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Louis Sobecki
October 6, 2021

Chris was by far the best service professional by far. He is very thorough. Didn’t miss a thing. I felt like he treated me as if I was his only customer. He also does his job as if he was doing it for himself. Highly recommend this man.

Clinton Russell
October 6, 2021

Chris was very friendly, professional, and answered any questions I had. He was also happy to service specific areas I had requested. Will monitor activity after first treatment but happy with service so far! Also just had another visit from Matt, who was also very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. He was great to talk to and also made sure all the spots I wanted treated were treated.

Brian Rose
August 5, 2021

Tim N came out for our quarterly treatment. Very professional and did a great service. He explained what all he treated when he was done. I've had Rise for just over a year and had great experience with them. The one time we had ants they came out at no charge to treat and the ants were gone in a day.

Vincent Cicotte
June 16, 2021

I had my initial treatment today, and the technician Dakota C. was right on time, very polite and willing to see if I had any questions about what was happening, what he would be doing, and what specific services I wanted done. He went out of his way to locate some problems I wasn't aware of and take care of them, like a wasp nest on the side of the home, and some additional attention to some ant colonies he had noticed. Very professional and checked in with me afterwards to make sure everything was good and explain the future treatment plans. I'm very happy with the appointment and the service.

Samantha Terry
June 16, 2021

We decided to sign up for preventative measures and our Tech Chris did a great job! Super nice and worked around my three large dogs which is no easy task! He was very mindful of my birds and saltwater fish which is a huge plus! The safety of my pets is very important. He wore his mask and answered all the questions I had. Highly recommended!

Shelby McCurdy
May 27, 2021

We were impressed with how quickly someone was able to come out to treat our home. Austin was very polite, thorough and informative. It's also nice to know they will come out anytime if we have an issue between our regularly scheduled visits free of charge! Definitely recommend them!

Katherine Degunya
April 12, 2021

Rise was recommended to me by a friend and I had my first treatment done today. I must say I understand why she recommended Rise. Arturo was the technician who came to do my first treatment and I must say I was extremely impressed with his knowledge. He went through the plan and answered all my questions and concerns. He was polite and very professional. I will definitely recommend this company to my friends.

tim row
March 6, 2023

They always let me know when and what time they will be there.

Jim Holbrook
March 3, 2023

Not aware the service was scheduled today. Wanted to get tech inside to update traps for rodent control.

BretChara Martin
March 3, 2023

They are respectful of property and always send a text before and after service.

debbie appleby
February 28, 2023

They let you know when they are on the way. Introduce their self and will tell you what and how they are going to. They go right to work and leave when they are finished. They are very polite. I’m use them because they are pet friendly

Claudia Valdes
February 27, 2023

Prompt and professional service

Rita Egan
February 27, 2023

Followed up with what he found

Neal Yoder
February 24, 2023

Great preventative service, very thorough and historically great results. Very polite and professional techs.

Mary Howard
February 23, 2023

Everyone that has come to my house has been awesome and cordial. Really nice people.

mary heichelbech
February 22, 2023

Great service . On time . Professional

Rhonda Boman
February 21, 2023

The traps seem to help but not take care of the mouse problem ??

Steve Leedy
February 9, 2023
David Moore
February 1, 2023

Good communication.

Frank Smith
January 31, 2023
Faye Webb
January 31, 2023
Harvey Guindi
February 2, 2023

Ben is a phenomenal ambassador of your company. He values the quality of his work and is very communicative of what he is doing. He is very thorough and detail oriented. He made sure everything was done properly not just good enough . Truly a gem for Greenix! Every experience I’ve had for my regular services is exceptional in the quality, communication, effectiveness and value!

Susan Varghese
January 8, 2023

Greenix was immediately responsive to my interest in their services and were able to come to my house the next day. The technicians were professional and knowledgeable. The office staff was very friendly and accommodating as well.

Lana Batyaykina
January 4, 2023

Very professional staff, respectful to me , my time, and my property, always listen to my concerns and do everything I ask them to. They always warn you upfront when they come, and very flexible. I used to have many wasp nests and a lot of ants around the perimeter of my house in spring and summer. The Greenix team did a great job solving those problems for me - No more wasps , no more ants!

Haley Kelly
December 22, 2022

We have been using Greenix for about 2 years now and we are so appreciative of all of their help! We live next to a field, so we were experiencing field mice in our home. Since finding and using Greenix, we have not seen 1 mouse!!! Their workers are extremely professional and always helpful when we have some questions! They arrive within the time frame given, are quick, and best of all they are of zero inconvenience!! We have recommended Greenix to many family and friends and will continue to use them for years to come!! Thank you so much for your services! :)

October 11, 2022

I had been with another company for 15 years and switched to Greenix last summer. Two reasons: Greenix was less expensive and Greenix covers my entire yard, they do not charge extra when an issue is more that 10 feet from the main structure. The technicians send text reminders of upcoming appointments and arrive in their scheduled windows. We have had minimal bug activity in the house. When I discovered a large wasp nest on our outdoor pavilion, they handled it within 24 hours. While mowing a few weeks later, we discovered a huge yellow jacket nest in the front yard. Again they were here within 24 hours. I have seen multiple technicians, but ...

Bob and Ilene Cullman
August 29, 2022

Joe provided a very positive service experience. He took his time and listened to my concerns and went around the exterior of my house to examine and address the problem areas I pointed out. This is the second time he had serviced my house and I am very satisfied. Having the the same tech visiting your customers is a definite plus since they are familiar with any problems you might be having. Joe gets an outstanding rating from me.

