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What sets Naperville, IL apart from other cities in the United States? Naperville is known to be one of the best places to settle in because of the incredible quality of life it has to offer to residents. This award-winning town sits nice and close to Chicago, offering the fast-paced, city life. Or, you can enjoy a bit of a more relaxing feel with the gorgeous views at Centennial Park. Whether you want to enjoy some restaurants in the city, or check out a book to read from one of the highest-rated libraries in the country, we have it all in Naperville.

Speaking of having it all, just like any other city, we have pests! But it’s nothing to worry about, thanks to Greenix Pest Control Naperville, IL. We hold ourselves to the highest standard in order to keep our community healthy and safe from pests year-round. Our professional pest control services include:

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Tick Control

Love your pets? Ticks do, too. These small, sneaky bugs hide in tall grasses where they can easily grab onto an unsuspecting host that they can begin feeding on. While they may seem small and harmless, ticks can actually transmit a number of diseases if they are not promptly removed from their host’s body. Do yourself and your pets a favor by investing in professional tick control to eliminate the threat of ticks making a meal out of you.

Mosquito Control

Yet another blood-sucking bug, mosquitoes are full of surprises. Did you know that not all mosquitoes bite? Female mosquitoes require the blood of mammals for reproductive purposes, but male mosquitoes do not actually bite people or animals. These bugs also require stagnant water for reproduction, so call in a professional exterminator to come out and inspect your property for potential activity sites. Get your yard back with mosquito control from Greenix.

The Greenix 5-Step Process

Our way of getting the job done right.

  1. Eave Sweep and Dust
  2. Crack & Crevice Treatment
  3. Exterior Perimeter Spray
  4. Granular Pest Barrier
  5. Home Interior Protection

Ant Prevention

Do you find yourself constantly killing ants, and yet they continue to come back? You may have an ant colony living on your property, and as long as they can find a food source, they will keep coming back. Ensuring that all your food is kept in sealed containers, and taking the trash out at the end of each day can help massively with ant prevention, but hiring ant control can actually take care of the problem. Our professional exterminators can get rid of the ants in your home, as well as find out where they are coming from to keep your home protected.

Flea Control

If you find fleas in your home, you’re going to want to jump at the opportunity to get rid of them. Flea control is incredibly important because they are able to lay hundreds of eggs at once. Without a proper flea treatment, your home can very quickly become invaded by an army of fleas, leaving you to deal with the itchy, annoying bites they leave in their wake. Act fast and contact Greenix for an effective and efficient flea treatment you can count on.

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Don’t let pests bug you any longer. If you’re ready to see how Greenix Pest Control can help your home feel safe from pest invaders, give us a call or get pricing online today! Within 48 hours you’ll receive top-quality Naperville pest control services from some of the best in the business. Find us on the web.

Other Greenix Pest Control Naperville, IL Services

Dealing with pests does not have to be your job. Our goal is to offer you a variety of services like wasp nest removal, pest management, and more so that you don’t have to be the one doing the dirty work. Enjoy the safety and freedom of your home with the help of Greenix!

Rodent Control

Do you ever feel like maybe you’re not alone in your home? Rodents are a common problem that homeowners face. Because of the structural damage that these pests can cause, rodent control should be at the top of your list. Rat and mice exterminators are key to maintaining the structural integrity of your home, as well as avoiding any food contamination that rats and mice can cause. Stop these pests in their tracks with rodent control. Call us to get the best exterminator Naperville has to offer. Find us on the web.


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