Silverfish in your basement again?



Silverfish, known scientifically as Lepisma saccharina, are small, primitive, wingless insects. Their name derives from the creature’s silvery, light-gray color and their fish-like movements. Their abdomens taper at the end giving them a fish-like appearance. Newly hatched silverfish are whitish but develop a grayish hue as they mature. They have two long cerci and one terminal filament at the tip of the abdomen between the cerci. Silverfish typically live two to eight years.

Silverfish can be found almost anywhere in the world. They inhabit most areas and can be found in attics, basements, bathtubs, sinks, kitchens, and showers. They often gather around leaky pipes, where condensation is formed, and around plumbing fixtures. Silverfish are considered pests because they consume books, carpet, clothing, wallpaper, etc. To prevent a silverfish infestation, you will need to fill in all cracks and crevices to block their entry points. Keep your home dry. Vacuum your home regularly and move your furniture as you go.

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