Palmyra Cove Nature Park in Cherry Hill, NJ

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Maybe you’re planning a trip to Cherry Hill, or you’re just trying to find something to do in the area. Whatever it is that has you wanting to get outdoors, Palmyra Cove Nature Park is just the thing for you! Following the Delaware River, the park has both recreational activities and the chance to learn about the local environment. It’s a great place to unwind, connect with nature, and even learn a thing or two about the unique features of Cherry Hill, New Jersey!

Rich Biodiversity

Palmyra Cove Nature Park is more than just a regular old park to play at. It holds some of the area’s most beautiful landscapes, making it stand out from the rest. Check out:

  • Diverse ecosystems and various animal species.
  • Habitats that include tidal wetlands, woodlands, and meadows.

Birdwatching Hub

In need of a good spot for birdwatching? Spread your wings and fly over to Palmyra Cove Nature Park! It’s the perfect place for getting your birdwatching fix thanks to: 

  • Strategic location along the Delaware River that attracts migratory birds.
  • Bird blind and observation platforms that provide prime viewing spots.

Scenic Trails and Walkways

Sometimes staring at building after building and road after road can lead us to feeling disconnected from nature. When you reach city-life burnout, escape to the park! Here, you can see:

  • Tidal Trail that offers panoramic river and marsh views.
  • Cove Trail winds through wooded areas.

Educational Initiatives

Wanting to learn more about the natural roots of Cherry Hill? Palmyra Cove Nature Park works to educate people: 

  • Environmental Discovery Center for information about the local environment.
  • Programs and exhibits cater to all ages.

Riverfront Access and Kayaking

Spend a day on the water. There are plenty of opportunities for getting outdoors and enjoying the Delaware River:

  • Direct access to the river for kayaking enthusiasts.
  • Kayak launches make paddling along the river easily accessible.

Gone Fishing

Whether you’re looking to spend quality time with family and friends, or you are in need of a day to yourself, casting a line out into the river is the perfect option. The park offers:

  • Designated areas along the Delaware River shoreline for angling.
  • A variety of fish species attracts both novice and experienced anglers.

Seasonal Events and Other Activities

Beyond the standard offerings of the park, they also work to bring the community together to celebrate nature. Check out:

  • Birding festivals and environmental awareness events celebrate nature.
  • Community gatherings promote appreciation and preservation of the park.

Visit Palmyra Cove Nature Park in Cherry Hill, NJ

Palmyra Cove Nature Park stands out as an expansive retreat. Birdwatchers can revel in the migratory spectacle while kayaking enthusiasts and fishermen find solace along the Delaware River. Visit Palmyra Cove Nature Park to witness the beauty of its ecosystems and experience the tranquility of the Delaware River surroundings.

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Palmyra Cove Nature Park in Cherry Hill, NJ

Maybe you’re planning a trip to Cherry Hill, or you’re just trying to find something to do in the area. Whatever it is that has...

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