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The McKinley Presidential Library and Museum in Canton, OH

Interested in learning more about the life of former President William McKinley? The McKinley Presidential Library and Museum is unlike any other, documenting and displaying the legacy of one of the most influential presidents of American history. Located in Canton, OH, this library and museum offers an incredible collection of artifacts, exhibits, archives, and even some immersive experiences that are fascinating for everyone, even if you aren't a history buff.

Who is President William McKinley?

McKinley is the nation's twenty fifth president, known for leading the United States through the Spanish-American War. A strong supporter of American industry and agriculture, McKinley had a hand in largely known pieces of legislation, such as the Dingley Tariff and the Gold Standard Act. His presidential term was cut short due to his assassination in 1901. Today, he is remembered as one of the more successful and beloved presidents, and the McKinley Presidential Library and Museum in Canton, OH serves as a way to honor his memory and learn more about his legacy.

History of the McKinley Presidential Library and Museum

Just five years after the assassination of President William McKinley, the McKinley Presidential Library and Museum was founded to honor the president and teach visitors about his life and his accomplishments. The museum has undergone numerous expansions and renovations since its founding in 1907 as the collection has grown.

Exhibits and Collections

The McKinley Presidential Library and Museum commemorates the life of the former president, exhibiting a wide range of exhibits and archives to give people an understanding of just who President William McKinley was, and what he was able to accomplish even in a short time. Visitors can see his personal desk, his handwritten letters, and even some of his personal clothing items, all of which give us a look into the history of our nation. Memorabilia from McKinley's campaign, such as buttons, posters, and banners from 1896 and 1900 are also on display for American history buffs to see.

For those with hometown pride, there is also an extensive collection that displays the unique history of the McKinley family and the history of Canton, Ohio.

Programs and Events

No matter your interests or your age, the McKinley Presidential Library and Museum has a variety of activities that are sure to entertain. From lectures and workshops to guided tours, there is so much more to learn than meets the eye. Some of the most popular programs hosted by the museum are the "Discover World War I" exhibit and the summer camp program for kids, where they can explore the exhibits and learn more about history and science with a hands-on approach.

Importance to Canton and the Region

The McKinley Presidential Library and Museum has become an integral part of Canton, Ohio's culture, drawing visitors in from all over the state and beyond. Canton has transformed into a hub of culture and education for residents and ultimately ensures that the history of Canton and President McKinley remain exciting for generations to come.

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