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Wishing the pests would stop…pestering? It’s almost like it’s their job to annoy us, but that doesn’t mean we have to put up with it! Pest control and exterminators exist for this very reason. Leave the work to the experts, and send pests packing! Greenix Pest Control Overland Park is here to help you keep the pests at bay so your home can get back to being the one place you can go to escape the annoying things in life. We use up-to-date technology that not only treats the pests you currently have but prevents the pests that you don’t yet have. Knock out two pests with one stone with the help of Greenix.

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It’s not uncommon for people to attempt their own pest control, only to find that the pests have come back with a vengeance. That’s because pests have incredible adaptability, making them nearly impossible to treat on your own. Finding an exterminator who can help is your best line of defense against a number of different pests. From spraying the yard for mosquitoes to mouse extermination, Greenix has got you covered.

Our Pest Control Services

Greenix Pest Control Overland Park KS can help you take your home from pest-ridden to pests-forbidden! We offer a variety of pest control services to keep your home protected. Some of our services include:
  • General Pest Control
  • Rodent Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Termite Inspection
  • Flea Treatment for Yard
  • And More!



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Tick, Flea & Mosquito Control

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Rodent Control Overland Park

Are you afraid of the dark? Many pests are nocturnal, but the most eerie ones to find are mice and rats. Nothing can make your skin crawl quite like the squeak of a mouse and the flash of a rat tail scurrying out of view.  With Greenix, you can say goodbye to the rambunctious rodents and hello to peace of mind! Don’t let rodents haunt the halls; choose Greenix for your rodent control!

Mosquito Control

Buzz. Swat! Repeat. Sound familiar? While mosquitoes come out in full force, it’s best to try and get ahead of the infestations. Greenix can spray your yard for mosquitoes, as well as locate any problem areas that need attention so you can prevent mosquitoes instead of just treating them!


Our way of getting the job done right.

  • Eave Sweep & Dust
  • Crack & Crevice Treatment
  • Exterior Perimeter Spray
  • Granular Pest Barrier
  • Home Interior Protection

Termite Inspection

Greenix can see the things that you don’t! It’s normal to schedule quarterly or yearly termite inspections to make sure that your home is in tip-top shape. Termites can destroy the structure of your home fast, so keeping up with inspections can keep you prepared for whatever may come your way.

Flea Treatment for Yard

Got pets? Even if you don’t, it’s still possible to get fleas. Fleas hitch-hike their way on the backs of animals, and they jump around in tall grass until they find something they can sink their teeth into. Avoid the fleas marching in by working with Greenix Pest Control Overland Park! We offer flea treatments for your yard so you don’t have to worry about sleepless nights of itching for you or your pets!


Pests give us the heebie-jeebies too so we understand the importance of acting fast.

We’ve got your home covered from the foundation all the way to its tallest eaves.

After your inspection, we get to work implementing our guaranteed 5-step process.

Our science-backed seasonal treatments are effective, responsible and sustainable.

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