Cherry Hill Rodent Control

Effectively Eliminating Rats, Mice & Voles from Your Property

Known for causing tons of damage and creating very unhealthy living environments for residents throughout the U.S., rodents have no place in your home. Here at Greenix Pest Control, your pest problems are our pest problems. Our team of highly trained and fully qualified technicians is prepared to handle any rodent infestation no matter how big or small.

Our rodent control services include:

  • Cherry Hill rat control
  • Cherry Hill mice control
  • Cherry Hill vole control

No matter the problem at hand, our team has a solution. We are equipped with the high-quality products and equipment necessary to get the job done right the first time.

Call (856) 475-6288 or contact us online to schedule rodent control in Cherry Hill.

Signs You Have a Rodent Problem

Because rodents are great at avoiding humans, you may never see a rat or mouse unless the infestation is severe. Instead of relying on actual sightings, make sure you are aware of the signs of a rat or mice infestation.

They include:

  • Food damage: At night, rodents will go searching for food in your pantry. If you discover food packaging that has been chewed on or droppings around your food, rodents are likely responsible.
  • Property damage: In order to keep their incisor teeth sharp, rodents are constantly finding new things to chew on. If you discovered exposed wires, insulation, walls, floorboards, wooden beams, or any other item in your home that has been chewed on, it’s time to schedule an inspection.
  • Strange pet behavior: Our pets can often sense things that we cannot. If your pets are fixated on specific areas in your home for no apparent reason, you might want to call our pest experts.
  • Odd sounds: If you can hear scampering, scurrying, or tapping sounds within your walls or in your basement, rodents could be responsible.
  • Foul smells: In the event of an infestation, rodents leave behind tons of droppings and piles of urine, which creates a very strong, musty odor. If no amount of cleaning is getting rid of that awful smell in your home, you might have an infestation.

When you’ve got a rodent problem, Greenix Pest Control has a solution. Our Cherry Hill rodent control pros are skilled in locating and identifying infestations, and developing customized, effective treatment plans.

Can I Handle a Rodent Infestation on My Own?

Known to carry and transmit over 35 different types of harmful diseases worldwide, rodents are not exactly the safest of pests. Because they transmit diseases, spread tons of harmful bacteria, bring trash into your home, leave behind piles of urine and feces, and often carry fleas and ticks, rodents are just about the last pest you want in your home. They create incredibly unhealthy environments that should only be handled by trained professionals. Not only is it unsafe to attempt to treat an infestation but it is also likely that you won’t succeed. Many over-the-counter rodent control products are ineffective, leaving homeowners frustrated and defeated.

Instead of risking your health and wasting money on ineffective solutions, bring in a team of trained professionals.

Some of the key benefits of hiring our Cherry Hill rodent control professionals include:

  • We are equipped with professional-grade products and treatment systems
  • We back all of our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • We offer four season protection against pests
  • We offer free re-services in the event that problems resurface
  • We offer free home inspections
  • We offer responsible and sustainable services

Enjoy Four Season Protection

Here at Greenix Pest Control in Cherry Hill, we understand that a pest-free home is a happy and healthy home. We also understand that pest control is not a one-time service because pests can make their way into your home at any given time. That is why our experts have customized our Four Season Protection plan.

Included in our Four Season Protection plan is:

  • A free inspection
  • An initial treatment
  • A 30-day follow up appointment
  • Normal quarterly treatments

Why settle for any old pest control company when you can have the best? Greenix is the most recognized and trusted name in pest control because we know how to protect your home all year long.

Call (856) 475-6288 to schedule rodent control in Cherry Hill. We look forward to serving you!