Going Batty!

Bats are often misunderstood creatures. We see them flying around lights at night, and fake ones are used at Halloween-time as decorations, but what are they really? Being the only mammal that can truly fly is impressive! They also eat a lot of bugs, which we can all agree is a good thing. Some even use echolocation, similar to dolphins, which allows them to know the location and size of an object based on the reflected sound. This is great when they are looking for bugs to eat, but not so great when they are looking for a winter home and are seeking for any opening that they can find. 

Bat Caves

We tend to associate bats with caves, but in reality they are looking for a warm place to spend the winter, and it just might be in your home, an outbuilding, or even a tree. Just last year hundreds of bats found their way into a high school auditorium. These bats were professionally removed, followed by professional decontamination. Why would this be necessary? While these creatures are cute and creepy all at the same time, they also are known to be the top carrier for rabies in Utah. Rabies can be spread from the bats saliva to any surface. It can also be spread through a simple scratch on the skin.

Deadly Bats

Rabies from a bat is generally uncommon, but it can cause a painful death. The virus can go undetected for up to 3 months, and once symptoms such as neck and back pain occur, it is generally too late for medical treatment to be effective. If someone has been exposed to bats, it is recommended that they see a doctor immediately for a rabies vaccination. 

Don’t Touch

Even if the bats are dead, rabies can be transmitted so don’t touch them! If you find that bats have invaded your property, let the Greenix professionals remove them in a humane way, followed by the decontamination process. We can take care of you and your loved ones to keep you safe from bats, and other invasive creatures.