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Paula Pellafone
June 24, 2022

I have been very pleased with Greenix. Every time I call, the employees are kind and helpful! Thus far, the workers who come to my house are cordial, and they answer all of my concerns. Refreshing! Thanks! Thanks,Jeff for refilling my bait boxes today! Much appreciated!

Lisa Griffin
May 26, 2022

If I could give this company 10 star's I would. I have had to call customer service on 2 different times, first because I was moving. They delayed my service for 2 months and did not make me pay. The second call was because I wanted to make a change and they offered me a solution that made me very happy. This is a professional customer friendly company that provides great services!

Joan Watson
May 10, 2022

Carlos did an excellent job today. He inspected and sprayed for pests inside and inspected and re-baited the rodent traps. I appreciated that he was professional, pleasant, respectful of the home, polite, and very responsive to my questions and concerns.

Mike Marutz
April 30, 2022

Normally I don't respond to door to door sales presentations, however this time I did. The sales representative was very professional and knowledgeable. After answering all of my questions, he convinced me to give his company an opportunity. He promised that the initial treatment would be completed by 8:30 pm this evening. The service tech arrived at 7:30 and completed the service by 8 pm. The tech was equally knowledgeable and professional. The service provided was of a higher level than what I am used to getting and saved me a few dollars. So far so good!

Annonymous person
April 20, 2022

We were told that the technician would be here between 12:00 and 2:00 and that he would call before coming. The phone rang at 8:00 AM. He was already here. Since he was going to come into the house, we had to get up and get dressed so that he could come in. He said that the time frame was not on his paperwork. At any rate this was an inconvenience. Other than that, everything was fine.

William Brown
April 15, 2022

My first experience with Greenix was positive. The representative was personable and performed the service in a professional manner. I am still learning how the pest control process works. I would recommend Greenix to others.

Christine Needham
April 11, 2022

I'm giving 5 stars based on the service. This is my first time using an exterminator so I waiting to see if the disgusting spiders are gone. Raymond Beasley and assistant were on time. Raymond answered all of my questions. He asked if I was interested in upgrading my service to spray for ticks and misquotes. Raymond also let me know how long I should keep my pets away from the treated area's. They were both very polite and professional. Thank you Raymond Beasley and assistant, I really appreciated your service today.

Paula Pellafone
March 29, 2022

I have been very pleased with Greenix. Every time I call, the employees are kind and helpful! Thus far, the workers who come to my house are cordial, and they answer all of my concerns. Refreshing! Thanks!

Brenda stutzman
March 28, 2022

The man was REALLY nice and patient! I am chemically sensitive and was nervous. He answered all my questions (sometimes twice) and didn't laugh at me when I wanted him to get rid of the wasp nest way up by my roof----it was a bird's nest! The inside smelled like cloves. Very happy with the service.

Jud Stewart
January 28, 2022

Adam at Greenix is amazing. Does great work. Pests NEVER show back up. Always prompt and always professional.

Cody Shelton
December 23, 2021

A technician I believe he said he was your service manager met my wife and kids at a store in Pittsburgh. I’m not sure his name but he was so great. My wife and I lost everything in a house fire and I lost my job. My kids wasn’t going to have a Christmas and as nice as He was he paid for everything and gave us 1500 to buy Christmas. As we get back on our feet, we will definitely be doing business with you

William Spero
December 13, 2021

We have used several pest control service companies in the past. We switched to Greenix because we were unhappy with our prior service and they offered us a great price. We have been using them for several years now and are very happy with their work. They are always timely and responsive. Mr. Eric West is our service provider for our rodent baiting and we appreciate he always reaches out to us to let us know he is coming, asks if we need anything, and then tells us the results after he completes his work. This company is great to work with!

David Schug
June 28, 2022

Immensely professional staff! These young men were cordial, respectful of my time and property, VERY knowledgable about the services they provide and options for my concerns. I received immediate first day service. While I've just begun service, I cannot speak to incident follow-ups as yet, but I feel confident that this is a service I can rely on.

Sharon Kuechler
June 1, 2022

Great company to deal with . Everyone I dealt with was professional and very nice and polite. Easy to get ahold of and answered all questions right away. Technician did a great job. Couldn't be happier with this company. Didn't even see ONE spider in a !!!!!

Dawn from Saint Rescue
May 10, 2022

Another wonderful visit from Roosevelt from Greenix who is hardworking polite and fast. Always great suggestions and guidelines for my pets. Great team.

Greta Kelley
May 4, 2022

I highly recommend this company so far. I had a ton of concerns and spoke to Keaton over the phone several times. He was incredibly patient and thorough helping me understand the process. Also, the price was far less expensive then any other company I spoke to. Gbessi came out to treat my home and was very helpful as well.

Phaedra Jordan
April 20, 2022

We use Greenix for tick/mosquito/flea treatments after a nasty scare from a tick bite last year. Our technician, Gabriel Torres, did a very thorough treatment of our perimeter and shrubs around our home. He spent an hour, making sure not to miss any spots. I feel much safer after this service.

Tony B
February 18, 2022

Ben spent at least 10 minutes talking to my wife and me concerning the service he just applied to our premises. He was cordial and efficient. I love that he took a picture of himself at our front door as part of a text message that service was completed. He even brought our empty garbage can from the street to the front of our garage door. That is service! Now that we have established a relationship with Ben, and as a means of consistency, I request that Ben continue to service our property, garbage can optional. From the company’s perspective, I appreciate knowing the materials that were applied during the service. Again, thank you Ben and look forward to seeing you during your next service visit.

Micah Fegley
December 23, 2021

We've been very happy with Greenix over the past year or so that we've used them. The technicians are always friendly and professional and share fairly detailed information about their visit. They listen to our needs, sometimes on a per visit basis, which is really nice. The service is definitely working since we started and I've noticed less issues with the insects and rodents. We have definite plans to keep them around.

Robin Robison
December 17, 2021

I love this company. So friendly and knowledgeable. Answers all my questions. What they use seems to be working well when all others didn't. Thank you so much.

Bonnie Guarini
December 9, 2021

Since I am at work, Philip Falcone took a picture of himself in front of my property and sent it to me so I could see he was there. Very clever, and very much appreciated! Good job, Philip!!!

Brad Waldman
July 8, 2021

Great company!! Smith came by to introduce the company to us yesterday. Very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Set us up on a regiment with Greenix. Was going to go with a competitor but really liked what Greenix was offering. Wayne the tech just left, was amazing. On time, courteous and friendly and very thorough. Based on the initial meetings of these two individuals and service level received in just 1 day I feel that we made the right choice,

Terra Trail
December 17, 2021

Greenix has been a fantastic service. The technicians have always been on time, extremely friendly and helpful. Today they even shoveled my walk for me since it had snowed and I hadn’t gotten to it yet. I highly recommend.

Canterese Miles
December 7, 2021

I have been using this service for a couple years now and I love it. I have had a few call backs because I found things after a service was done but they scheduled me asap to take care of it. I highly recommend them if you want a good company. Also they are a pet friendly company.

Clarisa Taveras
November 30, 2021

Amazing! Sam Fehoko is very knowledgeable and excellent at what he does.

