Fleas belong at the circus, not your home


What Are Fleas?

Fleas can leave you, well, bugging out. These teeny tiny bugs can drive you and your pets absolutely crazy with itchy bites. Fleas can also carry germs leading to diseases like cat scratch disease and flea-borne typhus. Your furry friends can also be at risk around fleas because bites can trigger allergic reactions and cause blood loss. Fleas, if eaten by your pet, could pass along tapeworm eggs.

Clearly, fleas aren’t something you want to mess around with. Fortunately, professional pest control can eliminate these irritating and potentially risky pests.

How To Identify Fleas

Identifying fleas by sight can be a bit tricky. Because fleas are usually about 1.5 to 3 mm, you might notice flea bites and lots of itching before you see the fleas. If you do happen to see fleas, you’ll most likely just see tiny oval-shaped bugs with no wings. Expect them to look dark in color and have hard shells. 

Don’t be fooled—just because fleas don’t have wings doesn’t mean they can’t cover serious ground. They can jump from one host to another, so if Fluffy has fleas, you’re not safe, either. Fleas feed on animal (and human) blood, so they are often discovered by the bite marks they leave. Flea bites are generally itchy and may form a line or a cluster on your skin. It’s especially common to get flea bites on your lower legs. If you’re looking for fleas on a pet, you might see the small bugs attached to their skin or crawling through their fur.

Why Do I Have Fleas in My Home?

Fleas are usually brought into the home by animals. If you have pets, especially ones with long fur, there’s a good chance they’re the ones who originally got fleas and brought them inside. If you don’t have a pet, rodents or other wild animals who’ve made their way inside may be the most likely culprits, although it’s not impossible for fleas to have come inside after jumping on you directly.

Flea Prevention Tips

To help prevent fleas, keep your home and outdoor spaces tidy. Doing things like vacuuming regularly, bathing your pets with flea shampoo, and doing regular landscaping can help. Following veterinarian-recommended solutions for pet flea prevention can also help you keep fleas out of your home. At the end of the day, though, if you’re already seeing fleas in your house there may be hundreds of eggs waiting to hatch. Professional pest control is the best solution for eliminating an infestation.

Flea Control With Greenix Pest Control

At Greenix, we have the know-how to get a flea infestation under control. Unlike DIY solutions that could be ineffective or even harmful for your family or pets, we’ll get the job done right and help you curb your flea infestation quickly. Contact us for an estimate. Our process will start with a thorough inspection of your property, and then we’ll get started on treating your home and yard.

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