Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by Our Professional Pest Control Team

At Greenix Pest Control, our highly trained and fully qualified team is passionate about providing the best pest control service possible. We are always available to discuss your concerns and answer any questions you may have. Read on for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

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  • Q:I just received a service and I am still seeing some pests. Can you send out a technician to service our home again?

    A:Our products work long term and are designed to get back to the nest of the insects. After our service, you may see a slight increase in activity, as our product aggravates the pests. However, after a few days, the activity should start to decrease. If you don’t see a full decrease in bugs, don’t fret! If you see any pests remaining in or around your home 10-12 days after service, reach out to us right away. We are happy to come out for a free re-service to make sure your home is pest free.

  • Q:Do you still service during the winter months?

    A:We highly recommend still receiving service in the winter months as the number of pests in the following warmer months will be drastically reduced. Only 7-8% of pests die off during the winter. Not all bugs hibernate, so they’ll gravitate towards warmth (windows, doors, and dryer vents). Some will embed themselves in the side of homes as well. Some hunker down on plants and some will dig down into the soil. Our technicians service in the winter and look for bugs, egg sacks, and nests. More than 200 spiders can live in one egg sack all winter long!

  • Q:What type of bugs does Greenix cover?

    A:Greenix Pest Control covers a wide variety of bugs. We offer multiple services that our highly trained technicians are skilled in treating and removing. Our services cover pests that are commonly seen throughout the year as well as bugs that are active during different seasons of the year. Common pests we handle include wasps, ants, spiders, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, rats, mice, voles, and chipmunks. If you aren’t sure whether or not we can take care of your pest problem, give us a call.

  • Q:I just received my initial treatment for my pest control subscription. How many more do I have under the agreement?

    A:The pest control subscription we offer has a total of 5 treatments. There is 1 initial treatment, and 4 follow-up treatments after that. After the initial treatment, we come back out 30 days later for the first follow up treatment. Each follow-up appointment is scheduled and serviced every quarter of the year. If there is an increase of pests 10-12 days after an appointment, please reach out to us and we are more than happy to come back out for a free re-service!

  • Q:A technician just came out to service our home and we just had some heavy rain. Do I need to schedule a re-service because of the rain?

    A:We can typically treat in light to moderate rain as our products are designed to withstand water. The products used work long term and are designed to get back to the nest of the insects. You may see a slight increase in activity, as our product aggravates the pests, however, after a few days the activity should start to decrease. We can come out for a re-service 7-10 days after your service if you still aren’t seeing progress.