Marvi Blandon
November 16, 2021

We've had an infestation of spiders in our house for the past several months. Branden G. was our service technician and he was very personable and professional. We appreciated his efforts in communicating what he had done after he had completed his work and making sure to answer our questions and let us know next steps. Highly recommend Greenix Pest Control and if you get a chance to work with Branden you will be in great hands!

A Google User
November 16, 2021

We've had an infestation of spiders in our house for the past several months. Branden G. was our service technician and he was very personable and professional. We appreciated his efforts in communicating what he had done after he had completed his work and making sure to answer our questions and let us know next steps. Highly recommend Greenix Pest Control and if you get a chance to work with Branden you will be in great hands!

Craig Foglietti
July 8, 2021

Called for additional service call. Representative was extremely helpful.

Lorna Kujanpaa
June 15, 2022

Our technician was super considerate, worked thoroughly and quickly. We felt very comfortable having him come!

michael geiger
June 8, 2022

I use Greenix for pest control, mainly spiders & ants. Greenix is always professional, courteous and helpful. The value for the service they provide is worth the cost. Their treatment programs work well. If I see a random spider, or an ant, I can call Greenix back and they will come out and assess the issue and treat my house again focusing on problem areas. I feel that is very reasonable as bugs will constantly try to gain access to homes.

Christopher Villa-Lobos
June 6, 2022

Logan was super helpful and descriptive. Walked me around the property and explained the problem points. I've got some work this summer, but this should help prevent future problems. Thanks!

Angela Blanchard
May 26, 2022

Chase was so great to work with. He called before the appointment to make sure it was still a good time, he sent pics, he texted me with any issues. Very nice and great guy!

l peters
April 20, 2022

Austin wad knowledgeable about the extermination of hornets and wasps, and explained the process and services that I paid for. He was efficient and did an excellent job. Greenix is lucky to have an employee like Austin who seems to really enjoy what he does.

Jane Rogers
April 6, 2022

Wendy was excellent. She made me aware she was on her way, let me know what she did and when she was finished. And very friendly, too. I like her a lot :)

Marilyn Mitchell
December 22, 2021

I started with Greenix as a gift from my nephew. I have really loved this company, and found in 18 months that they always do an excellent job. Austin C. is awesome. I have areas that have fruits or vegetables growing and asked him to be careful to not get spray near those areas. He was very compliant and easy going. I had one technician that tried hard to up sale my contract but Austin did not. I appreciate that.

Tom Speer
December 16, 2021

Amber was the professional tech and she did a wonderful job. Very knowledgeable, very friendly, and just all around great. We thought she did such a professional job we gave her a small Christmas gift and hope she can come back in the future. What a great employee and person!

December 16, 2021

Amber the Technician that came to the house is far above professional. Her knowledge of product is impressive and spot on. She is the real McCoy, no BS in her presentation or work completed. Punctual, got in got the job done and out. I highly recommend her. Greenix schedulers I'll only use Amber as a Technician, please take note of that when rescheduling for my 30 day follow up. -Mike

Brad Langton
December 9, 2021

Steven Cruz is amazing. He is several notches above the typical service agent. Steven is professional and thorough. He’s also friendly and has taken the time over the last year to get to know us. Great guy. We love Greenix.

Mad E
December 8, 2021

Landon came by, explained everything, and set up the traps. I had a bunch of questions to make sure we wouldn't have issues like this again, and he took the time to explain everything. He was wearing a mask and even boot covers so our carpets wouldn't get dirty. You don't see that often and I appreciated it. He called me 30 minutes before he got here and he was also comfortable and friendly with our dog, which was awesome!

Tony Razo
June 19, 2022

I'm fairly new to greenix PC. The 2 applications they have made work good so far no more stink bugs and the ants are minimizes to almost nothing. So far I'm happy with there service.

c w
June 15, 2022

The gentleman who serviced us was very knowledgeable and used non-toxic treatments. He explained that it will take some days before the ants where gone. After the waiting period, the ants were all gone. I tried other companies and they were not as effective. Thank you Greenix.

Chris B
May 27, 2022

Always professional and thorough service by our Greenix technician, inspections and application of pest control deterrents are very effective. Just behind my house is an open field with all kinds of critters including coyotes we can hear at night, but we don't have problems with pests in our home with the quarterly services performed. I highly recommend. Thank you Greenix

May 23, 2022

Manny performed a proprietary treatment today. I questioned him about doing this service with about 20 inches of snow on the ground. He explained to me what exactly he was doing and how the chemical was designed to work in the snow. He was very professional and hopes he services my house in the future. This is my first year with Greenix and I would recommend them to everyone.

Suzana Karagoz
May 17, 2022

My service tech Mark was great, he called ahead to let me know he was on his way and asked if there were any other issues that he needed to look out for or address when he gets here. When done with the service he kindly came to the door and explained all that he took care of. He was very respectful and polite. I have had greenix servicing my house for over a year and I am very pleased with their services.

May 16, 2022

Excellent experience with Greenix in Indian Pointe neighborhood (Elkhorn, NE)! We initially tried to utilize another local competitor, but the company never got back to us via email or phone. The Greenix salesman, Ethan, was very professional and knowledgeable about the product offerings and the company as a whole. He had a service professional, Jenni, at our house within an hour to take care of an reoccurring ant and wasp problem we have been dealing with. She was thorough, efficient and professional. Greenix has my future business based on this experience!

May 6, 2022

Dylan serviced my home in St. John, IN and was very courteous and professional and made sure all of our questions were answered. Great experience.

Joe Turk
May 5, 2022

The technician (Joe) was informative and answered my questions in a professional, knowledgeable manner. It appears he took the time necessary to perform the treatments to the best of his ability.

Vacera Morgan
April 6, 2022

The Greenix technician, Jordan, was thorough and complied with my requests for target areas in the interior of my home, as well as doing the exteriors and garage. He made recommendations regarding areas of water seepage in the basement, which will be helpful in the spring rain and winter snow seasons. He was pleasant and courteous.

Abril Moda
March 3, 2022

Jake and Austin were great! Friendly, knowledgeable, professional and on time for their appointment and attentive enough to wear shoe smocks in my home. I highly recommend RISE and these two gentlemen! :)

John Griffis
February 17, 2022

Sam, the technician, arrived a little early, which was good for me. He explained everything very well. He was very professional. I was a little nervous how this whole thing would play out, but Sam's demeanor and professionalism set me at ease. He communicated with us well; got to work and did the job without wasting time. We'll see how the service works out for us. Time will tell.

Erik Berg
January 20, 2022

We started using Greenix about 2 years ago, shortly after moving into our new home. Having dealt with pest issues in the past (ants, spiders, mice, etc) we thought it would be nice to take preventative measure. Since using Greenix it is an extreme rarity to find ANY bugs in the house whatsoever. Their technicians are always professional and send a personal text before arriving. They explain what service they are providing that day and take note of any specific concerns. They are also proactive in inspecting for possible issues. On a recent visit our technician Jacob identified mouse activity in several places around the foundation of our home. He took the time to show me, and while doing so we actually saw one scurry down a hole right by the foundation! We of course wanted it taken care of before they made their way inside. Jacob explained the patterns of mice and how the Greenix service can help break their pattern of nesting near our home. He got everything set up and has added this service to our regular rotation. We have not noticed any issues since. Greenix has been a worthwhile investment for us so far. We really appreciate enjoying our new home without the pests.

