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Wasp Control

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Mice, Rats, & Voles

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No matter if they have four legs or eight, if pests are grinding the gears of your Motor City home, Greenix Pest Control has the tools and expertise to get them out for good. Armed with our 48-hour guarantee, our service pros have seen it all when it comes to the Detroit pest scene. When you need fast and reliable pest elimination, put your trust in Greenix.

Pest Control Solutions for Detroit Homes

When you’re sending out RSVPs for your annual backyard BBQ commemorating the start of what is sure to be another memorable Detroit Lions football season, you never want to have to worry about uninvited guests making their way to the party—whether it’s your neighbor’s weird cousin or an army of very hungry ants. Wasps, mice, and mosquitoes are notorious for crashing parties, and the worst part is that they don’t even bring a side to share. When these creepy crawlies come knocking on your door, don’t worry: Greenix is here to kick them to the curb.

Greenix is proud to act as certified pest bouncers across many neighborhoods in Detroit, including:

  • Downtown Detroit
  • Midtown
  • Corktown
  • North Rosedale Park
  • University District
  • Jefferson Chalmers
  • West Village
  • Palmer Woods
  • Sherwood Forest

Pests Greenix Treats in Detroit

With our five-step process, you can be sure your Detroit home will be thoroughly inspected and treated for any and all pests you may be dealing with (except for that very persistent telemarketer—there’s unfortunately nothing we can do there). Our certified service pros are happy to provide four season protection against pests of all shapes and sizes in and around your home with the following services:

Detroit Ant Control

Whether they’re escaping the cold or hiding from the heat, ants use any excuse to make a march into your home. If you find ants frequently trying to make off with your favorite foods, Greenix Pest Control can help. Our professional pest service pros know how to exterminate and control ants in Detroit. We identify the ant species, locate the source of the colony, and implement the best possible solution. From sugar and pavement ants to carpenter, fire ants, and every species in between, we’ll provide sustainable pest control to eliminate these pesky ants from your Detroit home once and for all.

Detroit Wasp Control

There are approximately 4,000 different types of wasps found in North America. If it feels like you have every single one hanging out around your Detroit home, give Greenix Pest Control a call. With nearly a decade of experience handling wasp infestations, our expert service pros are able to determine the wasp species on your property and give you the best solution to protect you, your family and friends, and your property.

Rodent Control in Detroit

If rodents, mice, or voles have made their home in your own, it’s time to contact the expert Detroit rodent removers at Greenix. Our initial treatments lay the groundwork for lasting protection against rodents as we place eco- (and human) friendly traps, after which we return for monthly follow-up treatments until your critter issues are resolved. Our rodent control professionals develop customized treatment plans tailored specifically to your home and unique situation, so you’ll be sure to get the best possible results during all four seasons.

Get Pricing for Pest Control in Detroit Today

If you’ve been looking for liberation from the rule that cockroaches, mosquitoes, or other pests have in or around your Detroit home, the friendly pest pros at Greenix Pest Control can help. Give us a call or get pricing online to get started today. We guarantee we’ll be at your home within 48 hours to take care of your pest problems.


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