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What to Expect

Welcome to the Greenix Family

This first service is very thorough and robust. We're starting from scratch by cleaning up any pest problems and getting you prepped for a long-term defense. Here's what will happen:

  1. 20-point Inspection - This will be the base of your custom treatment plan.
  2. Eave Sweep and Dust - Removes webs and nests while also preventing new ones from being made
  3. Crack And Crevice - Targets small entry points into your home
  4. Spray - Builds a pest resistant barrier three feet up and three feet out from your foundation
  5. Granular barrier - Extends your pest barrier further from your home and spot targets problem areas
  6. Interior - Targets common interior problem areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and basements.

Kick back, relax and enjoy pest-free living.

Frequently Asked Questions

Greenix Service Plan FAQ

Do I really need winter treatment?

As your certified Pest Nerds, we take this question seriously. The short answer is YES. Pests and pest pressures need to be treated year-round. Our scientifically formulated treatment plans are built around seasonal pest activities when they're most vulnerable and build on one another throughout the year. So, if you're looking for a pest free spring and summer...Winter service is essential.

Can I add or remove services?

We don't recommend changing your treatment plans. (See: Do I really need winter treatment?") These plans are formulated to build on one another and eliminating one severely impacts the effectiveness of the next.

Can I reschedule my service, I won't be home? 
Absolutely. We’re here to accommodate you and your busy schedule. Worth noting, most of our services don’t require you to be home. We treat most of our customers' homes while they’re at work or away. The only thing we ask is that you have all pets safely inside your home and all gates unlocked. When your service is complete, we’ll send you selfies and texts with details regarding your completed service. If you need to be home to let one of our pros in your home, please notify our customer service team at 844-233-PEST.

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Service frequency and billing

Your Membership for Pest-Free Living.

Our pest service is a year round program to keep you pest-free. We break up your plan into easy monthly payments. You'll receive four treatments throughout the year that are tailored for each season. But, because we believe in providing the best service possible, we offer an unlimited guarantee on our services, meaning you can call us anytime for a re-service between your regularly scheduled treatments. If you have an unexpected pest issue pop up, just give us a call and we'll be right there to fix it.

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The Greenix Seasonal Approach

The Benefit of Four Season Pest Control:

While your billing is broken up into easy, monthly payments, your treatment plan is a strategic seasonal approach based on bug biology. A Greenix Service Pro will visit your home roughly every 90 days for your 4 regularly scheduled treatments over the course of your 12-month plan.

If you've selected a rodent plan, these treatments will be performed on the same visit as your seasonal pest treatments. If you've selected a Tick, Flea & Mosquito plan, these treatments will be performed either 4 or 7 times between April and October based on your selected plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Billing and Service FAQ

Why am I invoiced monthly?

If you're being billed monthly, you're on a guaranteed protection plan. These plans vary from our general pest protection program (GreenGuard) to a bundled program that protects you from pests, rodents and even mosquitoes. (GreenGuard Essential) These programs guarantee four separate seasonal treatments that target each specific pest when they're most vulnerable.

How can I see my bill?

The customer portal page is your new best friend. Click here to access your billing and service schedule along with all kinds of service and contract goodies.

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"Appointment setting is easy and painless. You speak to someone in just a few minutes and you are good to go,... I really enjoy the service they provide and the peace of mind knowing my house is insect free!"

Elizabeth M. (Rochester Hills, MI)


4.8 stars | +10,000 Reviews

These service pros are some of the best people I know! They are extremely professional, always answer questions, and make an effort to ensure customers are aware of what is going on around their home. The attention to detail is incredible. Can't get much better than Greenix.

Kamryn S.

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We Have a pest control plan for every problem 

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Pest Control Plan

Rodent Control Plan

Mosquito Control Plan

Termite Prevention Plan

Pest Control Plan

Welcome to Genuine Peace of Mind.

Our Greenix pest control plan is scientifically designed to keep you and your home protected today with a long-term strategy for tomorrow. As a member of the Greenix family, we're committed to servicing and protecting you and your home in the most effective and environmentally responsible way possible. We look forward to seeing you during your seasonal treatments. Feel free to text or call us prior to your next scheduled service if you need anything.

Rodent Control Plan

Let's Kick Those Unwanted House Guests to the Curb.

As a much-appreciated customer of Greenix, you are also eligible for our GreenGuard Rodent package. Stay safe, clean and rodent free with this upgraded program. Like all of our GreenGuard programs, this service is guaranteed 365 days of the year to keep you and your home free of rodents and the vector borne diseases they bring along with them. Serviced seasonally, our professional grade bait boxes and industry leading rodent protection strategies will keep those unwanted house guests out on the streets and out of your kitchen.

Mosquito Control Plan

Protecting You From Ruined BBQ's and Summer Swatting Season.

As a Greenix family member, you deserve protection from all things that creep, crawl, bite or sting. Your GreenGuard Mosquito program will do just that. In fact, it’s guaranteed to eliminate 85-90% of all mosquitoes in and around your home. Greenix offers two tick, flea and mosquito programs, so that you can choose your level of protection. The premier plan includes seven monthly applications while our Select offering includes four services from April-October.

Termite Prevention Plan

There Are Some Things That You Just Need to Protect, No Matter What.

We’re committed to protecting our customers from the $5 billion dollars of property damage inflicted by termites each year. If you're one of the many Greenix customers that is being proactive in keeping your biggest investment safe, good for you. If you’re not, we offer a discounted addition to your existing Greenix program that protects you from those nasty full-blown infestations that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars to remove.

GreenGuard Bundles

If you bundle two or more services you have GreenGuard, that's our fancy way of saying bundle.

What is GreenGuard?

Greenguard is a monthly service program that protects you 365 days a year. These guaranteed programs come in three packages. GreenGuard Basic (Covers you from over 50+ different types of common pests) Greenguard Select (Covers you from 50+ different types of pests along with your choice of rodent or mosquito protection) and finally Greenguard Esssential (Same protection as the GreenGuard Select program but includes our rodent package along with tick, flea and mosquito protection) Think of these new Greenix programs as your pest control butler...At your beck and call with guaranteed protection throughout all four seasons.

Why Bundle?

It's pretty simple really. When you bundle, you save while getting more integrated and robust protection. Our packages (GreenGuard Bundles) snap together like perfect lego building blocks, building you a wall of protection that is the best in the industry.

Take Back Your Peace of mind

Trust the Pest Nerds, That’s Us.

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