James Hubbard
December 30, 2021

Jesse, came to the door before beginning his service, introduced himself and described what he would be doing, did it well and then departed. Very friendly and cooperative. Good service by a good technician.

Joseph Canella
December 20, 2021

Our technician Michael was courteous and friendly. He went the extra mile to make sure our service was done. He removed snow to help open our gate to the backyard. Thank you again Michael!!! Update 12/20/2021. Had an awesome experience with Austin the technician who performed our quarterly service. Austin was friendly and professional also was concerned about making sure all my needs and concerns were takin care of. Thank you again Austin.

Mathy N
December 2, 2021

I really appreciate the cheerful consistent customer service. Great follow up and informative. Always asking if there is anything else I have questions on or that they can do better. They are helping us with rodents and spiders since we live next to a pond and a lot of construction. It all seems to be migrating our way! Just thankful they have experience with this situation. Thank you Greenix! Update: More than a year later and still using Greenix. ? We still have a lot of construction around us and the mice and voles have tried to attack our homestead. It's been a long battle but Greenix has been there and helped. Even if they need to come out between scheduled visits, they have done so. They use quality products and I have seen the end result. All of the technicians that come are professional, knowledgeable and responsive! They let me know in advance when they will be arriving. The last tech was Gilbert and he is "one with the force" over our battle with the mice. Good to know he's on our side. Thank you Greenix for your continued/much needed service.

Taylor Reynolds
April 12, 2022

I’ve loved using Greenix for our pest control needs! They’ve been very professional and great to work with.

Pam Dickerson
March 24, 2022

Technicians are generally informative and thorough when performing their work. Someone from the office always calls to see if I have questions or need anything else done. I like the follow up that is always provided. Great service all around.

Lou T.
March 16, 2022

Greenix has been very responsive to our needs. Their quarterly service is thorough, and they handled an ant problem between quarterly visits promptly. Technicians are personable and knowledgeable. Very satisfied!

Mary Ellen Thome
December 21, 2021

The service professional kept me informed. Very satisfied with Martin Auhaven service.

Carol Johnson
December 14, 2021

Very excellent service and customer interaction. Was having an issue with mice in my vents and they got me set up with a new service. I finally have peace of mind thanks to Prince! Thank you so much

Lalka Ferguson
December 10, 2021

Jordan is customer focused, he explained what he is doing and asked if I have any questions. He was through and did an amazing job. I would definitely recommend this company to others because of his dedication and superior level of service. Very satisfied with his work and attention to details.

Robbie Say
November 19, 2021

Tiffany P. was the technician and she was very professional, thorough, and informative. She made sure to explain everything and cover all areas. Good service is vital and Tiffany has it covered.

June 28, 2022

Just had my first service the other day. They were fast, thorough and responsive to my questions and concerns. Treatment is pet safe which is great for my two little dogs. I have already noticed wasps dead around the perimeter after just a couple days. Hoping the treatment for spiders in the basement works out as well as ants. I will try to remember to update this review in a couple weeks.

Mary Berlin
June 27, 2022

I was very happy with Abbagail. She listened to my concerns and was very thorough in addressing and treating my indoor as well as outdoor areas.

Heather Arquette
June 3, 2022

I like that they use organic material. They were very professional, on time, and did exactly as they said they would. This was our first treatment.

Michael Swain
June 2, 2022

Chase was great, he matched the offer I had with a different company and explained clearly why and how his pest control service would be superior - getting rid of ticks and ant hills. We pay for a different company monthly and I didn’t even know these issues could be easily resolved. Professionalism is important to me and I respected the way he presented himself and his service.

Paul Guart
May 27, 2022

Very professional and friendly service!

Matt Evans
April 24, 2022

Fast and excellent servie. Mike completed his work quickly and was very thorough. Very polite and professional the entire time. Excited to have a pest free house this summer.

Katie Hesketh
April 23, 2022
Don Swartz
February 1, 2022

Great staff

Chris Bosinger
December 15, 2021

Ray was my tech . He was friendly , prompt and professional . Highly appreciate him . Would recommend him to anyone.

Diane EW Gordon
June 19, 2022

Chris was the Technician that came to my home today. He is very personable, knowledgeable, on time, friendly and asked several times if there was anything else he could do while he was on my property. He is a definite asset to the Greenix Company! I would rate his time, effort and work completed as a 10 out of 10! Thank you.

Robin Massaro
June 17, 2022

Frank out technician was outstanding, very patient and kind. took the time to explain what he was doing today. Took the time to answer all our questions in detail. Excellent job, Frank, thank you.

Shelby Smith
June 8, 2022

Super professional, on time. Love how we get a text letting us know what they found and what they did. Great company and I am highly satisfied!!

Melanie Doherty
June 2, 2022

This company is excellent for several reasons. They are fantastic with communication. They call every so often to make sure we don't have any issues outside of our normal service dates, they give us advance notices of when they'll be out and for what service(s), they check in with us before and after the service to see if anything else has come up that needs attention that day, and they're quite affordable, all things considering. Probably the only reason I gave 4 and not 5 was because we still are trying to get rid of voles and ants in a couple trouble spots in our yard, but I can't blame them for not annihilating the entire ant population in our backyard. They certainly are quick to address it though, and we haven't had a single ant come into our house, so GREAT JOB!

Ryan Wisniewski
May 21, 2022

Christopher was extremely professional, relatable and just all around a good dude. Answered questions, easy to talk to and cares about customer satisfaction above all! Would highly recommend his services!!

Michelle Burns
May 17, 2022

The greenix employee that came to our home was very nice and got the job done right. He took his time and made sure to get all areas. The experience was great. I already am seeing a decrease in harmful bees (not honey bees since we love our honey bees). Thanks very much!

Ganesh Merugu
April 28, 2022

One of the best pest control service. I would strongly recommend this company. They did a fantastic job.

Karen Farago
March 25, 2022

First I would like to say for the company itself, THANK YOU, for the early noticed of my service to be performed..Next, I would like to state that Isaiah was an extremely polite person and his professional attitude is over an beyond the thresh hold..He is definitely the most polite and clean representative I have had.. I wish to have him as my service representative from now on..KUDOS TO YOUR COMPANY AND YOUR SERVICE PERSONEL.

Carol Rossa
March 15, 2022

I highly recommend Greenix. Since using for this service the past year, have not seen an ant/stink bug/bee/spider etc inside my house. Service is prompt and professional.

Lesa Hess
February 16, 2022

Always well done. And Frank even talked to me about another product that Greenix offers that I’m seriously considering. No one has spoken to me about this product until now. Bravo Frank.

Deane Ferebee
February 11, 2022

I am satisfied with the service and the technician I had today took the time to talk to me and inform me when I ask questions. My technician today was very professional and knowledgeable. I would like him to come every time to service our boxes.

