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Merrillville Residential Pest Control

Also known as “Downtown Northwest Indiana,” Merrillville has become the most populated town in Indiana and one of the most desirable places in the state to call home. With plenty of restaurants, banks, malls, and businesses to explore also comes a large amount of creepy crawlies, eight-legged freaks, and things you definitely don’t want in your house. If you find your home taken over by those pesky bugs, Greenix Pest Control can help! Our team has some of the most thoroughly trained pest specialists in the industry, allowing you to kick back and relax and watch us do what we do best.   We know pests so you don’t have to. When you call Greenix Pest Control Merrillville, you can ensure that you and your family will be protected year-round. Call us today to get your free estimate and find out how we can help you.

Pest Control Solutions for Merrillville Neighborhoods

Not many people have the experience to handle pest control themselves, nor should they have to! Don’t let a pesky menace take over your home, and get in contact with Greenix today. Whether you have a trash-eating raccoon or ants invading your kitchen, no pest is too big for our service pros. With our eco-friendly products, we can ensure you can enjoy dinner on your back porch or watch your favorite shows in peace. We provide pest control solutions to these Merrillville neighborhoods and surrounding areas:
  • Turkey Creek Meadows
  • Independence Hill
  • Lottaville
  • Chapel Manor
  • Crown Point
  • Green Acres
  • Ainsworth
  • Winfield
  • New Elliott
  • And beyond!

Pests Greenix Treats in Merrillville

With summers being warm, humid, and wet, winters freezing snowy and windy, dealing with pests in Merrillville is a year-round hassle. Through our five-step process and monthly treatments, our pest pros offer four season protection against those pesky bugs. Some of the pests Greenix Pest Control Merrillville treats and prevents in Merrillville include:  

Merrillville Rodent Control

Whether you have a family of raccoons lurking in your yard or mice invading your home, it’s time to call Greenix! Rodents in or near your home are nothing to mess with. They can carry harmful bacteria, viruses, and diseases as well as fleas. Additionally, they are not friendly and it is crucial to keep them away from your family and home. With Greenix, our pros can perform a rodent baiting service where cement blocks contain a bait that acts as a blood thinner which sends the rodents looking for sources of water elsewhere. To ensure these rodents don’t come back, we return every so often to be sure they are still properly working.

Merrillville Ant Control

Seeing one little ant roaming the halls of your home doesn’t seem like too big of a concern. The problem is ants never travel alone. These tiny insects travel in packs and don’t plan on leaving your home anytime soon. To prevent ants from taking over, you must be sure to keep food put away and crumbs cleaned up. If you find yourself still experiencing an ant problem in your Merrillville home, Greenix can help!

Mosquito Control in Merrillville

Mosquitoes are disgusting flying bugs that are a nuisance to people spending time outside. These menaces can leave you with itchy bites that put your health at risk. Start having your outdoor parties and family BBQs and Contact Greenix to get your mosquito problem under control. Our service professionals will work to leave your yard mosquito-free and allow you to start enjoying spending your time outside.

Get Pricing for Pest Control Merrillville Today

Don’t let uninvited guests into your home, and get started with Greenix today! Greenix in Merrillville has the pros to rid of all your nasty pests. We want to focus on what matters; keeping your friends and family safe and pest free. Live a pest-free life with Greenix and contact us today to receive an inspection, customized solution, and our implemented quarterly services.


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