Tick Control in Louisville

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Nobody likes a bug bite, but things get so much worse when the bug that bites is a carrier of some sort of painful or even deadly disease. Such is the case with ticks. Ticks are extremely small, remarkably common, and are some of the most prolific disease carriers of any common pest. Tick species found throughout the United States are carriers of Lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever, and plenty of other dangerous and sometimes deadly bacteria and viruses, and that means even a single bite can be incredibly dangerous. What makes things worse is that ticks are found almost anywhere long grass, shrubs, and ground-based plants are found, as they provide shelter and protection.

If you want to protect your property and your loved ones from the dangers that ticks can pose, Greenix Pest Control is the name to turn to. For years, our team has been the one local residents have come to know and trust for all of their tick-prevention needs, including the elimination of current ticks and preventative measures that keep these tiny pests at bay. We use eco-friendly materials that are kind to the planet but effective at removing pests from wherever they might be hiding. And we stand by the work we do, meaning we want to come to you and set things right if you’re ever unhappy with any part of our service. We offer help for those urgent emergencies and for those who want prolonged, ongoing protection from the damage that ticks can cause.

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Where Are Ticks Found?

Unlike other pests like ants or termites, ticks are not necessarily found absolutely everywhere. Ticks tend to prefer overgrown, unkempt areas because they are generally less likely to be disturbed and they are protected from the sunlight and predators. This means walking through a heavily-wooded or overgrown area could mean walking straight into a tick infestation. The majority of areas that are generally well groomed, such as shorter lawns and well-kept gardens are generally at little to no risk for ticks, so keeping your property well-groomed and keeping wood piles away from your home is a good way to keep the ticks out.

We handle all types of ticks common to the Louisville area, including:

  • Blacklegged tick (also known as a deer tick)
  • Lone Star tick
  • American dog tick
  • Gulf Coast tick
  • Brown dog tick

Notice how several of these species of ticks had animals in their names? This is because ticks are far more likely to bite animals than they are humans. While they can and do bite people (resulting in the spread of disease), they strongly prefer the coverage of animal fir to protect them while they feast. Seeing as many animals are generally lower to the ground and easier to reach, ticks are far more likely to latch on to our furry friends, and this is often how many ticks get into homes.

Ongoing Tick Protection with Greenix Pest Control

The key to keeping ticks away is ongoing tick prevention. With preventive treatments from Greenix Pest Control, our team will focus on keeping ticks away by treating the areas they are most likely to inhabit. By focusing specifically on these areas, we can help you keep your pets and your property safe, ensuring you can leave with total peace of mind all year long.

Learn more about our customized tick prevention or schedule your tick treatment service by contacting Greenix Pest Control today.