7 Surprising Facts About Carpenter Bees

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There are so many different types of bees out there, around 20,000 different known species. With that many different types of bees out there, it can be hard to know what kind you might be dealing with. Bees that you may find around your home typically fall into a few categories: bumble bees, honey bees, and carpenter bees. While bees may look similar to one another, there are some key differences in purpose or behavior between carpenter bees and other kinds of bees.

1. Carpenter bees are solitary.

 We typically think of hives or nests when we think of bees because most of them travel together and live together serving the queen bee. Where carpenter bees are concerned, they fly solo. There is no real hierarchy for carpenter bees, just males and females. They burrow into their own spaces, and they do not necessarily worry about protecting one another.

2. They live up to their name.

While carpenter bees obviously are not building anything, they are crazy about wood. Carpenter bees eat through wood to burrow. They create holes and tunnels that they can live in, which is cool in theory, but not when they burrow into your home. Minor damage from a few bees is manageable, but carpenter bees can actually cause structural damage to your home. 

3. Female carpenter bees rarely sting people.

The females tend to be a lot less aggressive, and really only sting if they feel very threatened.

4. Males do not deliver stings at all.

In some bee species, males do not actually have stingers at all. The stinger is often a part of the female reproductive system, so males will not sting, but they will become aggressive if they feel threatened.

5. Carpenter bees can sting more than one time.

Some bees will die from delivering a sting to someone or something, but carpenter bees can actually sting more than one time without dying. When it comes to a bee sting, we usually count on it just happening once, which is why provoking a carpenter bee is not a good idea.

6. Carpenter bees can be found all over the world.

While some common pests are limited to certain continents, carpenter bees can be found on almost every one. The only place where most pests are not found is in Antarctica.

7. Paint can help deter carpenter bees.

Because carpenter bees chew through wood, adding a layer of paint over the top can help keep them away. They typically look for bare wood, so as long as you keep your paint up to date, you can lower your chances of dealing with carpenter bees burrowing into your home.

If you find yourself spotting bees around your house, it is important to contact a professional pest control company. Greenix offers an extensive range of pest control services. Whether you have minimal damage or a serious infestation, we have a plan to help you achieve a safe, pest-free home year round.

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