Al Martin
February 10, 2022

Tech was great was telling all that he was going to do. He also told what I should expect from the traps. Great Company

Shannon Robey
January 11, 2022

They do ok. Although, no one showed up last month at all. Most of the time the service person walks around, replaces bait if needed and then leaves. I can't really complain too much because whatever kind of bait they are using is working and keeping the mice out of my home. I do appreciate that.

Leon Wiese
December 22, 2021

He did a refill of the rodent boxes and told us all 4 had all the bait eaten. Good, now that should help keep them from digging more tunnel next to our basement wall.

Jared Wackerly
December 21, 2021

We've had quite a few different servicers from Greenix come out and treat our house. They each have done a fantastic job. I want to specifically mention, Bob. He went above and beyond to explain everything to us. He was very friendly and thorough. We definitely recommend Greenix.

Thomas Judge
December 14, 2021

This company is the real deal! Darby came by to do our quarterly check up and was very prompt, professional, and knowledgeable. Offered us some additional services. We have two young children so it’s great to know that we’re covered vs. a variety of pests and that the ingredients of their products are non toxic and kid and pet friendly!

Paige Munching
December 14, 2021

Great experience! David (Ghost) was very friendly and professional. 5 stars all the way.

Lori Schrop
December 10, 2021

Ricardo Walsh has been my technician a couple of times and has provided EXCELLENT customer service. He has explained thoroughly what he was going to do and alerted me of anything he found during the process. He was friendly, eager to do a good job and a very positive person! Thank you Ricardo, you are a gem!

maryellen brucato
June 10, 2022

I was disgusted to find rats living on my property and shortly after a mouse in my house. I called Viking and they scheduled all my appointments right away. Exterminators Matt and Mike Leburra were absolutely incredibly. Both of them were extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional. They answered all of my ridiculous questions and took extra time to explain to me their plan. Viking installed smart sensors in my crawl space so now I can be worry free of rodents !!!

Diane Garcia
June 1, 2022

Cesar Mercedes was our tech today. Cesar is very pleasant , professional and knowledgeable. He was treating our home for one thing, but noticed a wasp nest and treated that also. Thank you Cesar for great service!!

Anne Behnken
May 25, 2022

Terrence came out on May 24th to treat our house for carpenter ants and bees. He was wonderful!! Took his time and did everything we asked him to do, and with a smile!!! Very nice young man, very respectful and courteous. Thanks, Terrence

Shailesh Naik
April 26, 2022

Viking Pest Control have always given prompt professional service. Today's service was provided by Jason. He was very thorough and explained what he was treating for and asked if we needed any additional services. very pleasant and professional.

Bond Nthenge
April 21, 2022

My house was serviced by Abraham Gerth. He came on time, came to my door and introduced himself, let me know what services he was there to perform, he asked if i had children or pets and gave me instructions on what to do and how long the treatment would take to be safe for me and my pets to resume going outside. at completion, he came back to my door and he let me know he was done and reiterated how long i should wait before going outside. Great service i fully recommend them 10 out of 10 service.

Eric finkelstein
April 20, 2022

Todd Rouse was my most recent Viking rep. He was very personable, pleasant, but more importantly was genuinely happy to provide top notch service. He took his time, communicated everything very well, and did not leave until I was completely informed and satisfied. I will be lucky to get him for my next scheduled service! Viking as a whole is THE ONLY pest control company one should consider. They have the most competitive pricing, and the by far the best and most honest service. What else could you ask for!?

Eric Shramko
April 15, 2022

Cesar Mercedes, was my tech for my most recent treatment. Great guy, very personable and helpful. All of the Viking techs send a message when they are on their way and are very prompt. Hope to see Cesar again the next time! I also would like to rate CASEY HAINES. He has been out to my place twice. He is very personable and does everything that he can to help with our problem. Even though they have a "12-4" cable company-like schedule, he works with my work schedule to accommodate when I can get home, which is very appreciated. Hope to see him again on a follow-up, too. Both guys are great.

Debbie Grzeszkiewicz
April 13, 2022

Thank you, Mark F. for your continued great service! You give me and my husband such peace of mind knowing that our house is protected. We can always trust that you will get the job done right!!! Much appreciation!

David Perkins
April 8, 2022

We have been using Viking Pest Control for about 20 years and always received prompt, professional service. Today's service provided by Cesar Mercedes was no different. He explained what he was treating for and asked if we needed any additional services. very pleasant and professional.

Gloria Paknis
April 6, 2022

Cesar is a personable and professional worker. Knowledgeable and thorough, we appreciated the work he did for us. We feel our home is well protected from animal and pest intruders.

Mary Ann LeMond
April 4, 2022

Wayne came promptly and took care of all necessary places with carpenter ants. He was very pleasant and efficient and they guarantee their results, so that if the problem persisted or a new infestation occurred you only have to call and they will return. This is for up to one year from original extermination.

April 1, 2022

Our technician was Mark F. (west office). He was punctual and very professional. He responded to our concerns and did an excellent job. We are very pleased with the service.

Robert Grant
April 1, 2022

We have used Viking for over 2 decades and always been a satisfied customer. Cesar was knowledgeable and explained exactly what todays service visit was treating.

Ron Lubin
March 31, 2022

Todd Rouse was great! He answered all of my questions and was even very patient when I had deal with my dogs and then take a quick but important phone call.

hollie annatone
March 19, 2022

We've used Viking for years to control ants. Over the years I have only needed to call once between regular services when I found a few ants inside the hours. They responded quickly to resolve the problem at no additional cost. We like Viking and were very pleased with the recent service (3/14) provided by Reed.

Bao Tram Nguyen
February 26, 2022

Amanda Modica was really thorough and professional. She’s friendly and very helpful with all my questions. She made the inspection experience easier. When you have mice problem this is someone you would want to help you.

Priya Punshi
February 24, 2022

Update Feb 24th: Someone called me from the company today and I have canceled the service over the phone. I have been a customer since 2019 before Viking bought over the local company that I was doing business with. I called to cancel my service recently since I didn't want to be committed to a quarterly maintenance program. While they take payments over the phone instantly and the customer service rep was eager to get my payment for the last service which I paid promptly, she was not able to cancel my service and said that the management team would call back in 24 hours to confirm cancellation. When I took the service back in 2019, there was no cancellation charges and we were told we could cancel at any time. Yet, when it is time to cancel they give you a run around. Service has been good but we don't need it anymore and this is not good customer service if they can't cancel when you call in twice in 2 days and get the same run around.

Isaac & Renuka Rathnam
February 10, 2022

We have had Viking Pest control since 2004!!! Jason, the Tech who did the service today, was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful - one of the best on your team! He went above and beyond to ensure that the problem was taken care of. I would have no hesitation in recommending Viking Pest control to family and friends.

Marci Morelli
January 28, 2022

I had viking come today for my normal service around the house. I received and email that I was schedule for and upcoming service. The day of the service I received another message that they were on there way. When the service person (Danny S.) arrived, he rang the door bell to let me know he was here and if I had any questions or if there were any other issue that needed to be addressed. I noticed that he not only sprayed for insect but also wiped all spiderwebs my windows and door frames. After applying insecticide he let me know that he was finished and also noted that my dryer vent needed to be cleaned. Want to thank Danny for a great job!