Stella Mendoza
March 15, 2023

Good service and better communication than when we 1st started. Nice to know they use safe treatment that is natural too. We have grandchildren that we want to keep safe from man made chemicals.

Kat Knowlton
March 3, 2023

Orlando was very kind and helpful today! He made sure to keep my kitties safe, as well as a thorough inspection/spray. We talked about our best options and he did was we felt was most suitable for the home. Thank you for giving me hope for calling a service business like so!

Stella Mendoza
March 15, 2023

Good service and better communication than when we 1st started. Nice to know they use safe treatment that is natural too. We have grandchildren that we want to keep safe from man made chemicals.

Kat Knowlton
March 3, 2023

Orlando was very kind and helpful today! He made sure to keep my kitties safe, as well as a thorough inspection/spray. We talked about our best options and he did was we felt was most suitable for the home. Thank you for giving me hope for calling a service business like so!

sophie B
March 6, 2023

The technician was courteous and efficient, and he arrived when he said he would! Best of all we haven’t seen any mice since the service began.

Mike Bailey
January 3, 2023

Responsive, thorough, professional, on time, never had a bad technician, always had good experiences. Their price is always competitive. My home and property are pest free. Well worth the monthly contract.

Dorothy Wilson
December 26, 2022

I was not told that the services I had purchase was only for outside!!! Had sales person made himself clear in the different services, he would have given me the opportunity to choose what services I wanted instead of misleading me to think I was going to get services for the out and inside of dwelling!!! Clarification is so important that way you avoid misunderstandings!!!

Maria Rodriguez
December 22, 2022

David B. Is a great tech! He is communicative and very prompt. He takes time to explain the issues of intrusion and is very reassuring that the bugs will be defeated! His professionalism and great personality really helped reassured me during a pesky time. I appreciate the support of the Greenix team.

Mary Ernst
October 28, 2022

Yourself was amazing! He diagnosed the infestation problem, cleaned out all the pests and droppings, vacuumed, removed a shelving unit that needed to be trashed. I have a bad back, so he did things for me I couldn’t have done myself!

Cindy Brown
October 25, 2022

Dennis Canty took good care of us during a difficult time. He made sure that I understood what he was doing and how to maintain things after he left. Very professional and an overall great experience!

karen kase
September 17, 2022

The technician was awesome. He went over and beyond what you would expect. He treated our problem as though it was his house. Will have no other technician except him to treat our house.

Kathy Gibson
September 17, 2019

I have been pleasantly surprised with the excellent service from this company. You never know when you sign up for a service at your door step, but Greenix has been wonderful. The technicians have been friendly and competent. When I found a wasp nest under a table on my deck, it only took one call to get help. The technician took care of it professionally and completely, with no extra cost. They always explain exactly what services they perform. Many thanks for my pest free house and yard!

Darcy Gehrke
March 3, 2023

Seth and Tony were both fantastic to work with. Would highly recommend Tony as your service rep.

Alissa Senzig
March 3, 2023

Excellent and thorough service. Very responsive when I have an issue. Connor was awesome and very informative. I’d like to request him for any future treatments at my home.

N. L.
August 5, 2022

My Insect control company was bought by Greenix. Maintaining 5 stars for now. Pros: New company their indoor and outdoor chemicals are stronger. They'll still come out when insects suck i.e. the ones that don't go away in your yard like surivial ants, and get rid of them to prove they're best service. Additionally they understand their service is to prevent spiders webbing bugs, so they'll help within reason for indoor de-webbing. ~$500 a yr or so. Cons: Greenix non standard, cost based additional services such as mosquitoes, ticks, flees cheduling makes you feel unappreciated beyond belief. Long back log without notice where reps will sch...

Ron Pipkorn
November 11, 2021

I appreciated Antonio letting me know he was at my home to perform my winter service. Too many techs just come into the yard to perform external services and do not let you know they are on the property and leave without dropping a card or invoice of what service was performed that day. He walked me through the services he was going to perform, answered my questions, and let me know when he had completed the process. I appreciated his professionalism.

Alicia Johnson
February 28, 2023

They always send you a photo of the tech performing your work. Thing I love most about their service is they can place boxes outside your home to prevent rodents from entering the house. It’s a great way to have some peace of mind. They always check the bait boxes and refill them. I would recommend to anyone dealing with this issue.

Juli Scarnecchia
February 27, 2023

Solved our problems! The backyard was nearly unusable with wasps all summer long. Technicians are all SO friendly and helpful. More than one has given us their personal cell phone number to text if we have any problems. The wasps come back two weeks before our next visit and he was out that very day to treat the yard again. I don't know if I have ever been more impressed by a company's workers.

Elise Kearns
January 26, 2023

Very pleased. Service Reps are awesome & many were military which I love. Beyond professional & go above & beyond with services. I have not seen an ant spider or bug inside since 1st service. Chipmunks have moved elsewhere. THANK YOU!!!!

Charlene Hunter
January 11, 2023

Hands down the best decision I made to hire them over about 14 months ago. My tenants haven't had any problems since the first sighting, which means they are great at this. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Kat BarC
December 10, 2022

I have been using this company for a few years now. They are great to work with and get they get the job done. The people they send out to do the service have all been great. They have a good team working for them.

Angela Sheldon
December 7, 2022

My service technician Brandon is very professional and efficient. He even noticed I had tunnels around my home and under concrete from chipmunks and mice. I knew they were there but I did not know what to do. I am so glad he can take care of this issue because I know how destructive they can be. I have been very pleased with my service and have already recommended this company to friends and family.


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