Boxelder Bugs

Don't let boxelder bugs invade your home


Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs, also known as true bugs, are found all over North America and are frequently found on boxelder trees, maple trees, and ash trees. They mainly enjoy feeding on tree seeds and newly developing leaves. These bugs are not necessarily harmful but are a nuisance of a pest as they can release a pungent smell when threatened or disturbed. Don’t let boxelder bugs take over your home or landscape; contact Greenix to receive treatment today!

How To Identify Boxelder Bugs

These smelly bugs are known for their dark brown or black coloration, red wing veins, markings on their abdomens, and red nymphs. Like most bugs, they have six legs and two antennae, but if you smell something funky, you can guess it’s a boxelder bug. During certain times of the year, these pests group together while sunning themselves on warm surfaces near their host tree. They are seen in and around your windows and are always active until it becomes cold. 

Why Do I Have Boxelder Bugs in My Home?

Since boxelder bugs are known to hang around outside, many people wonder why they’re in their homes. As the weather cools off, they travel in large groups to invade your home and look for a place to stay warm in the cracks and spaces. They begin to emerge from the wall of your home as they find warmer climates to gravitate towards. In warmer months, however, they will mainly remain outdoors and relax on their trees, leaves, and warm surfaces.

Boxelder Bug Control With Greenix Pest Control

To prevent these stinky, creepy crawlies from entering your home in the fall, repair holes in windows, and door screens, seal cracks and crevices with silicone, and install door sweeps to all exterior entrances. 

As you know, prevention is never a solution. You may do all these things and still find these exotic bugs in your house. When you see them roaming your halls in the cooler months, it’s time to give Greenix Pest Control a call.

We know having a pest problem is a hassle and gets in the way of life. That’s why our Greenix services proudly offer all of our affordable and eco-friendly pest solutions. If you notice more creepy crawlies roaming in and around your home, don’t waste your time on those costly and dangerous DIY solutions, and contact the service pros at Greenix today

3 Easy Steps to Prevent Boxelder Bugs

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