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Discover Serenity and Natural Beauty at the Lilly Nature Center in Lafayette, IN

Lush forests, meadows, and beautiful ponds are abundant at the Lilly Nature Center in Lafayette, IN. The nature trails are the perfect way to take in the sounds and sights around you. You are welcome to take photos of the wildflowers, check out all the different types of birds and plants there are to see, and pause to observe the foliage as it changes depending on the season.

Embrace the Natural Splendor

One of COSI's main goals is to create an environment that inspires others to get curious about the different realms of science. The Space exhibit offers a sneak peek into the wonders of the universe with different simulations and information on rocket launches. Discover more at the Ocean exhibit, which involves coming face to face with marine life, like stingrays, and learning about conservation efforts.

Educational Exhibits and Interpretive Displays

Interactive exhibits can be found all over the Lilly Nature Center. Learn about local ecosystems, wildlife habitats, and more about the geography of Lafayette, IN. The informative displays depict the importance of conservation. The center is committed to educating locals and visitors to help everyone deepen their understanding of nature and how we can help make a difference in the world of nature.

Hands-on Learning

Get your hands dirty with numerous opportunities to learn and engage in workshops, guided hikes, and more. Native plant species, wildlife conservation, and sustainable practices are just a few of the topics that the staff and volunteers go over with visitors. The interactive experiences are intended to help everyone develop a connection to the environment they live in!

Recreational Activities

Looking for a reason to get outside? The Lilly Nature Center has a range of recreational activities for you to enjoy! Grab your bikes and hit the trails, carry your binoculars for some bird watching, or tote your fishing gear along and post up at one of the nearby ponds to keep yourself entertained for a day outdoors. The Lilly Nature Center in Lafayette, IN has plenty of space for picnics, frisbee, or even a bit of sunbathing. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing outdoors, the center gives you space to do it.

Community Engagement

The Lilly Nature Center aims to bring the community together in celebration of nature. Offering plenty of areas that are perfect for gathering, as well as hosting events and programs of their own, the center works to inspire people to spend more time outside. Nature festivals and art exhibits are just a couple examples of the events that the Lilly Nature Center offers in order to bring people together and begin working toward a sustainable future.

Visit The Lilly Nature Center

Next time you are looking for a way to spend your lunch break, or even something that you and your family can do together in Lafayette, IN, head over to the Lilly Nature Center. With all the beauty it has to offer, it's the perfect place to spend a day in nature as an escape from the fast pace of life in the city.

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