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Are you tired of voles destroying your yard by eating your plants, creating mounds of dirt, and leaving tunnels of dead grass? These tiny little animals can leave behind a lot of damage and drive any homeowner crazy. Luckily, at Greenix Pest Control, our vole control experts have plenty of experience managing vole infestations of all sizes.

With us on your side, you can count on four season protection, 48 hour service response times, free re-services for any unexpected pop-ups, unparalleled customer service, and peace of mind. Our tried-and-true vole removal processes ensure lasting protection, so you can take control of your yard once again.

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Are Voles Dangerous?

Voles are not considered to be a serious threat to humans. However, the can transmit diseases through their urine and feces and introduce parasites like fleas and ticks to your property. They can also cause significant damage as they create tunnels throughout your yard. Voles are known to damage lawns, fruit trees, landscaping, and grain crops. They create pathways of dead grass in lawns and consume many garden plants, leaving your yard extremely damaged.

What Are the Four Types of Voles?

Voles are small rodents that are very similar in appearance to mice and rats. There are four types of voles and they all share various common characteristics, the main common trait being their tendency to damage yards.

The four types of voles are:

  • Meadow voles: These are the most common type of vole found in the U.S. They tend to breed rapidly and live in gardens, yards, and farms. They eat grasses, seeds, bark, clover, and alfalfa.
  • Prairie voles: Found throughout the U.S., these voles can be found populating residential yards, agricultural fields, gardens, and golf courses. They live off of roots, grasses, tree bark, and insects.
  • Water voles: These voles love to swim, so they prefer to live near water sources such as creeks, ponds, and brooks. They can be seen on occasion searching for seeds, bulbs, and roots to eat in gardens.
  • Woodland voles: These voles only live to be a few months old once they reach adulthood. They are attracted to homes with gardens and live off of seeds, grasses, fallen fruit, tree bark, and roots.

To properly handle vole infestations, you need a professional to accurately identify the type of vole on your property.

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Where Do Voles Live?

Because they live off of plants, roots, grasses, bulbs, tree bark, fruits, and nuts, voles prefer to live outdoors. They are found throughout North America in gardens, fields, meadows, and other agricultural areas. They nest in underground burrows, where they build vast tunnels in search of food. Since they prefer staying near the ground and eating plants, they won’t last very long inside a home. Those that venture from a yard into a home won’t stay for very long.

The Greenix Approach to Vole Control

For maximum protection against voles, our service professionals perform our effective rodent baiting service.

This involves:

  • Carefully inspecting your property and identifying the type of vole in your yard
  • Placing a minimum of 5 bait boxes throughout your property
  • Inspecting bait boxes every 60 days and replacing bait when necessary

Our cement bait boxes contain specially formulated bait that attracts voles and acts as a blood thinner. This sends the voles away from your property in search of water. Each box is locked up, so you never have to worry about animals or pets coming into contact with the bait.

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