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At Greenix Pest Control, we understand that mice are much more than just a nuisance. From invading homes to damaging property to transmitting diseases, mice are dangerous and should be removed from your home as soon as possible. If you find your property has been infested by mice, you need our mice control team on the job. Our four season protection service ensures your home is equipped with multiple layers of protection against over 50 different types of pests, including rats, chipmunks, voles, and mice.

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What Is the Difference between a Mouse & a Rat?

While all rodents have common identifying features such as incisor teeth in the upper jaw, short legs, and long tails, there are ways to tell the different types apart. Rats and mice are quite similar, but they differ in plenty of ways. Weighing as much as 10 ounces, rats, are larger than mice. They have thick bodies, thick, hairless tails, large feet, and small ears. They consume up to 1 ounce of food a day and can produce up to 10 pups per litter.

The identifying characteristics of a mouse are:

  • Large ears
  • Long, thin tails covered in hairs
  • Large bodies
  • Shorter hairs
  • Lighter-colored bellies
  • Weigh up to 1.5 ounces
  • Eat up to 0.1 ounces of food per day
  • Produce up to 16 pups per litter

Health Risks Associated with Mice

Mice are notorious for plaguing humans and infesting buildings and homes, always gaining access from even the smallest of entry points. Due to the many risks associated with mice, they are a cause of concern for just about any homeowner. Mice are known for posing a danger to health because they carry and transmit mouse-related diseases, carry and spread parasites such as ticks and fleas, contaminate food with urine and feces, and risk house fires by chewing exposed wires.

The Greenix Approach to Mice Control

When you call on Greenix Pest Control, you receive unparalleled customer service. Our professionals will thoroughly examine your property to locate any potential access points and place at least five bait boxes within and around your home, depending on where they are most needed.

Our rodent baiting boxes contain a specially formulated bait that attracts rodents and acts as a blood thinner. Once ingested, mice will leave your home in search of a water source. These boxes are locked up and only we have a key, which means you never have to worry about children or pets finding their way inside. Every 60 days, our professionals inspect these boxes and replace the bait whenever necessary to ensure continued, lasting protection.

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When mice take over, put Greenix Pest Control on your side. Our mice control experts are backed by years of extensive experience handling pest invasions of all kinds. When we arrive at your home, our friendly service professionals carefully examine eaves, cracks, crevices, the perimeter, and the interior of your home. We then apply multiple layers of protection within and around your home to keep it safe and pest free. Homeowners across many states trust us to provide the highest quality, eco-friendly, sustainable pest control solutions.

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