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Located in Newcastle County, Middletown is one of Delaware’s fastest-growing towns. Being that Delaware was part of the first thirteen colonies of the United States, the state offers many beautiful and historic homes, some of which can be found in Middletown. If historical buildings aren’t your thing, no problem! Because this city is growing so fast, there is plenty of modern development that adds to the charm of our great town.

An incredible selection of retail and restaurants riddle the city, but we also have picturesque views that can be enjoyed at the Charles E. Price Memorial Park. With every developing city comes a trail of common pests. While many pests would prefer to stay outdoors and away from people, they are motivated by the opportunity of a consistent food supply. Luckily, all you have to do is call Greenix Pest Control Middletown, DE to take care of your pest problems. Our pest control services include:

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Wasp Nest Removal

What’s the buzz on wasps? They tend to be territorial, which means that when they feel their nest is being threatened, they will attack. Wasps, unlike bees, don’t die after just one sting. They can sting you multiple times with their venom, and it can result in an allergic reaction. Having a wasp nest on your property is dangerous, and so is wasp nest removal if not done properly. Hire our professional exterminators to safely rid your home of unwanted visitors.

Other Greenix Pest Control Middletown, DE Services

Not only do we offer the services listed above, but we also offer tons of other services, including pest management. Pest management focuses on quarterly inspections and treatments so that you never have to start from scratch again. Our goal is to maintain a safe, pest-free environment for you and your family all year long.

The Greenix 5-Step Process

Our way of getting the job done right.

  1. Eave Sweep and Dust
  2. Crack & Crevice Treatment
  3. Exterior Perimeter Spray
  4. Granular Pest Barrier
  5. Home Interior Protection

Mosquito Control

Buzz off! Mosquitoes flying around your ears is not the way you should have to spend your summer vacation. Get professional mosquito control from Greenix Pest Control Middletown DE, and get your tan on in the comfort of your own backyard. We recommend spraying for mosquitoes in the spring, so we can identify any points of your property that might make for a nice vacation home for mosquitoes. That way you can enter summer with the promise of less mosquitoes, and hopefully less worries!

Flea Control

What’s that itchy red mark you’re noticing on your skin? Most people don’t realize they have fleas in their home until they start getting bitten by them. There are several ways that fleas can find their way into your house, but one of the most common ways is through your pets. No matter how they got there, you want to act quickly. Fleas can lay hundreds of eggs at one time, which means getting rid of them becomes more and more difficult as time goes on. Contact us to say goodbye to your flea problem as fast as possible.

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Don’t let pests bug you any longer. If you’re ready to see how Greenix Pest Control Middletown DE can help your home feel safe from pest invaders, give us a call or get pricing online today! Within 48 hours you’ll receive top-quality Middletown pest control services from some of the best in the business. Find us on the web.

Tick Control

Afraid to spend time in your yard because of ticks? Rightfully so. Ticks carry different diseases that they can transmit to humans and animals. While many people say that ticks fall from trees, this is rarely the case. Ticks usually only climb as high as they need to in order to reach the target of their food supply. At Greenix, we know all the signs to look for, and exactly where to spray to rid your home of ticks. Take your yard back with our tick control service.

Rodent Exterminator

Looking for rat control? Rodents come in different shapes and sizes, but rats tend to be one of the creepier kinds. Rat control or rat extermination is not a complicated process if you know what you are doing. We set up baits for rodents around your property after carefully inspecting points of pest activity. These baits are small and effective, and only we have the key. You never have to worry about your pets or your kids getting into trouble with Greenix rodent control services.


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