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As the second largest city in Indiana, Fort Wayne boasts a fun and bustling atmosphere. With several historical sites and museums such as the Chief Richardville House and the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, there is never a shortage of things to do and places to see. However, the one thing you don’t want to see is a bug or rodent infestation in your Fort Wayne home. If you find yourself with creepy crawlers invading your home, Geenix is here to help. With our 48-hour service guarantee, you can count on our reliable pest solution and knowledgeable service pros to help rid you of your pest problems.

Pest Control Solutions for Fort Wayne Neighborhoods

Pest control can be tricky, and it is best to trust the experts when trying to rid your home of rodents, ticks, wasps, ants, spiders, and more. Whether you want the wasps away from your backyard for your next bbq or you have discovered rats in your basement, Greenix in Fort Wayne has the pest control solution for you. We offer pest control services to the Fort Wayne area including the following neighborhoods:
  • Crestwood
  • Brookside Estates
  • Brierwood Hills
  • Ansley Acres
  • Ellisville
  • And beyond!

Pests Greenix Treats in Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne brings hot summers and freezing winters. This makes dealing with pests a year-round battle. Our trusted five-step process and monthly treatments give you pest protection all year long. Greenix offers protection against the following Fort Wayne pests:  

Fort Wayne Tick Control

If you are active in heavily grassed areas or you have pets, ticks can be unwelcome and frequent guests in your home without proper protection. These tiny bugs can carry an abundance of diseases that can be passed onto you, your family, and your pets. Maintaining a clean lawn and keeping outdoor furniture in the sun can help prevent ticks from entering your yard. However, for the best protection, you need to trust the experts. At Greenix, we offer tick prevention and treatment services to help rid you of these pests.

Spider Control in Fort Wayne

Finding spiders around every corner of your home? These pesky, eight-legged creatures can be helpful in keeping away other bugs. However, some spiders can bring a painful bite if provoked, and Greenix services can help keep both the spiders and other bugs away. At-home prevention is an option by sealing up cracks and other points of entry as well as clearing webs away. You also want to keep up with monthly services at Greenix to get rid of the food spiders are searching for. If you find that the spiders are not going away, request a free quote from Greenix today.

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Get rid of unwanted guests in your home. At Greenix in Fort Wayne, we want to help you keep your friends and family safe and healthy by helping you get rid of rodents, wasps, ants, spiders, and more. Our team is here to help you fight back against pests. Live your life free of bugs, rodents, and other pests. Contact us today to experience our trusted five-step process for pest control.


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