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Why Professional Pest Control is Essential to Wasp Removal

If you've spotted — or, worse yet, been the victim of — a stinging insect, the only thing on your mind is getting rid of it as quickly as possible. Whether this is your first battle, or your fifth, with these pests, you're probably tempted to take care of the issue yourself. We don't blame you! DIY solutions are presented as a time and money saving approach to handle problems in and around your home yourself. While they may be a great way to fix up a leaking pipe or refinish an antique dresser, the same can't be said for pest control.

From wasp removal in Chicago to stinging pest elimination on the east coast, learn why seeking help from a trusted local wasp removal service is a must when these stinging pests invade your space. If you would like to learn the difference between wasps, hornets, and carpenter bees, read our article Stingers 101: The Difference between Carpenter Bees, Wasps, and Hornets.

Top Reasons for Wasp Removal Service

You're pretty sure you have a wasp infestation. You've seen a few buzzing around your property recently, and you know you have to eliminate the problem before someone in your household is stung. Know this: there is no completely safe way to eliminate a wasp infestation on your own. There's no best time of year to remove wasp nests, and there are no over-the-counter products that will ensure your safety - and wasps' demise.

Wasps Are Dangerous

While they rarely attack without being provoked, wasps can become aggressive if they sense that they or their nests are under threat. There are many ways in which wasps can put you and your loved ones in danger. Wasp behavior may include:

  • Attacking in swarms
  • Stinging that leads to harmful allergic reactions
  • Waiting for you to re-emerge from water
  • Stinging multiple times before dying, unlike bees

Professional wasp removal services are a must when it comes to preventing serious harm if you see these stinging insects in or near your home. Relocating a wasp nest is a threat to those inside who will attack and sting you, which can lead to major injuries that require medical treatment.

Professional Know-How

Professional wasp removal services are provided by a team of professionals with the knowledge, training and experience to get rid of wasps without putting your safety at risk. These pros understand pests' behavior, which is essential to ensuring the complete removal of an infestation. Calling for professional wasp removal in Columbus — or any other city, for that matter — also dramatically reduces the likelihood of these pain-producing pests darkening your door in the future.

In addition, professional pest control companies will identify all areas of your home and property that are at risk of these buzzing baddies. While you might assume the issue is only coming for the wasp nest in your entryway, there may be other threats in your backyard, roof, attic, or beyond. Without the help of a professional who is trained to check these areas, you may be missing a threat all together.

Tools of the Trade

Let's face it: your garage or shed just isn't stocked with the supplies and equipment needed to eliminate a wasp infestation. First off, pest control experts wear protective gear to avoid being stung or experiencing an allergic reaction. From beekeepers' suits and gloves to masks, these pros have the right safety equipment for the job. Once they've identified the insects and their nests, they use heavy-duty equipment to boot these invaders from our property. The tools they bring with them are something you don't have, and don't want, taking up space in your garage.

Preventing Future Infestations With Greenix Pest Control

Some treatments involve moving the queen to a different location. Even without this preventive step, professional wasp removal in Philadelphia and other cities drastically minimizes the odds of a re-infestation. Your local pest control pros will discuss measures you can take, including the following:

  • Keep trash in a sealed container
  • Seal openings in your home's exterior
  • Pick up fruits that have fallen from trees
  • Remove or place bird feeders far from your home
  • Bring food and drinks in immediately after eating outdoors

Once your neighborhood wasp removal service has eliminated both the infestation and its root causes, the education you'll receive will help keep these little buzzers at bay for good.

Whether your home is under siege in Ohio or you need wasp removal in Utah, Greenix can help. Our friendly technicians use their extensive training and powerful equipment to protect you and the rest of your household from these stinging pests. Contact us today to schedule service; we'll arrive within 48 hours to provide safe, effective treatment at your home.

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