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Chicago Spider Control

Nothing makes your skin crawl faster than spotting a spider in your Chicago home. Whether they are weaving a web in the corner of your ceiling or darting around your basement, they are a nuisance. Call Greenix Pest Control when you’re ready to rid your Chicago home of spiders. Greenix has the knowledge and expertise to protect your home from any spider infestation.

Our Chicago spider pros can protect your home against several species, including:

  • Orb weavers
  • Dark fishing spiders
  • Cellar spiders
  • House spiders
  • Hobo spiders
  • Garden spiders
  • Black widows
  • Brown recluse spiders
  • Wolf spiders
  • Gray cross spiders

What Attracts spiders?

As the weather warms up, spiders become more active, much like Chicagoans. These eight-legged pests move in to seek shelter from the weather, find a source of food and water, or possibly a mate. Spiders love to feed off of other pests, so if you’re finding several spiders crawling around, there is something else lurking about to attract them. It is possible that spiders make themselves at home for all three reasons, but rest assured, Greenix can handle your spider infestation.

How do spiders get inside of my home?

Spiders can fit into any size crack or crevice, from broken roof shingles to the smallest of tears in a window screen. It is incredibly easy for spiders to find their way inside, even your most preventive measures won’t keep these creatures out. They can come into your home on furniture and clothing, or even your newest houseplant.

How to Prevent a Spider Infestation in Chicago

Spiders quietly make their way into your home, through the smallest hole or gap. Once they’re inside, they can be impossible to get rid of. To prevent spiders from crawling around your Chicago home, there are a few steps you can take:

  • Clear away webs in your home
  • Vacuum and sweep your home often
  • Prevent clutter from piling up
  • Seal cracks and crevices
  • Hire Greenix Pest Control
The best spider control treatment for your Chicago home is Greenix Pest Control. Our service professionals have the training to identify and treat common spider infestations around your home. Call Greenix today for spider control you can count on!

Schedule Spider Control in Chicago from the Experts at Greenix

There are so many types of spiders that can be found weaving webs around your Chicago home, stop them before they find the perfect corner. Our service pros can identify the spider that is plaguing your home and form the proper treatment for your home. When you notice spiders and webs around your home, call Greenix Pest Control or request a free quote for your Chicago home today!


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