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Amanda French
October 29, 2022

This company has really helped with our pest problem! Chris Westphal was very professional and even swept our front porch! Very much recommend.

Anthony Semones
October 24, 2022

Dough Dallas did a great job completing the pest application. He also communicated when he was coming and what he was doing.

Jennifer Huffman
October 21, 2022

Chris W. contacted me about the situation and the severity of our bees. He was very helpful and resourceful. Highly recommended company .

Vince A
October 20, 2022

Doug Dallas was our technician and was very responsive and thorough.

Taylor Russo
October 18, 2022

Our inspector Doug Dallas has been great with our home inspections. He is very professional, and always goes the extra mile-even bringing up our trash cans from the street! Thank you Dallas, we truly appreciate all you’ve done for us thus far.

Jennifer To
October 14, 2022

Can always count on Greenix for their quick services and great results. Thanks Chris Westphal!

Virginia Fuentes
October 12, 2022

Doug Dallas was amazing. He took care of spraying inside the house , he was patient with us as we try to put the dog away and he even brought in the recycle bin for us. This is truly exceptional service. He very professional, kind and a blessing to us. You got a gem!

William Cooros
October 18, 2022

Thank you Greenix ! Jordan L. the technician who serviced my home was great. You should be very proud of yourselves for having technicians such as Jordan employed by you as he was very personable and very professional and extremely knowledgeable about the product line that was used to service my home. So two thumbs up for you Jordan L. and Greenix in having great help such as Jordan I will continue our business relationship, thanks again Jordan you did GOOD!

Kate Kryk
October 14, 2022

Amalia is the absolute best! She lets me know when she is coming and is respectful that I work from home and could be in a meeting when she is here. She always has a smile and goes above and beyond to help take care of our home. Thank you Amalia for everything you do!

faye porter
September 21, 2022

Dylan was amazing!! I have big dogs and wanted to make sure they in the house at time of service. He texted before he came and when he arrived. Courteous, professional and thorough. Very pleased,thank you so much.

Donna Barberia
September 14, 2022

Very efficient. Very friendly. Very professional. I tried for years to get rid on little ants using many different methods. Since using Greenix they are gone.

Zachary Manoski
September 14, 2022

The technician Cameron showed up on time and was very informative and professional. He was very thorough. You can tell this company takes pride on their work!

Maryanne Krug
September 3, 2022

The Technician explained clearly what he did and why and was clear, respectful and pleasant. I had mis judged and thought he did not do all that he did. Even so, he made sure all my concerns were met.

Roe Arakelian
August 29, 2022

Always professional, neat, pleasant employees. Service does the job, eliminating insects and mice.(separate services).

Kyle Kress
December 31, 2021

I had a ton of wasps, hornets and carpenter bees living in my sofets and deck. Called 2 other companies (popular in my area) and was given the cold shoulder. Oddly enough, Greenix rings my doorbell a few days later. The technicians had my problem resolved that day. Cameron Pfeifer has been out to my house a few times and is excellent! Highly recommended Greenix services.

Tommy Krueger
December 21, 2021

Dylan was a very professional. I feel that he did a thorough job inside and out. He took the time to explain what and why he was putting down. Ask if I had any concerns that I wanted him to address. Would highly recommend Greenix and hope that that Dylan returns.

December 20, 2021

We have been using Greenix since the summer and so far so good. No issues at all, we are pleased with the service and Joseph Kendrick is very professional, punctual, and stays in constant communication with us regarding our services. If there is ever a concern, he addresses it right away.

Cynthia H
October 27, 2022

Fantastic company to work with so far! I called in the evening expecting a voicemail system, but was pleasantly surprised when an actual person picked up the line. We had an agressive wasp nest issue, and they had a technician here the very next morning to take care of it I could not be happier with their excellent level of customer service, which is so rare today.

Lauralynn Mangis
October 11, 2022

Tyler was very professional and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain things to us and show us some areas of concern before he treated those areas. We are very happy with the service. The price for the service was highly competitive and reasonable. We're happy we picked Greenix Pest Control!

