this as you maintain your yard.

Make sure to trim tree branches and shrubs away from your home to prevent easy access for pests. Furthermore, remove leaves, fallen branches, and other debris from your yard regularly to prevent pests from gathering underneath them.

Maintain a Clean Environment

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Having a clean living space doesn't just help how your home feels, it can help prevent pests from being attracted to your home. Bugs and rodents are always hunting for leftovers, drinks, and trash which can act as magnets for them. Follow these tips to prevent pests from bugging you this summer:

  • Keep your living space clean and free of food debris.
  • Store food in airtight containers and promptly clean up spills or crumbs.
  • Regularly empty garbage cans and maintain good waste management practices.

Summer Pest Control Don'ts

While there are several things you can do to help prevent pest problems in the summer heat, there are several things you should not do as well.

Don't Leave Food Exposed

When the weather begins to warm up, you might be looking to start having picnics again. Unfortunately, pests know this and can quickly gather wherever you go. To make sure they don't bother you this season, make sure you are keeping your picnic area clean and picked up.

When you arrive and before you leave, do a quick scan of the surrounding area to make sure nothing was left behind that might attract unwanted guests. Finally, if you take food outside don't leave it exposed as pests will swarm towards it.

Don't Neglect Regular Maintenance

It can be easy to become complacent regarding your home's condition. When damage begins to build up, it can harbor breeding grounds and gathering spots for pests of all shapes and sizes. To prevent pests from making your home theirs, regularly inspect and maintain your home's exterior. Repair and replace damaged screens and weatherstripping. Make sure your garbage cans are tightly closed as they could serve as a beacon for pests. If you do find signs of pest activity, take action immediately and contact Greenix. Our service professionals are trained to identify and address problem areas to keep unwanted pests at bay.

Don't Overwater Your Lawn

Keeping your lawn watered as it grows hotter outside is important in keeping it healthy and looking nice. You'll want to keep an eye on your yard and make sure you aren't overwatering as this can lead to damp environments that pests will love to gather in and around.

To avoid overwatering, make sure you aren't watering too frequently, there is proper drainage on your property, and do research on your specific grass and plant's water needs. You'll know if your lawn is overwatered because there are typically standing puddles, the ground will feel mushy, and sometimes weeds can start to sprout up due to the excess moisture.

Active Pests During the Summer

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You might be asking yourself, what pests are active during the summer? Thankfully, we will discuss some of the more prominent ones for you to be aware of. If you find pests around your home that you aren't sure about, check out our pest library for more detailed information.


Ants are a well-known pest that will do whatever it takes to find a way into your home or food. They never march in one or two at a time, which means they can swarm your home in an instant. To help deal with ants invading your home, make sure you have water and food cleaned up at all times.


Mosquitos can be a nuisance as the warmer months approach and you find yourself going outside more often. Even if you wear longer clothes and wear mosquito repellent, they can still find you and leave you with itchy bite marks. You can help prevent mosquitos by ensuring there aren't standing water sources in or around your yard as they tend to be breeding grounds. If you want to get ahead of mosquitoes this summer, give us a call and we'll treat your property with our eco-friendly mosquito treatment.


Rodents like mice and rats are constantly seeking comfortable living conditions. Homes are typically air-conditioned during the warm summer days, and rodents will try their hardest to find a way inside. When they do get in, rodents can cause serious damage to your home that can go undetected if you aren't careful. Some examples are:

  • Chewed electrical wires
  • Contaminated pantry items
  • Structural damage like holes in the wood, walls, or insulation
  • Damage to HVAC systems

Mice and rats are known for carrying a variety of diseases and can even pass these along to humans and pets through their droppings. If you suspect you may have a rodent problem, it's best to leave it to professionals so you aren't putting your health, or your family's health, at risk.

Take Care of Those Summer Pests Now

By following these summer pest control dos and don'ts, you can protect your home and property from unwanted pests during the warmer months. Remember to seal entry points, maintain a clean environment, eliminate standing water, and trim vegetation regularly. Additionally, avoid leaving food exposed, neglecting regular maintenance, and overwatering your lawn. Stay proactive and take prompt action if you notice any signs of pest activity.

While these tips do a lot to keep pests from invading, there is still a chance that they can find a spot you missed. The best defense against intrusive pests is to contact the professionals at Greenix. For more information on specific pests or to schedule an appointment with a professional pest control company, visit our pest library or contact us today. Don't let pests ruin your summer fun—take control and keep your home pest-free!

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