Hiring a Pest Control Company vs. DIY

As years have passed doing things yourself (DIY) has become more popular and more common than hiring specific tasks to be done. Although in numerous cases this is a logical choice, i.e. painting rooms inside your home, landscaping or refinishing furniture, there are certain things that hiring a professional for are necessary.

Why hire a Pest Control Company?

To determine why, answer these few questions:

  1. Are you a pest expert?
  2. Have you been trained to handle pest control chemicals?
  3. Do you know what signs to look for to determine a possible infestation?

If you answered no to these questions hiring a pest control company is a great choice for you. However, lets solidify some evidence of why this may be the choice for you.

Some companies have experts, Entomologists. Their experience, knowledge and training will surpass any how-to manual you find. They have done extensive learning and training to help in your pest control problems. Although not all pest control companies have Entomologists on their staff, these companies still train their employees with the necessary knowledge to help you.

First, they are trained to know and understand fully the chemical compounds in which they may be required to use in your home. Instead of just taking a bottle of some well-known product and spraying it around your house, they will take all aspects of your home into consideration before spraying. They will first determine the type of bugs/insects you have in your home, they will assess the magnitude of the problem. After doing so they will take into consideration the size of your home as well as the individuals who live within, i.e. children and pets. After taking all of this into consideration they will then determine the amount of chemicals needed to exterminate your pests and the focus locations of this problem.

Second, they are trained to not only walk the inside and outside of your home in search for the pest problem, but also to go a step further and check the foundation of your home (if possible) as well as your attic to ensure they have found all locations of the possible infestation.

Lastly, when doing pest control yourself most often it is left up to guessing, guessing what they problem is, where it is originating from and what chemical is going to get the job done. Because it is a guessing game it may end up costing you more in the long run for 2 reasons. First, the chemical you originally bought may not work, forcing you to purchase another, and another and another. Secondly, the infestation you have may be damaging your home in a place you never thought to look until it is too late and the damage is done and needs to be paid for.

Although DIY(Do it yourself) is a popular way of doing specific tasks in today’s world, Hiring a pest control company can ensure getting rid of the WHOLE problem with the right chemicals the right way and for the best possible price.