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Greenix Pest Control South Bend, IN

Indiana is an ever-growing state, and every year the towns are becoming more and more populated. While that may sound like a pest deterrent, the truth is that pests are likely to become just as abundant as the people!  Pests migrate to areas where their basic needs are met: food, water, and shelter. Sound familiar? People need the exact same things, which is why we have to fend off pests all year! Luckily, pest control companies like Greenix are shifting toward not only regular pest control but preventative pest control to get rid of pests before they take over.

Exterminator South Bend, IN

It’s not easy to rid your home of pests when you don’t really know what to look for. Pests are highly adaptive, making it hard to treat them on your own. Without having extensive knowledge of the signs and behaviors of pests and using store-bought pest control treatments, you may be doing more harm than good.  The pests will likely overcome store-bought solutions and become even harder to treat. That’s why opting for a professional opinion from Greenix Pest Control South Bend is the best way to go every time! With a team of experts and a keen eye for even the smallest pest activity, we provide you with exterminator services that get the job done.

Our Pest Control Services

When it comes to treating your home for pests, it’s best to find a team that can target as many as possible. Greenix Pest Control South Bend IN has an extensive list of over 50 species of pests that we treat to ensure that almost nothing can slip through the cracks! Some of our pest services include: 

Ant Control

Tired of ants parading in and out of your home? It could mean that you have a small crack or gap somewhere that they have found, leading them straight to your food supply. These persistent pests can be hard to get rid of because treating the ants you see doesn’t affect the ones you don’t!  The first step in treating ants is locating the colony. Once we have taken care of the source of the ants, we can help you take care of whatever tiny opening allows them inside. With tips and tricks on how you can avoid ants going forward, we aim to give you preventative pest control measures so it doesn’t happen again!

Rodent Control

No matter how big or small, rodents can wreak havoc on your home. One thing most rodents have in common is their ever-growing teeth. They gnaw on things in order to shave those teeth down, causing massive amounts of destruction to your home. Beyond that, their nests and droppings are a major health hazard.  Rodent control is easy and effective with the experts at Greenix Pest Control South Bend. With years of experience and an eye for the signs of rodent infestations, we can track down your mouse or rat problem and keep them out with our pest management services.

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Wasp Nest Removal

Is your backyard beginning to feel like a battle zone? Wasps are somewhat docile for the most part, but they become very aggressive when they feel threatened. That’s why wasp nest removal is so dangerous for anyone without the proper equipment or knowledge of their behaviors.  At Greenix Pest Control South Bend, we offer wasp nest removal services that allow you and your family to roam your backyard without a care in the world! Once we get the nest out of there, you should be free to get back to enjoying your yard instead of fearing it!

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