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Millipedes are a group of arthropods, meaning they’re invertebrate animals with segmented bodies and an exoskeleton like insects, spiders, and crabs. These pests are slow moving detritivores, eating decaying leaves and other dead plant matter and they creep along. While not typically harmful to humans, they can cause damage in gardens and greenhouses as they target emergent seedlings.  If you find these ghastly insects in your home, you’re likely dealing with moisture problems in your roof, foundation, and crawl space. Don’t let these pests and their ludicrous leg count make you unhappy in your happy place. Contact the service pros at Greenix Pest Control and schedule your free inspection today!

How to Identify Millipedes

Millipedes are fairly easy to identify since their appearance is pretty unique (and creepy.) These kooky crawlers are typically brown or black but may appear reddish-brown or a rust color. While no known species of millipedes have 1,000 legs, they do have two pairs of jointed legs on each body segment. Most millipedes have a very elongated cylindrical body with more than twenty segments meaning they can have anywhere from 40 to 400 legs. With the help of their segmented bodies, millipedes slowly creep along in a wave-like pattern.

Why Do I Have Millipedes in my Home?

While millipedes won’t bite or sting, fighting with a large amount of these pests can be a nuisance, especially when they break into your home. Millipedes are attracted to dark, cool, moist environments. They typically make their homes in compost piles, flower beds, rotting logs, or under stones in the soil. If you find a multi-legged monster inside, they’re likely in search of more favorable conditions due to drought or excess water driving them out of their outdoor habitats.  Once inside, millipedes will make their way to damp areas in your home with excess moisture. If you’re finding a lot of these pests around, it may be a sign that your home is having issues with moisture control that need to be addressed. 

Millipede Prevention Tips

The best way to keep millipedes from taking over your space is to remove any decaying matter or debris from around your home and yard. Because these areas are attractive to pests, relocating their habitats away from your property will drive millipedes away. It is recommended you also regularly clean out debris from your gutters, and correct any moisture issues as soon as they arrive. Moisture-related fixes may include sealing leaks, repairing leaky pipes or faucets, and enclosing your crawl spaces. If you discover an infestation, it’s likely you’re dealing with a much bigger issue than just millipedes.

Millipede Control With Greenix Pest Control

While there are steps you can take to prevent millipedes from entering your home, once they’ve broken in and turned a few creepy-crawlers into an infestation, it’s time to call in backup from Greenix Pest Control. Our service professionals are equipped to identify entry points in your home, send pests packing, and keep them from making their way back uninvited. Explore our five-step process and then contact us to schedule an inspection and get back to pest-free living!

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