Scott Meshulam
December 31, 2020

Cesar Mercedes was great, awesome service and very thorough. Thank you Cesar for such a great job Well Done!

Bernadette Nevadunsky
June 20, 2022

Zane was AMAZING. He came to our home, let us know he arrived and got to work!!! My husband and I are in quarantine, so Zane was very patience with the dogs barking while I trying to ask questions through our Ring Doorbell. He came, did his work quite nicely and went above and beyond with this service. He definitely over delivered and was very professional! I ran out to ask another question while we was in the rear of our home and he was very informative as well. I honestly asked that he always comes to our home to be our Greenix Guy but was unfortunately informed it’s at random. Regardless, you’re lucky if you get this informative bug as your pest control guy, give this man a raise!!

Denise Rubright
June 9, 2022

This company is not only professional but the products they use work!!!!!! They are not harming to the air and ground but it works! I had such a bad gnat problem that we couldn't enjoy our beautiful yard! after 1 treatment! 1 treatment! It was better! We have had 2 treatments now and the gnats are getting less! Even after rain and when it is humid! I HIGHLY recommend this company!!

Jerry Donnelly
June 8, 2022

Technician Terry H did a very thorough treatment service for our home. He was courteous and knowledgeable and explained the treatment and answered my questions. We have seen only one ant in the living room since this service.

Denise Rubright
May 17, 2022

This company is not only professional but the products they use work!!!!!! They are not harming to the air and ground but it works! I had such a bad gnat problem that we couldn't enjoy our beautiful yard! after 1 treatment! 1 treatment! It was better! We have had 2 treatments now and the gnats are getting less! Even after rain and when it is humid! I HIGHLY recommend this company!!

Lori Weissman
May 6, 2022

Rafael Ayala took the time to call explain what he was there to do. As a nice gesture brought my garbage can off the curb! Your servicemen are always kind courteous and extremely helpful

doran baker
May 5, 2022

I started with greenix last spring with a huge swarm of ground bees. You could not go into my back yard. I tried everything to get rid of them. Since greenix. They are gone. Alex was here this morning. He was so great. Very caring because I have dogs. He did a wonderful job.

Antoine Perkins
March 30, 2022

The young man that came to our home was very professional and courteous. He took time to answer my questions about the process and seemed dedicated to providing quality service.

Kristin Baroska
March 18, 2022

We have been using Greenix for almost a year and have had a very positive experience. All of the technicians are very professional and the service is always on time. We had Jim as our technician today , who went above and beyond and when out up our flag pole that he found on the ground from the recent winds. I would absolutely recommend them .

Lori Weissman
March 15, 2022

Rafael Ayala took the time to call explain what he was there to do. As a nice gesture brought my garbage can off the curb! Your servicemen are always kind courteous and extremely helpful

Eric Hoover
February 12, 2022

Technician provided great service, was very polite and courteous. He was willing to answer all of my questions and even walk the property to show me what was done. We have no bugs in our home since having Greenix provide this great service. I recommend Greenix for your pest control.

Keith Kent
January 31, 2022

Our technician, Rafael was awesome. He is very personable and professional and explained what he was doing, and how the treatments were working. He was very thorough and remembered details from his previous visit here. I recommend him and Greenix highly.

Irene Louro
January 21, 2022

Eric was very professional. Very knowledgeable as well. He provided me with a complete update on the activity he noticed. He answered all my questions and seemed genuinely interested with my concerns. I was very pleased with the service I received today.

Deirdre Comfort
December 28, 2021

Timmy is top notch. He has come to our house on multiple occasions and is so kind and courteous. He has found things that could have led to issues in our home and taken care of them promptly. He is a great representative of the company!

Jason S.
December 9, 2021

Tech Bryson and his partner did a fabulous job!! Very thorough! Informative! Helping to secure my home and lawn. Appreciate it!

Lorie Ruina
December 8, 2021

Luis N. was super helpful and responsive. He sent me photos of spots where there were issues and made great suggestions. He was great to work with!

Belinda Greene
November 19, 2021

The service provided was awesome. Bryson, the technician was the best, very professional. Very quick service and answered all my questions. I will continue to use this service!!

Yahaira Mendez
November 11, 2021

Luis serviced my property with Greenix and I was highly impressed by his professionalism. He took the time to explain everything to me and went over all the details of the services Greenix offers. He assisted me in finding a good offer for my rodent contract so I can continue to use the services but have some flexibility with my budget. I highly recommend Luis!

Faisal E Khan
July 1, 2022

Ryan came to our house and everything was professionally handled and well done! He asked great questions and gave patient, thoughtful explanations. I’d highly recommend!

Richard Current
June 23, 2022

The technician was a nice young man. He checked with us before he started, worked diligently and checked again when he was done. I wish more of our service providers did as well as these guys.

Jeremy Doody
June 16, 2022

**Edit: they reached out and were able to cancel my services without any fees if I improved my rating (previously 1-star. Still unsatisfied that no one was willing to provide decent customer service without having to make a stink about it. Signed up because wife insisted even though we didn't have any yard or house insect issues and I was already doing yard and perimeter treatments myself (and did not see any reduction in normal house perimeter insects after all of this service anyway). After a year of service I called to cancel to save the money and was told I was in an 18 month contract that couldn't be broken. If I cancelled now we'd owe an early termination fee of $249 or we could just ride out our last two services at $120 each... I had to ask the account manager on the phone EIGHT times to please ask whoever he needed to to please wave the cancellation fee as a courtesy. That was a negative but negotiated down to just one more service call at $60. Almost as bad as trying to cancel at Planet Fitness. I was informed that the cancellation fee is "industry standard" but I had no early cancellation fees to cancel our Comcast, Verizon mobile, OR my local lawn care company, so I'm calling BS.

Stephen Shiner
April 18, 2022

Fantastic service from their Greenix every time. Very, very knowledgeable employees. They come prepared and know exactly what services they are going to complete at my house every time. I appreciate most that this service is covered over a 2-3 year period - no renewal every year. Also, they send a text before they come. I really enjoy a bug-free home and I am glad I have this service.

April 15, 2022

Results have been great to date. Ricky, today's technician went above and beyond. In addition to the general applications Ricky removed a huge wasp nest from our shed. He was very friendly, professional and thorough.

Jessica Harris
April 12, 2022

Friendly staff and quick work. David Ferdinande has always been very polite, and went above and beyond on both the work he did inside our home and he brought up our trash cans for us. .

Bill Cate
March 16, 2022

the technician that came out was great... he called when he was on the way, and again when he has finished, and let me know exactly what he had done... Great Company, Great Technician...

March 7, 2022

Greenix provided excellent Service in helping me get rid of rodents. Xavier M. was phenomenal. He even pulled my garbage cans from the street and placed them near my home, without me asking. A great display of customer service. Thanks Xavier!

Shannon Johnson
December 22, 2021

We have used Greenix for a number of years and have always been impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of their employees. Derek Chancellor did our treatment today and was very kind and helpful. He called to let us know he was on his way and completed the treatment very efficiently. He did a great job making sure all our pest control needs were met with a smile. Thanks, Derek! (Derek approved the inclusion of the photo in this post)

Hillary Evens
December 17, 2021

Christina Bearden was super friendly from the start. I got a text from her letting me know she was on her way and who she was. When she arrived, she asked if I had any concerns. Happy with the work. She even fixed my inflatable snowman in the front yard so it would not blow away! Bryce Hamilton has also serviced my property and was extremely kind and knowledgeable. This was our first year using Greenix and have been happy with the results.

