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Spiders are a serious nuisance in homes and businesses everywhere. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, they seem to get into your home in ways you can’t figure out or find, and they always tend to show up right where they can creep you out the most. Not to mention their unsettling appearance and known venomous tendencies frighten a lot of people. If these crawlers have invaded your property and you’re constantly having to break out the newspaper to get rid of them, it’s time to reach out for professional help from the Philadelphia spider control experts at Greenix Pest Control.

Here at Greenix Pest Control, we take pride in delivering outstanding results each and every time. We treat every property like the unique and individual place that it is, and that means we customize the services we provide in order to effectively deal with your spider problem while also saving you money. Our team members put together a detailed treatment plan that utilizes repeated treatments to not only eliminate the spider problems you have today, but to prevent the issues you might have in the future with an ongoing pest barrier. That means cleaning out your current spiders, wherever they might hide, and eliminating entrances using specialized products and materials that keep spiders away for good. And we do all of this while offering you truly outstanding customer service that treats you with respect, caution, and care at all times.

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The Team to Handle All Types of Spiders

The world is full of spiders—tens of thousands of different types of them. In fact, here in the United States alone, we play host to thousands of different spider species, each with its own unique characteristics. When these spiders end up in your home or on your property, you’ll need some help getting rid of them. Greenix Pest Control is equipped with the tools and materials to get rid of all types of spiders, meaning you can call us no matter the severity or type of issue you have.

We handle all types of spiders, including:

  • Common house spiders
  • Jumping spiders
  • Yellow sac spiders
  • Western lynx spiders
  • Striped lynx spiders
  • Black and yellow garden spiders
  • False widows
  • Black widows

How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

The key to keeping spiders out of your home is to simply eliminate as many of the features that they use as a way of getting into your home in the first place. Of course, spiders have the ability to crawl up walls, so keeping them out of your home long-term isn’t so easy. However, combining the barrier from ongoing treatments with cleanup and removal of entrance tools means spiders will have little to no way of getting in.

For example, spiders love to use tall plants, trees, or other taller structures as a way of getting up to higher levels. Flying bugs like flies and mosquitos, delicacies for the average spider, are not often found near ground level, so spiders like to construct their webs generally at a much taller height where their traps will be more likely to succeed. This is why they often use things like woodpiles, fences, pergolas, and other vertically-built structures. They simply climb up these features and then jump across to the side of your home, which they then use as the primary supports for their web.

After a while, they move on and that means they could move inside your home if you have any cracks or gaps in your home’s exterior. Therefore, some of the easiest ways to keep spiders away are to simply trim back any plants located near the base of your home’s foundation, move woodpiles away from the side of your home, keep trees trimmed back, and carefully treat any ground-based, vertically-built structures with preventive products that keep spiders away.

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At Greenix Pest Control in Philadelphia, our team of experts has spent the last decade perfecting a responsible pest control process. Our sustainable and effective treatments are designed to protect both you and the environment around you. In five proven steps, our fully licensed and certified service professionals build multiple layers of four season protection around your home. Using the highest quality solutions, we protect your family against over 50 different types of pests and unwelcome intruders.

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