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Carpenter bees aren’t building you a new deck or refinishing that old rocking chair. Instead, they’re like termites with stingers, burrowing into your home causing unsightly and sometimes dangerous structural damage. Minor carpenter bee infestations (10 bore holes or less) are included in our comprehensive Pest Control plan. For more serious infestations, we’ve created an intensive treatment plan to rid your home of carpenter bees.

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How to Identify a Carpenter Bee Problem

Carpenter bees are solitary insects so you won’t find them hanging in or around a hive with other bees. Instead, they chew through wood in your deck, fence, and home’s structure to create a nest. If you find sawdust or loose shavings beneath tiny, ½ inch holes, this is a likely sign of carpenter bee activity. Dark, yellowish-brown or black stains around the holes that are sticky are excrement and evidence of bees. 

Spotting a hole or two in your fence won’t cause major issues but if carpenter bees choose to tunnel through your deck wood for a longer period of time structural issues can arise. Female carpenter bees prefer to use the same nesting sites as their mothers and even choose to return to their nests to overwinter and continue tunneling in the spring. As tunnels grow, so does the chance of water seeping in and causing wood rot.

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How to Prevent a Carpenter Bee Infestation

While bees can be beneficial to our environment, carpenter bees are also noisy, messy, and a risk if they cause damage to the structure of the wood in your home. If you’ve spotted a carpenter bee or two around your property there are a few steps you can take to keep the problem from getting worse.

  • Paint your wood – Carpenter bees are put off by wood that’s been chemically treated because it becomes harder to burrow into. Colors and clear varnish will deter bees from drilling into your fence, deck, and other wood structures. 
  • Seal holes – When carpenter bees vacate their nests to feed on nectar and pollinate in August and September, take the opportunity to seal up entrances. Plug holes with wood putty or a dowel covered in wood glue. This will prevent bees from returning to their nests to cause more damage. 
  • Install chimes or speakers – While carpenter bees don’t mind the idea of a little music entertaining them while they work, vibrations from sound will disorient the bees and can deter them from nesting or drive them away from your property completely. Both speakers playing music and windchimes in their general area will accomplish this task. 
If you’re dealing with an infestation that has gotten out of hand or just prefer to stay away from DIY treatments, Greenix Pest Control has your back. Our experienced service professionals are equipped to identify problem areas around your home, develop a personalized plan, and provide treatments to rid your home of pests and keep them from coming back.

The Greenix Approach to Carpenter Bee Control

What exactly does carpenter bee reduction look like at Greenix? On the initial visit, a Service Pro will identify all carpenter bee bore holes on your property including your eaves, patio, deck, fence and other wooden structures. They will then treat those locations with a bellows duster to exterminate any bugs inside as well as prevent future carpenter bees from using that bore hole. They will then set up traps on your property to help prevent future damage.

We are thorough and deliberate about treating carpenter bees on your property, so you can rest easy knowing your home is safe.

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