Denise Massoll
December 16, 2021

They provide a high quality service. David Ferdinande was very professional, helpful and explained what he did and what he found during his service. I would highly recommend this company.

Mary Arasim
December 10, 2021

The young man was very courteous. He explained what he was going to do very efficiently. Brent has always done a great job! He’s very friendly and courteous. He is trustworthy.

Tabitha Miller
December 8, 2021

I have used Greenix for quarterly pest control service for all of 2021 and I am always impressed with their professionalism. They are incredibly communicative and thorough. My most recent technician, Michael Stone was so personable and kind! I received a text letting me know he was on his way and I responded to kindly ask he not ring my doorbell upon arrival, as my infant daughter was sleeping. He responded right away and was so understanding. He texted me upon completing the service and wished my a happy holidays and hoped that my daughter was still happily napping. I will definitely continue using them and highly recommend to anyone looking for pest control services.

Boppa Gramme
November 23, 2021

Derek was very professional in his approach. He explained the planned services and got right to work. Could see he was focused on the job and hardworking. After he finished the job he explained what services he performed and what issues he found. I would definitely recommend Derek and Greenix.

Carlenne Jarvis
November 20, 2021

I hired Greenix primarily for a carpenter ant problem, but they provide a wide spectrum insect control service. I’m always very happy with their visits, and they will happily chat with you about any concern. They also point out issues they see that may not be covered by their service. Today Jeff and Toby did a great job and handled a possible wasp problem, while pointing out both my chipmunk landscape holes and squirrel wood nibbles - very helpful! Update: additional review for the mosquito control service 2021 I added mosquito control for summer 2021 due to wet humid weather. Greenix provided fogging of all the landscape/bush & tree areas. It seemed to make a difference, and for that I am grateful! Blake Dixon did a very thorough job when he did the fogging - thank you. I was not aware there is a second mosquito service you can add - in the grass. Maybe next year.

Tiffany Klecker
November 17, 2021

Blake Dixon did a great job! Very friendly and thorough. Asked questions to see if we were experiencing anything areas that needed additional attention.

Gabe S
November 16, 2021

I have never had a pest control company before. We thought we would try them. I would say after doing my research they seem to be the better choice. I don’t regret going with them. Nothing they have done wrong it’s just my preference. The customer service is great. A little pricey but there product stand up to what they sell.

John Gillespie
June 1, 2022

Great customer service. They call to let you know you are the next customer. They address any concerns you may have before performing the service. They explain what they have done before leaving your property. They ask if there is anything else you may need. Then they follow up with a quick response survey to make sure you are satisfied. If not completely satisfied they will return to make sure you are happy. Cannot say enough great things about the company and those performing the service.

debbie appleby
May 24, 2022

My experience with Greenix has been really good. When the tech comes out they explain everything they do. I usually have questions and they always have professional These. answers for me. They go to do there task and tell me they are done. I especially like Crystal Newton because she and I talked about the eco system. Thanks Greenix. This business does not harm animals or our ecosystem they are number 1 with me

Trinanjan Sarkar
May 20, 2022

Both Riley and Ben are courteous and professional. I called them back because I missed a spot to show during my first application and Ben showed up promptly without any additional charge. Ben has a very friendly and polite behavior and explained me everything I needed to know in detail. Got their reference from my neighbor and I’m happy I called them.

Jane Grossman
April 25, 2022

Jonathon Isbell was the most knowledgeable & professional exterminator we’ve ever had here. He stands out in a very positive way. Jonathan was very thorough in his inspection and gave us several suggestions on how to further protect our home from pests. Beyond what any other exterminator has done for us in the past. He is an excellent asset to your business!

Rob Ross
October 5, 2020

Always great service. Go out of their way to communicate what they are doing and what they find. We've been very happy with the exterior post control they have provided.

Bryan Griffaw
September 18, 2020

Appreciate their service and willingness to continue to treat until our problem with ants went away

Candy Hart
September 16, 2020

Very responsive. They keep checking back to be sure the problem is getting better.

Rhonda Burkhart
September 16, 2020

Greenie did a great job with our pest control at a reasonable price!

Heath Lord
September 11, 2020

They are always very polite and keep me informed of when they are coming and what they are doing. I’m very happy with their service and if I ever have any issue they are always happy to come outside of my normal schedule to apply another round to fix it.

Ruth Galbraith
July 23, 2020

I have been very happy with Greenix! They are very professional, always check in before and after service. They listen, and follow through with all services asked for, and needed. I love that their products are safer for my kids to be around in comparison to other places. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is that I feel that they are priced a little high, but at the same time the cost it worth it! You won’t regret having Greenix come to your house!

Hayley Willoughby
July 7, 2020

Sometimes when you sign up for a service contract, the company can easily just take your money and do the bare minimum. So far, I don’t feel like just a number with Greenix. Their customer service is awesome. They actually care about their customer satisfaction and that it is optimal level. Very pleased!

Kat Javier
December 31, 2021

Stacy was very informative and helpful. She talked with great information about the service she is doing to your home. Her instructions were very well detailed and she made sure you understand the process. Her demeanor is very caring and made you feel secure with the service you required. She showed great diligence in doing a great job and hard work in your house. Thank you again Stacy for all your hard work.

Jessica Durnan
December 30, 2021

Danny with Greenix is great, very professional and keeps us informed during the entire visit. We pay a bit more for Greenix services but it is worth every penny. We started service with a different company and had to call often. With Greenix, we haven’t had to call because they take care of everything in one visit. No issues with bugs since they took over our service.

Donna Hiemer
December 21, 2021

Great company with excellent service. Very thorough and professional. They always address any questions or concerns we have and check back to make sure we are satisfied. Josh was here today and did his usual terrific job. He communicates with us the day before our appointment and afterwards. He has never hesitated to go the extra mile to help us. Very glad we chose Greenix!

Jake Lakes
December 8, 2021

Andy has been to our house multiples times to service our pest control needs. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and attentive to detail. He does a very through job each trip and is great with communication so I can accurately plan my work day around the service. Would recommend Greenix, and hopefully Andy is your technician!

Jeff Wolf
June 24, 2022

Jake was professional and pleasant to interact with. He outlined his services and findings. He provided helpful information to help us keep certain pests under control as well as offering to return any time we needed.

Craig Anderson
June 8, 2022

Andrew Cranford was our technician. We were not present when he was here, so I left a note on the front door about a specific question. He saw it and took care of the question. I texted him later, and he was so kind to reply. I'm looking forward to meeting him in the future.

Dan Grossmann
May 11, 2022

They always greet us before starting service and let us know when they're almost at our house. Very responsive, and they got us for in within a day after being alerted of ants inside. Jacob was very professional and friendly.

Tracie JacobKids
May 2, 2022

Joe was very informative and friendly. Thank you for explaining what was going on with all those holes around my home!

