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Pest Control

Our tried-and-true pest control plan will rid your home of over 50+ common household pests including ants, wasps, spiders, and cockroaches. Using a science-based approach we'll tailor a custom plan for your exact pest control needs.

Starting at $39 per month

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Control Plan

Over 14 million Americans will have a rodent problem this year — don't be one of them. Our year-round rodent control plan is designed to keep you safe from rodents and the diseases they carry. Combine with our pest control plan for the ultimate home protection.

Starting at $39 per month

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Control Plan

Stop the world's deadliest animal from crashing your backyard BBQ. The minuscule mosquito is not only annoying, it poses a potential health risk. Our thorough treatment and prevention plan guarantees an 85-90% reduction in Ticks, Fleas and Mosquitoes.

Starting at $99 per service

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Prevention Plan

Our termite prevention plan will ensure your home is protected against termites. Termites cause over $6 billion in structural damage every year. Protect your nest with our guaranteed termite prevention plan.

Starting at $39 per month

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Consumer Information Notice

Greenix is committed to keeping each and every customer safe, protected and informed. For your convenience, we've provided a full list of resources and information regarding the pesticides and practices used while servicing your account. You may request notification of the exact date(s) of any pesticide application and a copy of the label for each pesticide used by contacting our Greenix customer service at 888-800-7181.

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Elizabeth M.


4.8 stars | 10,000+ Reviews

"These service pros are some of the best people I know! They are extremely professional, always answer questions, and make an effort to ensure customers are aware of what is going on around their home. The attention to detail is incredible. Can't get much better than Greenix."

Kamryn S.

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Additional Support

You may also contact the following organization: in the event you have any health-related questions concerning the materials we'll be using:
  • National Pesticide Information Center (General Questions) 1-800-858-7378

New Jersey residents may also contact the following organizations:

  • New Jersey Poison Information and Education System (Emergencies) 1-800-222-1222
  • New Jersey DEP Pesticide Control Program (This number is for pesticide regulations information, complaints and health referrals.) 608-984-6568
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Keeping your home and surroundings clean is always considered an essential part of an effective pest control program. Sanitation, as well as physical and biological control measures, should be considered. Pesticides are substances used to control living organisms and vary in degree of toxicity.

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