Christine McRandal
August 19, 2022

The service and our technician are great communicators. They also treated areas and did things our previous company did not for a better price. Very satisfied!

Brian Rzodkiewicz
August 19, 2022

Great service and very professional technician. Explained in detail the scope of the work and gave immediate feedback on what he found during his visit.

Patrice Berchtold
August 16, 2022

Brandon was very professional and treated areas we had concerns about. He de-webbed the house and took care of a bee nest and some ants. He was very pleasant!

Cynthia H
August 3, 2022

Fantastic company to work with so far! I called in the evening expecting a voicemail system, but was pleasantly surprised when an actual person picked up the line. We had an agressive wasp nest issue, and they had a technician here the very next morning to take care of it I could not be happier with their excellent level of customer service, which is so rare today.

David M
August 3, 2022

Best of all pest controls I have used thus far (they are my third) and hopefully the last. They are thorough, informative and a good value in my book. this first year has been off to a great start and i hope it stays that way for years to come. Additional edit... After several years of service, their technicians and offerings continue to be worth their value. I am still quite pleased and have made referrals.

Paula Pellafone
June 24, 2022

I have been very pleased with Greenix. Every time I call, the employees are kind and helpful! Thus far, the workers who come to my house are cordial, and they answer all of my concerns. Refreshing! Thanks! Thanks,Jeff for refilling my bait boxes today! Much appreciated!

Lisa Griffin
May 26, 2022

If I could give this company 10 star's I would. I have had to call customer service on 2 different times, first because I was moving. They delayed my service for 2 months and did not make me pay. The second call was because I wanted to make a change and they offered me a solution that made me very happy. This is a professional customer friendly company that provides great services!

Jackie Hertzel
May 16, 2022

Our tech Christopher's communication prior to the appointment was great. He told us what to expect and asked us about our concerns. He was on time and took care of our home efficiently.

Joan Watson
May 10, 2022

Carlos did an excellent job today. He inspected and sprayed for pests inside and inspected and re-baited the rodent traps. I appreciated that he was professional, pleasant, respectful of the home, polite, and very responsive to my questions and concerns.

Mike Marutz
April 30, 2022

Normally I don't respond to door to door sales presentations, however this time I did. The sales representative was very professional and knowledgeable. After answering all of my questions, he convinced me to give his company an opportunity. He promised that the initial treatment would be completed by 8:30 pm this evening. The service tech arrived at 7:30 and completed the service by 8 pm. The tech was equally knowledgeable and professional. The service provided was of a higher level than what I am used to getting and saved me a few dollars. So far so good!

Annonymous person
April 20, 2022

We were told that the technician would be here between 12:00 and 2:00 and that he would call before coming. The phone rang at 8:00 AM. He was already here. Since he was going to come into the house, we had to get up and get dressed so that he could come in. He said that the time frame was not on his paperwork. At any rate this was an inconvenience. Other than that, everything was fine.

William Brown
April 15, 2022

My first experience with Greenix was positive. The representative was personable and performed the service in a professional manner. I am still learning how the pest control process works. I would recommend Greenix to others.

Christine Needham
April 11, 2022

I'm giving 5 stars based on the service. This is my first time using an exterminator so I waiting to see if the disgusting spiders are gone. Raymond Beasley and assistant were on time. Raymond answered all of my questions. He asked if I was interested in upgrading my service to spray for ticks and misquotes. Raymond also let me know how long I should keep my pets away from the treated area's. They were both very polite and professional. Thank you Raymond Beasley and assistant, I really appreciated your service today.

Paula Pellafone
March 29, 2022

I have been very pleased with Greenix. Every time I call, the employees are kind and helpful! Thus far, the workers who come to my house are cordial, and they answer all of my concerns. Refreshing! Thanks!