Peggy Wheeler
April 22, 2022

Jacob was so sweet. When he noticed that we had wasps far above what he was able to reach, he called his boss who came with his team to check out the problem. Greenix is always professional and nice to work with. They are not hesitant about going above and beyond to salve our problems.

Rachael Coverdale
April 19, 2022

Greenix has been great to work with. They are informative, not pushy, and always explain everything they are doing. Their technicians are personable and always have a positive attitude.

Christopher Hodapp
March 23, 2022

Even in the pouring rain, Joseph was absolutely thorough checking the yard and baiting for moles. He also has a thorough knowledge of all aspects of pest control, and provided us with plenty of bait traps for our frustrating annual springtime ant invasion. On the way out he even did an inspection on our hole-riddled mailbox post and treated for carpenter bees. We’ve been very satisfied with Greenix for many years and that continues today.

Kathy Fox
January 7, 2022

Mark came promptly and immediately asked if I had any questions regarding Greenix services. He explained what he was going to be doing for the initial service call. Mark followed the CDC Covid protocol and wore a mask and shoe booties to protect my floors. Mark even swept the leaves off my front porch. This initial experience was fabulous!

Andrew Piggush
December 10, 2021

I use Greenix for pest and carpenter bee control. Jeremy Smith and Joseph Williams came by the house today for my routine service and have each been regulars in servicing the home and always do a thorough job. They are quick to let me know if they see anything I should keep an eye on and notice things that I never would, so I always feel I am getting their full attention and in good care.

Roberta Mitrisin
December 9, 2021

Ronnie Thompson was our latest technician and he did such a wonderful job! He was very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about our pest control. He offered many solutions to our spider issues and was such a joy to be around! It's always to nice to have a smiling friendly face greet you someone happy to help! Thank you Ronnie and Greenix!

Blake Hornsby
November 24, 2021

This review is about the great technician we had at our house today. Ronnie Thompson was our Greenix tech who came out to the house today to bait our rodent boxes. He’s was friendly and courteous and very helpful with his knowledge explaining things in detail based on the questions I had. We pay a good amount for all the services we get from Greenix so it is great to have boots on the ground good techs that make the company go like Ronnie Thompson.

Kathy Schulz
December 3, 2021

We tried Rise Pest Control for the first time today and we had an excellent experience! Austin, came out and was extremely helpful! He treated the outside and inside for insects and mice. He found some holes in our basement insulation where critters might be able to get in and he sealed them. He also laid several traps in the basement and long the base of the house outside. Austin was knowledgeable, friendly and seemed genuinely happy to help us out! I'm so happy I called Rise!

Ron Pipkorn
November 11, 2021

I appreciated Antonio letting me know he was at my home to perform my winter service. Too many techs just come into the yard to perform external services and do not let you know they are on the property and leave without dropping a card or invoice of what service was performed that day. He walked me through the services he was going to perform, answered my questions, and let me know when he had completed the process. I appreciated his professionalism.

Tamra Hauser
October 12, 2021

I started using Rise not too long ago and so far so good. I've had really great experience with their reps including the visit today for a respraying. Danny was really great - so friendly, helpful and seemed to be very genuine. This was also the first time we had to request a respray but I feel it's because we recently cut down five (dying) trees that were around our house and I believe that prompted the insects to go on the move. I had no issues getting them out. The scheduling team was super helpful too.

Stephanie Morgese
September 9, 2021

So these guys have always been great from the first sales house call to the follow ups from the office and email reminders. it's a great service at a great value. Special shout-out to Antonio who discovered yellow jacket bees in my front yard and got to work right away making my property safe. He was so nice and informative and did a thorough job. Thank you Antonio and Rise!

Dale Olszewski
August 13, 2021

Rise is always very professional and responsive. Our tech was Milton Pillow and he was absolutely wonderful. We had a wasp nest in our backyard shed that did not allow us to get into it. I called and Rise came out the very next day. Milton, what a brave professional, took care of the nest and did such a thorough job to make sure all nests were gone and it was safe for us to get back in the shed. Thank you so much, Milton, for such great and friendly service. You are our hero. :)

Michelle Kay
July 22, 2021

Antonio and Tyler were very friendly, on time and informative. Rise is great and will always come back for extra services. Good prices too and safe for children and animals.

JoAnn Ebert
June 28, 2021

I would like thank Tyler for the most friendly and professional service. He was very helpful too. Glad to have had him do our application. Thank you again ?

Piper Knight
June 21, 2021

Very professional! Took the time to fully the service. Haven’t seen any bugs since!! Love that they do unlimited re-services, which is needed out here in the summer! Beau was fast, efficient, and so kind!

May 13, 2021

Rise sent over Beau who was extremely professional and covered all the issues we had discussed. The service so far has been excellent and we are very happy we went with Rise.

Nicole Brylow
March 8, 2021

We’ve had voles, stink bugs, and millipedes— an insane amount of each of these annoying things. Rise has saved us each time!! The come as soon as we need them to, and they’ve always been able to eliminate the problem. Today Danny came out to address our stink bug issue and he was so knowledgeable, thorough, and had excellent customer service. Very happy with Rise and definitely recommend them!

Pamela Kennedy
September 22, 2021

Tyler did an amazing job. Very friendly, informative and through!

Taylor Ward
September 21, 2021

So a bit lengthy but worth it if you are considering. First impressions, A RISE salesman came to my door shortly after I already made a commitment with Heartland lawns. Nothing against Heartland because I did not give them a chance but the RISE salesman was so confident that I would be satisfied that he offered to pay my cancellation fee with Heartland if there was one. I could immediately tell that he cared and believed wholeheartedly in there product that I had to give them a chance. No crawling bugs have been found in our house all year which was to be expected with any pest control services. What I didn't expect was the customer service that came with it. Rise does spray for wasps around the top of the house but we were having a wasp infestation around our privacy fence. I called and they sent our Tyler within 2 days. Tyler is a very professional and thorough technician that is full of positive energy. He sprayed all the way around the fence on all 3 posts going across. Within 2 days there were no more wasps at all and have not had a problems since. This company has exceeded every expectation for pest control and would highly recommend them to anyone that doesn't want to deal with the creepy crawlies.

Cassidy Simmons
June 14, 2021

Our experience so far with Rise has been great! We signed up with Casey and he was very helpful and knowledgeable about what the technicians would come out and do. Our technicians were Aaron and Tyler - they explained everything and were very quick. So glad we went with this company. Their service is great.

Dallas Keeney
May 5, 2021

Tyler did an amazing job! Eliminated the army of wasps and treated for fleas and ticks as well!! Very happy with the service

Claudia Goll
January 22, 2021

Great Service. Affordable. The guys are very easy to work with and are very knowledgeable. Any questions I have had have been answered. They treat my property and time with respect. Will recommend.

Deepan Dstar
October 12, 2021

Good service. They are available when called. Turn around is usually a day or a week max.

Diane LeBlanc
October 5, 2021

Zach our technician did a great job and was happy to talk to us prior to the service. He was very friendly and professional! We have been using Rise Pest Control for a couple years and we have had no issues with insects or rodents either inside or outside our home!

