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Chicago Residential Pest Control

Ah, the Windy City. Equally famous for its sports teams like the Bulls and Cubs, its striking architecture and skyline, and the sprawling suburbia known as Chicagoland, there are a lot of things to see and do in Chicago. One thing that Chicago area residents don’t want to see or do? Encounter bugs in their home. Thankfully, with Greenix Pest Control, finding pests doesn’t mean you have to live with pests. Our 48-hour Chicago pest control and exterminating service guarantee means you won’t have to wait for a certified professional to come by and help.

Pest Control Solutions for Chicago Neighborhoods

Pests don’t care if you live in Chicago proper or one of the many cities in Chicagoland; they are intent on invading your cozy home no matter what. Discouraged? Don’t be. Greenix is here to help with pest prevention and eradication with the development of a personalized pest control plan. If it crawls, flies, scurries, or slithers, we’ve got you covered—and believe us when we say we’ve seen it all. We’ve got the solution to your pest problem dialed in. We provide pest control and pest management solutions to these Chicago neighborhoods and more:
  • The Loop
  • Chinatown
  • Lincoln Park
  • Magnificent Mile
  • River North
  • Hyde Park
  • West Loop
  • Wrigleyville
  • Evanston
  • Naperville
  • Rosemont
  • Norridge
  • Lincolnwood
  • And beyond!

Pests Greenix Treats in Chicago

We’re not a pest control company that shirks our duties. Our pest experts go through a five-step process, from inspecting your whole home all the way through the eradication process—bugs don’t stand a chance. Plus, our pest protection extends from Winter to Summer thanks to our four season pest protection strategy. Common Chicago pest control treatments we offer include:

Chicago Rodent Control

Do you hear an infernal scratching in your attic or in your walls when you’re trying to go to sleep at night? Does your home suddenly stink to high heaven for no apparent reason? Bad news: you might have a rodent problem. Good news: Greenix Pest Control Chicago is here to help! We’re pretty good at getting rid of rats and mice that have made your home their home—and we’re good at cleaning up after them and keeping them away, too, with our Chicago rodent control solutions.

Chicago Ant Control

One ant isn’t much of a problem. Of course, it’s never just one ant. Ants will happily show up in an army to eat your food and infest your kitchen, and eradicating ants can be easier said than done. Enter Greenix’s Chicago ant control services. We’ll ensure ants’ march to your leftovers will be their last.

Mosquito Control in Chicago

Mosquitoes are famous for being little vampires, sucking blood and leaving behind itchy bites. What’s worse is that mosquitoes can also carry a variety of diseases with scary-sounding names and even scarier-sounding symptoms. At Greenix, our Chicago mosquito control isn’t just an effective way of eradicating swarms and keeping them away; it’s a way to get peace of mind.

Chicago Wasp Control

Honey bees are docile creatures that are more than willing to leave you alone, as they’ve only got one shot in their barrel, so to speak. Wasps? Wasps are nasty. With an ability to sting multiple times and a competitive streak that rivals Michael Jordan himself, you do not want a wasp nest in your property. Your friends at Greenix have been there before, and we’ve got the protection and the know-how to assist in wasp removal.

Get Pricing for Pest Control in Chicago Today

Roaming roaches can ruin your day if you find them in your home. Wasps on a warpath can make your life super stressful every time you step through the door. So, why bother living with pests when there’s an alternative? Greenix provides Chicago pest control wherever you may live in the metro. With sustainable pest control services, our certified and expert pest control service pros have experience with common Chicago pests. We’re also committed to providing prompt protection thanks to our 48-hour service guarantee. Instead of searching for pest control Chicago, choose the lasting quality that you deserve and simply give us a call or get a free quote today!


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