Will Irish Spring Soap Keep Rats Away?

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Have you discovered during your search for pest control solutions some recommendations that seem too good to be true? For example, that Irish Spring soap can repel rodents by using shavings to create a barrier around your home to deter mice and rats. The idea is that the rodents will be turned away by the strong smells of the perfume that is used in Irish Spring. But can preventing pests really be that easy? The experts at Greenix explore this theory and whether it can actually prove to be helpful in the pest and rodent control process. 

Where did the theory of using Irish Spring soap as a repellent come from?

This DIY hack came from campers and bloggers who are both big fans of crafty home improvement tips. Many have attempted to keep rodents away from their homes and campers with this method, and the results have varied. Some homeowners found that rodents ran away from the strong smell of the soap, while others started to eat the soap but did not run off. 

Do mice eat Irish Spring soap?

The short answer is yes, there is a chance that rodents will eat soap that is left out. Rodents are creatures that are constantly scouring the earth in search of food. While they may take a bite out of it and not be pleased with the taste, it won’t really affect them much and may not even deter them.

Why the Myth of Irish Spring Soap and Rats Is Unreliable

While this Irish Spring soap experiment may have temporarily worked for some, it’s not a reliable solution for pest control. Not only are there a number of possible outcomes, but it also is not effective in the long term. Even if a mouse or rat was turned away due to the strong smell, they likely wouldn’t fully leave your property and may quickly return. 

Efficient and Safe Methods of Keeping Pests Away

Many homemade pest control solutions aren’t sustainable and can be costly. Avoid spending time and energy on home remedies that won’t last you in the long term. Pest control professionals are equipped with the tools and training to safely and effectively treat pest infestations in your home and prevent them from reoccurring.

Learn More About Rodent Removal Services at Greenix Pest Control 

When you’re dealing with pest infestation, lean on the pest control experts at Greenix Pest Control. Attempting to remove pests such as rodents can be dangerous as they can carry diseases and bacteria that can be harmful. At Greenix, we have an effective and safe rodent removal process that involves placing baits around the infected area. We use sustainable pest control products, including baits that don’t trap the rodents but dehydrate them so they run away in search of a water source. Give our team a call to schedule your service or request a free quote online today at Greenix!

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