Taylor Daniels
September 13, 2021

Andrew was so friendly and super quick to get the work done. We disturbed a yellow jacket nest in the ground during labor day weekend and he was able to communicate with me even on a holiday, and got our problem taken care of right away the next morning, and checked in with me multiple times after the service was completed to make sure it was fully solved. Cannot recommend enough!

Lisa Beaupre
September 8, 2021

I wanted to say how helpful and professional Maggie is. We were having a pest issue, and she was able to help us find a time that worked for our schedule. She was wonderful to work with ... thank you Maggie!!

Michael M
March 30, 2022

I've now had this pest control service since June 2020 and I rarely ever see any live bugs in my house. If it moves & it's a bug it dies. They come spray the outside area of my home once a quarter and I have them do the inside every summer. I've only had to have them come out 1 extra time because I started seeing some brown recluse this spring (only 3) with the warm weather hitting early. After their visit I've not seen anymore spiders. Every technician I've had has been super courteous and thorough in what they do. Any time I call on the phone the person fielding my call is nice and helpful. If they need to come inside, you get a 2 hour window of when they'll be there and I've never had any issues with anyone being late. Last year (2021) I had a bizarre instance with some crazy gnat-looking bugs accumulating in my laundry room off the garage and the technician was able to tell me what kind of bug it was and why it was happening. He treated the area and the bugs died. I plugged the area where he thought they were coming in (cracks in the seal around the dryer vent) and the bugs stopped accumulating. I dislike spending $$ on pest control, but I don't have to deal with spiders, centipedes, gnats, wasps, or any other creepy crawly/flying things throughout the warmer months, so I guess it's money well spent. If you're going to spend money on pest control, this is a solid company that will do you right.

Joshua R
December 30, 2021

Great service! Promptly addressed my concerns about new pests I saw in my yard, prepared a solution and was able to setup immediately. I've had no issues this far and have not inside my home since I started using Rise. Appreciate the work.

St. Paul's KC Sermons
November 9, 2021

Mitch provided service for our church and did a tremendous job! He is very polite, personable, and thorough. He always shows up promptly for the appointment and is very knowledgeable.

Cassie Schofield
November 4, 2021

Cole B. performed our quarterly assessment and treatment for RISE this morning and did an outstanding job. He is very personable and professional. He arrived promptly for our appointment. He was able to remove two wasp nests and provide treatment for spiders, including placing glue boards in rooms where spiders were found. I was very impressed with his knowledge and work ethic. I would highly recommend Cole for future treatments!

Natalie Eddings
July 21, 2021

We have used Rise for a year now and are so happy with their service! Their customer service team when we call is phenomenal and we have never ever had a rude or bad tech. We even moved and thought they wouldn’t service our new area, but they do and made the transfer so smooth and easy! Our tech Mitch has come to our new house twice now and has been great. He’s very attentive, professional and nice. He explains things in an easy to understand manner and genuinely cares about the work he is doing. I will never use another pest service company!

Carl Moen
September 18, 2020

John D does great work and takes care of us every time!

John Myers
September 17, 2020

Very knowledgable, efficient. Jacob (technician) loves his job.

Scott Jordan
September 16, 2020

We are pleased with the quality and service. John D was great!

Julie Bruellman
September 16, 2020

John D. Was super friendly ,on time,great guy:)!

September 15, 2020

Joshua S. did a very thorough job!

Marie Kinietz
June 17, 2022

Doug was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. He walked us around our property to show us what we need and explained everything thoroughly. We have been using Greenix for 18+ months and Doug is an excellent representative of the company. We recommend without hesitation Doug and his team. UPDATE -- all of the techs are courteous and helpful. They text before coming to ask about concerns, they honor those concerns, and they text 30 minutes before arrival. We are very happy with all of our Greenix services and people.

Derek Higgins
May 14, 2022

Lavelle did an exceptional job on our home. This guy did a better job than any of the other technicians that have come prior to him from Greenix. I highly recommend asking for him. He takes his job seriously, has a great attitude and was very professional! Two thumbs up!

S McGuire
May 10, 2022

Alec the salesperson was extremely professional, personable and knowledgeable. He answered all questions thoroughly and explained the process of how their services are provided. Bryan the technician was phenomenal with his attention to detail as he swept all of the eves with tempo dust to keep away and kill spiders and wasps up high, dusted cracks & crevices, and did a liquid barrier treatment along with a full granular bait barrier around our home. He also treated the interior of our garage. I highly recommend Greenix. We are extremely pleased with their service!

Natalie Portillo
May 6, 2022

Ive used Greenix for the last 3 years and they are a great company! Techs are always professional, knowledgeable, on time, and thorough... without being pushy about extra services! Customer service is pleasant, and easy to get a hold of. Very happy!

Edward Chadd
April 7, 2022

Excellent service. We have a technician coming out monthly and I couldn't be more impressed by the professionalism and knowledge he has. Gave me a great breakdown of our issues and his recommendations. Highly recommend!

Michelle Greene
April 5, 2022

Kevin Ellison was our technician and he did an excellent job. I really appreciate the great communication via text, beginning first thing in the morning, then on arrival, and again after services. He was thorough, very friendly, and did an excellent job. We’re very happy with Greenix and the way their technicians show up ready to do a great job.

Drew Tomblin
March 22, 2022

Ashton was extremely professional and detailed oriented! He showed up early this morning for my appointment so the treatment could dry before the rain came in this afternoon. I would HIGHLY recommend this company

Jennifer Alston
March 2, 2022

Greenix has been treating my house for a few years now and I’ve always been happy with the results. They started out treating the house for bugs and the yard for mosquitoes but were quick to set up an action plan when we heard mice in the walls. The company gives peace of mind and is provides services that are safe for my pets and child to be around.

Ralph Mott
February 9, 2022

We have had several other services but Greenix has been the best so far. They keep their appointments, discuss their inspections and offer concerns to watch for. The cost may be a little higher than some others but service is worth it!!

Grady Feller
January 26, 2022

We have used Greenix for a little over a year and are extremely satisfied with their service and communication. We have had minimal spider and any activity and the rodents have been significantly less active and mosquitoes were not even seen around our perimeter. We would recommend them to any friend or relative

Susan Hilleary
December 31, 2021

I’ve used Greenix for over three years at two different locations. My current service representative, Ashton Knoblich, does an excellent job. He is very thorough, even sweeping debris from the front porch while doing the treatment, and takes his time to complete his work. I love the way he communicates, telling you he is coming, asking if there are any new concerns, and announcing his arrival. When the service is complete he also sends a report outlining the service and what he found while treating. I would highly recommend Greenix and Ashton.

Kelsey Aldridge
December 17, 2021

We have really enjoyed the Greenix service that Cameron Holcomb provides every time he comes to our home. He's respectful and does a great job treating indoor areas as well as outdoor. We notice a difference in bugs when we stop using Greenix and can definitely tell that the product works. However, the billing department/sales people on the phone could definitely improve. It took me 3 phone calls to fix an incorrect price that was charged to me and every time the person I spoke to told me they took care of it. Thankfully it wasn't a large amount, but it still shouldn't take multiple calls to fix a charge, or 21 days to get my money back. Overall, we continue to use Greenix because we like the service technician who comes out and the product. 4/5 stars


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