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What Are Mosquitoes

Chances are, you’ve had your fair share of run-ins with mosquitoes. They’re those blood sucking  bugs that are totally determined to ruin your day at the lake, family picnic, or even your evening on the porch. Although mosquitoes are most attracted to standing water and shady areas, it seems like these winged terrors will get you anywhere, and leave you scratching your bites for days. These extremely common pests are generally regarded as more of a nuisance than a serious threat, but they can carry diseases that can be dangerous for you and your pets, including West Nile, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Dengue, St. Louis Encephalitis, and the Zika virus. If you’ve been noticing an excessive amount of mosquitoes around your home, don’t totally dismiss them as a harmless threat – you don’t want to mess around with those viruses. Getting started on mosquito control is simple – get in touch with Greenix today.

How to Identify Mosquitoes

You likely recognize mosquitos when you see them – they’ve got six legs and large wings – oh, and they leave itchy bites and welts all over you after they attack you with their noticeable needle-like mouthparts (called a proboscis). Because mosquitoes go from victim to victim, they can spread serious diseases if they happen to feed on an infected person or animal. Although they generally cause the same types of problems, there are actually over 80 mosquitoes species throughout the U.S.   Mosquitoes generally have a lifespan of 2-4 weeks. They’re attracted to and lay eggs in areas with shallow, stagnant water, and they also like shady areas – think forests and areas with tallgrasses. With an attraction to water, it’s not uncommon to find mosquitoes around ponds and marshes – watch out if you have a pond or water feature near your home. In terms of general climate, mosquitoes prefer humid and warm weather.

Why do I have mosquitoes in my home?

It’s not uncommon for the mosquitoes to fly through an open door or window here and there. That said, if you’re seeing more than the occasional mosquito in your home, or are constantly hearing buzzing sounds and getting new scratchy bites while at home, your property might be attracting more than its fair share of mosquitoes.    If your home is attracting mosquitoes, it’s likely because your property has shady areas or places with stagnant water perfect for laying eggs. Living next to a wooded area or a pond, for example, could mean that your home is especially at risk for a mosquito infestation. Although they can come from anywhere when you’re outdoors, mosquitoes in your home are likely coming in through open doors or windows, or any gaps in your walls, doors, or window areas.

Mosquitoes Prevention Tips

Although seeing the occasional mosquito is unfortunately to be expected, having an infestation can really ruin your ability to enjoy the outdoors and, in extreme cases, your home. While you can ward off a decent amount of outdoor mosquitoes with bug sprays, if they’re making their way into your home or swarming you regardless of how hard you try to repel them, you’ll likely need to take more aggressive measures.    For the safest and most effective mosquito control options, call in the pros. We can fully inspect your home for mosquitoes and treat your property with safe products to take care of your adult mosquito population and their eggs. You can also help keep these potentially disease-carrying pests away by fixing any ripped window screens or gaps, not opening any doors or windows without properly installed screens, and dumping out any containers with water (bird baths,empty planters filled with rainwater, etc.) near your home. Prevent as many mosquitoes bites as possible by wearing long-sleeves and bug repellant.  

Mosquito Control With Greenix Pest Control

Curbing your mosquito problem is painless with Greenix. As pros, we have the equipment and know-how to safely remove mosquitoes and mosquito eggs and help you avoid viruses linked to these pests. Although DIY solutions can be tempting, a serious infestation is most effectively handled with professional treatments. Plus, DIY solutions can be less safe and more expensive in the end.  If you’re ready to get rid of your blood-thirsty unwanted guests, it’s time to call Greenix. We’ll come by and do a full inspection to find your mosquitoes, and then we’ll work out a treatment plan for your home.

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