Brenda stutzman
March 28, 2022

The man was REALLY nice and patient! I am chemically sensitive and was nervous. He answered all my questions (sometimes twice) and didn't laugh at me when I wanted him to get rid of the wasp nest way up by my roof----it was a bird's nest! The inside smelled like cloves. Very happy with the service.

Jud Stewart
January 28, 2022

Adam at Greenix is amazing. Does great work. Pests NEVER show back up. Always prompt and always professional.

Cody Shelton
December 23, 2021

A technician I believe he said he was your service manager met my wife and kids at a store in Pittsburgh. I’m not sure his name but he was so great. My wife and I lost everything in a house fire and I lost my job. My kids wasn’t going to have a Christmas and as nice as He was he paid for everything and gave us 1500 to buy Christmas. As we get back on our feet, we will definitely be doing business with you

William Spero
December 13, 2021

We have used several pest control service companies in the past. We switched to Greenix because we were unhappy with our prior service and they offered us a great price. We have been using them for several years now and are very happy with their work. They are always timely and responsive. Mr. Eric West is our service provider for our rodent baiting and we appreciate he always reaches out to us to let us know he is coming, asks if we need anything, and then tells us the results after he completes his work. This company is great to work with!

Mary Ernst
October 28, 2022

Yourself was amazing! He diagnosed the infestation problem, cleaned out all the pests and droppings, vacuumed, removed a shelving unit that needed to be trashed. I have a bad back, so he did things for me I couldn’t have done myself!

Cindy Brown
October 25, 2022

Dennis Canty took good care of us during a difficult time. He made sure that I understood what he was doing and how to maintain things after he left. Very professional and an overall great experience!

karen kase
September 17, 2022

The technician was awesome. He went over and beyond what you would expect. He treated our problem as though it was his house. Will have no other technician except him to treat our house.

Sue C
September 3, 2022

Thank you, Matt, for the excellent service. We appreciate you going out of your way to find the right covering for the HVAC pipe. Great job!

Sabine Reindl
August 6, 2022

Our service technician, Mario is extremely polite and knowledgeable. We have been with Greenix Pest Control for two years now and will continue to use their service. We moved into this older home which had no prior contract with any pest company. Thankfully, the only issues have been springtime ants and basement spiders/bugs. Greenix and all the service people have been great to work with in keeping our home bug-free!

August 2, 2022

I called for an ant problem. The technician was very nice and he did a good job helping me understand some bug things that I didn't know prior. ????? I'm hoping that this service ends my ant problem.

Robert Snider
July 28, 2022

Great company to work with! Very professional,courteous answered all of my questions about services provided. Definitely will recommend to all of my neighbors!

David Schug
June 28, 2022

Immensely professional staff! These young men were cordial, respectful of my time and property, VERY knowledgable about the services they provide and options for my concerns. I received immediate first day service. While I've just begun service, I cannot speak to incident follow-ups as yet, but I feel confident that this is a service I can rely on.

Sharon Kuechler
June 1, 2022

Great company to deal with . Everyone I dealt with was professional and very nice and polite. Easy to get ahold of and answered all questions right away. Technician did a great job. Couldn't be happier with this company. Didn't even see ONE spider in a !!!!!

Dawn from Saint Rescue
May 10, 2022

Another wonderful visit from Roosevelt from Greenix who is hardworking polite and fast. Always great suggestions and guidelines for my pets. Great team.

Greta Kelley
May 4, 2022

I highly recommend this company so far. I had a ton of concerns and spoke to Keaton over the phone several times. He was incredibly patient and thorough helping me understand the process. Also, the price was far less expensive then any other company I spoke to. Gbessi came out to treat my home and was very helpful as well.

Phaedra Jordan
April 20, 2022

We use Greenix for tick/mosquito/flea treatments after a nasty scare from a tick bite last year. Our technician, Gabriel Torres, did a very thorough treatment of our perimeter and shrubs around our home. He spent an hour, making sure not to miss any spots. I feel much safer after this service.


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