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Nicknamed “The Crossroads of Somerset County,” Bridgewater, New Jersey is known as a commercial and industrial hub. With popular shopping centers, amazing restaurants, and plenty of other activities for residents to partake in, Bridgewater is certainly a popular place to settle down. The town has coined the phrase, “Where Tradition and Progress Meet,” and they continue to deliver. With all the fun and exciting things happening in the area, Bridgewater has not lost sight of the importance of community despite its continual growth. 

With more and more people moving to the area, it’s important to stay educated and up-to-date on what it means to own a home in Bridgewater, NJ. Where there are plenty of people, there is bound to be plenty of pests. You can expect to encounter things like wasps, mosquitoes, rodents, ants, and even ticks. As a homeowner, you want to make sure that you keep your home protected from all these annoying pests with the help of Greenix Pest Control Bridgewater NJ. At Greenix, we offer a range of pest control services that include:

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  1. Eave Sweep and Dust
  2. Crack & Crevice Treatment
  3. Exterior Perimeter Spray
  4. Granular Pest Barrier
  5. Home Interior Protection

Exterminating in Bridgewater

Tired of feeling like a visitor in your own home? When pests take over, it can feel like you have lost all control. That’s where our experienced team of exterminators comes in! Whether you need a mice exterminator, or an ant exterminator, we offer pest control services for everything in between to make sure that your home stays safe, and stays under your control. For the best pest control New Jersey has to offer, get in touch with a Greenix Pest Control Bridgewater NJ exterminator!

Wasp Nest Removal

Found a wasp nest on your property? Ouch, that kind of discovery can sting! Luckily, there’s no need to worry. Greenix Pest Control Bridgewater NJ offers wasp nest removal as part of our pest control services so you can get rid of a wasp nest without putting yourself or others at risk. Our professional exterminators are trained to perform wasp nest removals in a safe and effective way that gives you freedom to enjoy the comfort of your yard all year long!

Ant Exterminator

The ants go marching in, but we can have them marching right back out! Our ant exterminators are ready to help you tackle these persistent pests. From treatment to prevention, we are dedicated to helping you be able to relax and unwind in your home, instead of having to clean from top to bottom in hopes that ants might leave you alone. One of our ant exterminators will begin by locating the source of the problem: the anthill. Once we get rid of their home on your property, we are able to send the ants packin’!

Mosquito Control/Spraying for Mosquitoes

Every summer, the buzzing sound in your ears each day is enough to drive a person mad. Dousing yourself in bug repellent and avoiding going outside is no way to spend a bright, sunny day. Instead, call Greenix Pest Control Bridgewater NJ to get premium mosquito control services. When we are spraying for mosquitoes, we also make sure to check the premises for any stagnant water and leaks to avoid any unwanted mosquito activity around your home. Take back the summer with Greenix!

Mice Exterminator/Rat Exterminator

Rodents could be squeaking through the cracks if you aren’t up-to-date on your pest inspections! At Greenix Bridgewater NJ, we offer rodent control that begins with an inspection so we can determine points of entry and seal them off going forward. A mice exterminator isn’t hard to come by at Greenix. Our staff is fully trained and prepared to handle even the messiest problems that mice and rats can cause within your home. Because they pose a threat to your health, getting a rat exterminator is crucial to keeping everyone in your home safe and healthy. Contact Greenix Pest Control Bridgewater NJ today to schedule your next pest inspection!

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