Ant Control in Cherry Hill, NJ

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Ant invasions are one of the most frustrating and obnoxious pest problems a homeowner can have. Invasions typically start small—you might see one, maybe two ants wandering their way across your floor to reach your pantry or some food left out on the counter. You don’t really think anything of it. You come back what feels like just a few minutes later, and there are several ants marching their way forward. Within a few short hours, your entire space has been invaded by a marching line of ants, and you’re scrambling to clean up what you can and save what food hasn’t been touched yet. To make matters worse, you can’t figure out where the ants are coming from and how they’re getting in.

At Greenix Pest Control in Cherry Hill, we’ve heard stories just like this many times before, and we know how frustrating and hopeless things can feel. When you turn to our team of experienced Cherry Hill ant control experts, we’ll put our experience and skill to work dealing with your ant problem effectively, safely, and humanely. Our technicians are outfitted with reliable, eco-friendly products and materials that target ants at their source, preventing them from getting in and keeping them away in the future. Every ant control project is unique and tailored to the property we’re treating, meaning we always take an approach that ensures the best results. And of course we always treat every property with the same respectful, friendly, and detail-oriented customer service that we have become renowned for throughout the area.

If ants have invaded your home, make the call to Greenix Pest Control! Dial (856) 475-6288 today to schedule an estimate or inspection with a member of our team.

We Know Ants & How to Handle Them

Ants are pretty remarkable creatures. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and different species will have drastic differences in how they behave and operate. For example, some species of ants may have millions of ants in a single colony, whereas others may only have a few thousand. Some species will send dozens, if not hundreds of ants into your home to scout for food, while other species may have scouts operate virtually alone. They communicate without a sound, and yet do so with remarkable effectiveness, thanks to one of the strongest senses of smell found in the animal kingdom.

We handle all types of ants common to the New Jersey area, including:

  • Carpenter ants
  • Citronella ants
  • Odorous house ants
  • Pharaoh ants
  • Acrobat ants
  • Fire ants

Fire ants are well known for their painful stings for both humans and animals. Carpenter ants are harmful to your home much the same way termites can be. Whatever you’re dealing with, Greenix Pest Control knows how to handle your problem the right way. We focus on what is drawing ants into your home, work to actively correct the problem. Once we have eliminated your infestation problem, we then change our focus to implementing strategies to keep them away for good. Using premium products and the latest tools at our disposal, we do everything we can to draw ants away from your home and to keep colonies at bay through careful control measures.

Keeping the Ants Away

Once our team gets your home clean and free of ants, what can you do to keep the problem at bay? The easiest and most effective way to do away with your ant problem is simple: keep your home clean. Ants can detect even the faintest traces of a food source from quite a distance away, and they will continue to coming if the food source still exists. We recommend washing all dishes immediately after use, keeping a sealed lid on food waste containers, using your garbage disposal wherever possible, and thoroughly cleaning up any spills to eliminate sugars or other attractive odors from your flooring.

Stop your ant problem and start living in peace again! Contact Greenix Pest Control today.